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  1. I don't know. His fascination with 3-5-2 worries me. I can't see Tzavellas playing any better this time around again either. At least Kitsiou will play in his natural position.
  2. Tudor stated today during his press conference that Lucas and Noboa will not start, but I see both of them getting playing time depending on the scoreline. I think we will see something like this: --------------- Olsen -------------- Kitsiou -- Vitor -- Costa -- Rat ------ Tziolis ------- Kace ------ Mystakidis -- Pelkas ---- Mak ---------------- Salpi ---------------
  3. OFI was a PAO satellite team way in the past when the brother of Vardinogiannis was the owner. After he left OFI was on its own and struggling to stay in the first division. In recent years it has become friendly to Olympiakos.
  4. Not only does Pereyra not want to come back, he also demands 150K to be released. I say keep him and let him sit in the stands as an example.
  5. Yes it was hot and I was running around and sweating with my son at Brown University, as opposed to the day before when it was only 75 degrees and I was at a Newport beach. Wish I could have switched the two days. Back home now, but will be back in RI in two weeks. Thanks to Bajewy for all the info on what to do in the area. Hopefully in two weeks I might be able to visit his establishment. As for the game, I don't know how much Tudor can trust Lucas to start him. Will Lucas give his all? I am kind of worried about this game. Lokomotiva seems to be good only at counter attacks, so we need to watch our defense (hence the 4 man defense line) . After all all we need is a 1:0 score to advance. The longer we will go without scoring the harder things will get for us. Consider also the hot weather, and the players might be dropping like flies after the first 30 minutes.
  6. Good job pash while I enjoy my trip in your neck of the woods. I would like to see Rat in you lineup. I think Tudor needs to play four defensmen. I don't think we have players for 3-5-2
  7. Specially when you don't have the defensemen to play this system.
  8. Biggest mistake by Tudor today was playing Kitsiou on the left side. This and the fact that Tzavellas was pure s%$#! on that side as well cost us the two goals. Not sure what Tudor tried to accomplish with Maduro. Wasted sub. Would have liked to see Charisis in the game. We can easily advance, even though I don't know who will score for us. Hopefully Noboa might be ready for at least one half.
  9. Final score 2:1 for Lokomotiva. The goal by Mak might prove to be the decisive one next week. If we score at least on 10% of the chances we had today we are in the next round easily.
  10. Our left side is tragic. Tzavellas and Kitsiou are s%$#! and Tudor is keeping rat on the bench.
  11. Mak is the biggest xasogolis I have ever seen. The way things are going it's more likely we will lose 3:0 than score a single goal.
  12. We keep missing clear chances. Could have scored 3 goals in 2nd half already.
  13. Tzavellas, Kitsiou need to come out. Rat and Charisis have to come in. Pathetic.
  14. Instead of winning 3:0 we are down 2:0. Our worst player is Tzavellas. Also big mistake playing Kitsiou on the left side. Now we need to score at least one goal.
  15. Unbelievable. 1:0 Lokomotiva after we missed at least 5 clear chances. Defensive mistake by Tzavellas.
  16. Unbelievable. 1:0 Lokomotiva after we missed at least 5 clear chances.
  17. If we don't beat this team, we are in sad shape. We are dominating them.
  18. The bricklayer can go anywhere he wants, just not to PAOK. Average and very selfish player. Also a player that in the past left the team the way he did should not be welcomed back. Enough of these Greek NT players coming to PAOK.
  19. On the bench; Melissas, Rat, Poggouras, Maduro, Charisis, Mystakidis, Korovesis
  20. Don't know if he rates him, but currently he has no other options, with Noboa not being game ready.
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