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  1. I think Tzanetopoulos is a good player and a future Ethniki player but what is Kolovetsios best attributes?
  2. Thats all I've heard aswell. You know we did have other owners before Marinaikis and we still won the league 10 years in a row it's not our fault we keep Winning and 2nd team with the most league wins is Panathinaikos so it's not rigged. We lost to Pas Giannina 2-1in 2014 was that rigged aswell?
  3. I think it was not Salpingidis fault on the first goal it was in my opinion Holebas fault, the cross should have never came in 2nd on the list of whos fault it was is Manolas should have cleared that and finally Karnezis. It was no way Salpingidis fault out of all people you should be blaming the right back Torosidis.
  4. I think that Fetfatzidis had enough of not playing games and not being wanted, that his mentality changed from being a player that wants the cash more than the notice i think he is tired of this cause he knows how good he is but he hasn't had enough opportunities to show it. So he said im sick of this. Only explanation i can think of.
  5. What i think 1789 is trying to say is that Ninis and Sneijder have the same playing style technically but Sneijder is more influential when he plays, they play the same good passing, vision, shooting, dribbling. One is luckier than the other.
  6. The core players (MUST BE IN THE TEAM) Torosidis, Sokratis, Manolas, Kyriakos, Fetfatzidis, Karelis Squad players ( These are players who should be in the team but be replaced often) Mitroglou, Ninis, Kone, Maniatis, Samaris, Tachtsidis, Samaras, Fortounis, Holebas, Stafylidis, Mantalos, Lazaros, Moras, Klaus, Karnezis, Kapino, Vellidis Future call ups Skondras, Lagos, Bouchalakis, Petsos, Gianniotas, Giannakopoulos, Oikonomou, Pelkas, Mavrias, Bakakis, Kolovos, Kitsiou, DIamantakos, Mystakidis, Vellios. Other mentions: Siovas, Aravidis, Salpingidis, Tziolis, Tzavellas, Tavlar
  7. Does anyone know or have suggestions as to who of our current crop of players is similar to Karagounis similar to his playing style leadership and work ethic. I cant think of one does anyone else know who is the next guy who will be the next Basinas , Katsouranis, Zagorakis, Tsiartas Karagounis? Id like to hear who everyone thinks it is or going to be because its starting to bug me we need a not 2 but a player like him because he was the main driving force to our success in my opinion. I know we have the likes of Samaris, Maniatis, Kone and so on but i dont think they have what it takes to le
  8. it really annoyed me when he didnt play as much in Olympiakos he was such a good player. I always thought that Greece have never and will never produce a player of the qualities of the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Zidane until i saw this player i was amazed of the things he could do everything he does is sharp, technical, skillfull and flair. I believe he has the mixture of these players. He's got the technical ability of Messi the skill of Ronaldo and the flair of Ronaldinho and Zidane. I thought when he was 20-21 he was going to be 'our' player in the future. But things occured in
  9. How do they have the same brain NInis went Italy didnt play got released. Worked hard to come back and rejoined Panathinaikos. Fetfatzidis had a more decent run than Ninis in Italy, isnt favoured anymore, on the bench, loaned out to Chievo and Genoa do not want him anymore. So he chooses to go Saudi Arabia. Ninis made a good decsion at least and came back to Greece, Fetfatzidis should of done the same and gone back to Olympiakos. You are right to a point they both are not smart enough to make decisions.
  10. This is bad how come no club in Europe would want to sign him this is a joke. His potential is going to go down the toilet if he goes there.
  11. One thing PAOK has going for them are there youngsters there really talented. Mystakidis is a player to look out for. I honestly think that yous shouldve sold Noboa for at least 3mil. Apparently Lucas has left.
  12. Roberto Salino Zambrano Siovas Masuaku Maniatis Milivojevic Dominguez Pardo Fortounis Finbogasson Id like to see Salino play because i trust him more defensivey than Elabdelloui. I would put Fortounis Where Dominguez is and put either Gianniotas or Kolovos. Zambrano would be a massive signing for us.
  13. Its true Torosidis hasntt got the pace he once had. Here is an example of why Maniatis is important to the midfield.
  14. He did play a big role but in my opinion Karagounis and Maniatis also played a big role when i said that Katsouranis should of played after 2012 was because i believe we need to of bring a younger replacement suitable for that role he played and give that player experience thats why were in the state we are at the moment. You could see how much Katsouranis has regressed in the past few years. I also believe Makos was not a good option i believe he is not a good player and ive wouldve put Tziolis there instead. Also in 2014 i would have put Klaus instead of Gekas that was the biggest shock to
  15. Can anyone tell me how good Petsos player really is, is he worthy to be in the Ethniki Samaris is not living up to it no matter what the reason is. When people talking about rebuilding do you mean bring in new players with no expirience because in my opinion players like Korovesis and Charisis are 2 players to look out for and also like to see a possible replacement for Torosidis. Samaras should be given another go aswell as Salpingidis. Katsouranis shoud have not been near the team after Euro 2012. He should have left like Lymberopoulos and Chalkias did. Also i like to see a new midfield
  16. So what do you think we should do to make players like Samaris perform.
  17. A Defensive midfielder should be good at tackling heading passing marking and reading the game. An Attacking mid should have great vision, passing shooting dribbling setting up play. A Central midfielder does all the of the above and must run a lot which you need to have amazing stamina. In my opinion you need to be strong off and on the ball in any position. I believe Samaris is the closest to having everything. I also believe when he is inform Ninis is a perfect Attacking MId.
  18. I heard some people say that you cant play Tachtsidis and Samaris in the same line up as the statistics show: http://www.transfermarkt.com/andreas-samaris/nationalmannschaft/spieler/140032 http://www.transfermarkt.com/panagiotis-tachtsidis/nationalmannschaft/spieler/62415 in summary the both game that Samaris played he started and played 90 minutes against the Faroes and lost, he also the one that assisted Karelis goal against Finland. He scored against Ivory Coast coming off the bench. So thats 1 negative and 2 positive the rest of the games he was very average. Tachtsidis debut
  19. I believe both of you have good points. For me the only 2 players that are essential to the team are Sokratis and Torosidis. Everyone else needs to be either replaced or not even on the team. For eg. we must have Karelis and Kyriakos on the team. Kone and Lazaros should not play unless they pick up their form. Ninis and Fetfatzidis should play in the next game. Samaras and Salpingidis should be on the team as we have no proven striker. Players like Samaris and Manolas are the players that should make the difference in winning a match as they both of them had an outstanding season (2014-15
  20. Thats why i think we should change it up and play Torosidis there for a change if that doesn't work put a midfield combo of Katsouranis Ninis and Maniatis. As you see this midfield gives a balance of experience, creativity and stamina. I set that in order. I beileve if we want to go back to our old system we need to have Maniatis there doing the defensive work.
  21. Hold on a second we had a 37 year old Karagounis, a 35 year old Katsouranis, and a 34 Year old Salpingidis in the World Cup and made history for the first time making the last 16 in a massive tournament and everyone wished we played more younger players instead of them. Now that we got that we cant even beat the Faroes. This is ridiculous. Dont get me wrong i was in favour of playing the younger players but now i am now seeing what Santos was doing and how we were achieving. I dont care what people are thinking now as i believe now that we need players above 30 in our squad but to a point. We
  22. I know what ur saying i suppprt it but without Karagounis we are not that strong. Yes there were times when he wasnt playing and we did well but him as a TD wont do much we need him on the field it was never this bad before his retirement and i believe were not going to find someone like him. Whoever said that Torosidis should go defensive mid is not a bad idea. I would also put Samaras and Salpingidis in the team. For extra expirience as they know how to play the defensive system and then we can slowly ease the players we want like Lazaros, Fortounis and so on.
  23. Re reaper are we the only ones on the Oly forum where is everyone?
  24. Does anyone know the stream site for Greece vs Ukraine.
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