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  1. Have they announced the team yet ive read that article and it said players like Vellidis, Stafylidis, Tasoulis, Fountas and Kolovos, have started training so Markarian know what to do with them and get a rhythm going.
  2. I feel exactly the same Markarian should know not to start Klaus and Katsouranis. Also starting Ninis is not a good idea even though he had a good match he should come on half way through the second half for an impact. Does anyone know if Karnezis will be playing this match is he injured or not? I don't know about anyone else but i dont know if i could trust anyone else if Karnezis is out in any match but i could be wrong maybe Kapino or Glykos could do the job maybe even Vellidis. Konstantopoulos wouldn't be too bad cause of his experience. Just got to see what happens.
  3. How can Gianniotas be in our lineup where we got players like Kolovos and Vlachodimos coming back from loan where will he fit where will Kolovos fit and Vlachdomios fit in the squad id rather play Kolovos and i still find Vlachodimos a promising player.
  4. To be honest any striker should do we are versing the Faroes islands this should be in the bag with a 5-0 win for us Klaus should be given another go even though i said he was horrible in the hungary match and have Karelis and/or Mitroglou in their at some stage. I also think we should play Tachtsidis and Tziolis from now on because you have experience and talent in the midfield. I also agree that Mitroglou is our best forward but i dont think he is where he was 2 years ago. Therefore playing either Karelis, Klaus and Aravidis would not be a problem.
  5. yes your right in a way but what would you have done in his situation because in my opinion he didnt do much to the starting line up cause you cant play katsouranis tziolis is too slow but still a decent option so the provlem might if been the midfield eg samaris tachtsidis and now maniatis and k.papadopoulos is injured how do we fix the problem i know the strikers are at fault aswell. wat i would do now is put tziolis with tachtsidis in the midfield and play either samaras or kone behind a striker as an CAM with Aravidis upfront this cpuld work inmy opini
  6. The thing people should know is that Greece always had their back against the wall and we never give up and this situatipn is no different we have proven that we dont give up and i believe we can qualify. Now with Samaras i wouldent mind if he stepped in this match as he has proven to be a workhorse on big matches for Greece
  7. I dont know but i think Tzantopoulos is the future of the national team seeing him play he shows that he has potential. Also Kolovos. Im pissed off of the fact that Tatos and Ninis havent been living up to the expectation of what they should be by now but im glad that we have a few youngster coming through like Donis, Kolovos, Oikonomou and Goutas also i dont know where Triantafyllopoulos will be heading with these kind of perfromances lately.
  8. I think we should go for a midfielder as a captain because weve seen in recent years Zagorakis, Basinas, Karagounis, Katsouranis the team has done relatively well and i think we should carry it on maybe players like Kone and Maniatis should be captain.
  9. I agree Vellios should be given a chance on the ethniki because dont know lately all our players in the striking position are playing horrible and. i know Vellios will not score 4 goals for us but who knows. we should just give him a chance and let him prove how good he can be. surely put him instead of Klaus, and Mitroglou is not in the form like he was and we should also give a shot to Diamantakos in the friendly. Aravidis should also be given a chance. Also u reckon we should give Salpingidis another shot at striker or not?
  10. He is not bad, yes he is behind those strikers but every opportunity he has been given he has scored and to me hes a very talented youngster and he should be given more opportunities as this will improve him more as a player. i cant think of any other young striker in Greece that is as good at a level as he is. Mitroglou is out of form but he is the 2nd highest goal scorer in the league. And Peirira prefers to play jara instead of benitez but they played in the same team yesterday and did alright. Though i will still play Diamantakos because he has something to offer.
  11. my bad Santana is not there thought he was injured my mistake
  12. Im here to talk about the stuff of what Olympiakos should do in the champions league super league and kypello next season 2015/16 1st: get 2 new CBs 2nd: keep mitroglou and the remaining strikers we have diamantakos, jara, benitez. i think Mitroglou will start firing up next season 3rd: loan out players like giannoulis, avlonitis, vouros vergos saliakas to fellow superleague teams. 4th: get rid of botia and keep milivojevic 5th: i believe we should not loan out this time vlachodimos, kolovos as they are top talent and can be useful in the kipello to rest the likes of affelay, dominguez.... i believe we should also play bouchalakis more. 6th: Santana must stay and find a solid if not 2cb to play next him. go for a player that can play holding midfield as aswell as CB My roster: Roberto Megyeri Cheutesiotis, Gianniotis, Salino, Elabdelaoui, Santana, Siovas, ?CB, ?CB, Leandro, Mazouaku, Kasami, Maniatis ©, Milivojevic, Dominguez, Fuster, Yatabare, Kolovos, Vlachodimos, Bouchalakis, Ndinga, Fortounis, Affelay, Durmaz, Diamantakos, Jara, Benitez, Mitroglou, Ioannidis This is the roster 30 players. the rest are either sold, loaned out and or back in the youth team. to sum up this roster is for building up players and being solid for cup games and champions league
  13. overall not a bad performance but the defence needs to wake up a bit. i know salino hasn't played a lot and in my opinion botia needs to go or atleast on the bench, we need to buy a solid centre back. Whats the deal with Santana is he staying or leaving next season.
  14. Sokratis should go to the EPL he deserves to play there he suits the league perfectly Would go to either Tottenham, Liverpool or Everton. Teams like Manchersters and chelseas dont need defenders plus Manchester United want to buy Hummels and Liver have stacked up CBs no room for him there he would probably go to Totenham or Arsenal
  15. Meaning he should be starting more and that he can be reliable for the Ethniki. If he was bad he would be loaned out but he isnt.
  16. Diamantakos should be in the Ethniki let alone Olympiakos starting 11 i might be over exaggerating but he is the type of player i think would be very reliable.
  17. i agree with what your saying i get very frustrated most of the time when i see him lose the ball over and over again he trys to add the extra too much when he could play a simple pass. he would look like a better player if played more simple i think and also do those runs with ball where he just gets passed the player i believe he knows very well how to get passed a defender its just his decision making.
  18. yea true Mantalos is starting to be a true playmaker but do u actually think that Ninis would be on the bench if he joined AEK i wouldent dosent matter what position i think he would be starter he did score a goal in his first match back and earned man of the match in that game which was a cup match and against a division 2 team i still believe Ninis can become the player he once was if not better he just has to knuckle down work hard and play more games with pana just hope he can play more.
  19. he made a good decsion i think because he can still prove himself and work harder in pana working for spots with likes of dinas, klonaridis and ajagun. while if he went to AEK i think he would be a definite starter because of the talent he has and the division he is playing in . atm its good for him to work harder and progress as a player at panathinaikos a club where he started and where he is familiar at
  20. i actually think that the faroes will park the bus against us (i have a feeling) what we need to do as someone mentioned before is start the game at a fast tempo forcing that early goal and focus on defending cause we should take this as serious as any team as i said this is do or die for us! No draws, no losses just a WIN and i think we can beat every team going forward i believe in the Ethniki. from now on our backs are against the wall we just got to fight!
  21. i think Karelis should play in the next match he show a lot of pathos in some of the games. i know he inconsistent in finishing but i still think he along with samaras can provide that spark in attack and that goal we desperately need. we must try Bakakis in the friendly against poland cause in my opinion his playing style could benefit us when Torosidis hangs up his boots
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