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  1. this player is getting better and better i think his move to benfica has been nothing but positive lets see if he can get a few goals in the next few games
  2. i also think we should try lazaros in a more central postion i also thought kone was gonna be the next karagounis but these past few games he has been very average for me he is not playing as good as he was in the wc
  3. i agree with alot of what your saying but ninis and fetfatzidis have had more caps than lazaros and kone yes lazaros and kone are older but with a few more games they will bag in more goals for the ethniki
  4. We should be beat them by more than 4 goals but knowing our strikers its not gonna happen unless mitroglou comes in as his old best and samaras comes in with his off the ball runs there shouldent be a problem to score more than 5 goals. its all about taking teams serious and letting them have nothing. every game is ours from now on
  5. in my opinion peiriera is doing alright. he is starting fortounis in most games which i think michel would never do. im a fan of him though he could still work on a few things. but its true marinaikis is going overboard with replacing coaches in the past few years
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