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  1. Why Donis was not played on left wing with fourtounis behind mitro baffles me.... 4-2-3-1 should be our line up. Any ways if we beat Gibraltar are we in??
  2. Both goals were sloppy we played better in this game the score was harsh.... Pardo and emenike missed sure goals due to poor pass cross the box. We will improve for next game.
  3. Give me lemonis any time of day over this guy...
  4. He was poor choice from start. Guy is clueless
  5. If Tziolis play in Saudi and plays for the NT doesn't hurt to take a look a him off the bench. Nope closeted door policy
  6. Lazaros needs to be on this team if our criteria is to call best inform players which it should. I get not changing the team too much to create chemistry and solidarity but if a player is not cutting it you have to "cut" them.
  7. Another tie today.... This team is starting to worry me.... Hasi.... Im still not a fan of any of the transfers. When is Tachtsidis back?
  8. When you're down 0-2 in 13 minutes the coaching and tactics are the problem.....
  9. Spot on. We are getting killed on the counter attack yet as I saw in the game they pushed up too far. I still think this team is weak defensively which is why it wouldn't hurt to have more numbers even from midfield come back off the ball. I still don't get why we signed GIllet and Durdevic I have seen nothing from either of these players. Fourtonis should not be getting substituted off he typically plays decent and creates chances. Hansi made no tactical moves when we were getting killed out there and I am questioning his logic. We should play a 4-2-3-1 as we had very little wing play in this
  10. Doesnt look like we have any strengths right now poor football being played....
  11. No PAO would have ate 5 already... You have to play your strengths and this team defense is not one of them. Hasi ti tha kaneis tora?
  12. I would rather not qualify than this... At least park the bus.... honestly
  13. This is embarrassing 2-0 down already t home. If we cant play with sporting barca is gonna create history with us... I saw this coming with the way we have been plating in the SL.... gotta wake up
  14. Guys who cares if Cyprus playes there best we can beat them. They lost to Estonia.... With healthy squad we could have beat Belgium too.... Will it be enough who knows but a b side Belgium should be able to draw Bosnia...
  15. EPO is the problem call ups always fishy tsiolis is the new Katsoranis. Bith had there time but uts time for new players...
  16. The problem is not just not having mitro. If the service from mid is there goals will come. We all know this team struggles taking game ro opposition but can upset on counter. Belgium game is doable with a good game.
  17. Estonia is a horrible team in every position. How we could not score is beyond me. The issue is with Midfield we dont know what one two passes mean never have.
  18. Tzatziki your happy with the way we played? you can get away with that type of performance with Rijeka but if we play identical style in CL cant see us doing well. We have some time to correct some things if our friend Hasi has the footballing brain to make it happen.
  19. I glad we are back in CL again. But if we look at this team realistically we have to make some major changes to have any impact in group stage. Ben is a horrible finisher and from what I have seen in two legs hes missed some easy chances. Our defense is weak we could have easily been scored on two or three times if Rijeka knew had to score but they are terrible finishers and we wont have that luxury in CL group stage... Our mid needs to do better at helping defense as well. I don't like new signing Gillet just yet, doesn't win any balls defensively and kinda is non-existent factor out there. F
  20. Lets see who we get in the draw.... Have to improve if we are to qualify this year and actually be worthy of qualifying
  21. I don't agree with that cut.... we lost to PANIONIOS in a friendly so hopefully this is not a sign of things to come as its still early in the season. So far Im not seeing much in this coach...
  22. How you compare lukaku goal which was 50-50 to missing an open net? Anyways i hope he just had off game...
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