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  1. Marco Silva is expected to be in Greece on Tuesday.
  2. i also dont understand how the veterans in Santos era did so well in not conceding when you think about it speed and strength and being younger should make you more capable of keeping a clean sheet because you can keep up with the game. Unlike Katsouranis who cant keep up with the game since post euro 2012. Like i said the system worked and we need to find replacements for Salpingidis, Karagounis, Katsouranis and so on. I believe we need to find players that have similar characteristics and playing styles to those players and go back to the old system of defence first..... Eg. Salpingidis
  3. We now have Tzandaris, Loria and Martinez. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/olympiacos/anakoinwse-loria-o-olympiakos.3558127.html
  4. this would be my team.... Karnezis Kapino Torosidis K.Papadopoulos Sokratis Holebas Bakakis Manolas Moras Stafylidis Tachtsidis Samaris Tziolis Fortounis Maniatis Ninis
  5. Im also finding it hard there is not one player that is like Karagounis i saw a glimpse of Tachtsidis in the Poland match hustling and fighting for the ball but thats about it. Kyriakos is going to lead and lift the team if he is playing because of his passion and aggression. He is the only one who comes close to Karagounis and therefore he needs to play but not midfield. Its going to be hard to choose between Manolas and Kyriakos.
  6. Im also finding it hard there is not one player that is like Karagounis i saw a glimpse of Tachtsidis in the Poland match hustling and fighting for the ball but thats about it. Kyriakos is going to lead and lift the team if he is playing because of his passion and aggression. He is the only one who comes close to Karsgounis
  7. I dont think K.Papadopoulos will cut it in DM i know he had 1 good game against Hungary but that does not mean we play him there. We need players who can distribute the ball like the way Katsouranis, Tziolis, Fotakis, Karagounis, Basinas, Zagorakis and Tsiartas have. We also need a real number 10, Lazaros is not the person for this position im talking about players like Ninis, Mantalos and Fortounis. For 6 and 8 positions i think Samaris and Tachtsidis will be the next two players in a midfield that will be given the 'torch' by the players mentioned before the next 5-10 years. We a
  8. His home is Irakleio not Thessaloniki. Yes i do agree he should come home to Greece and play for team like Iraklis maybe Panionios, Panatolikos or Veria. He will get playing time for sure if he joins one of these clubs and get back into form. The Greek League is not bad and now with some more competition in the League now its gonna be worth watching and its not a bad idea for him to get some form back.
  9. Apparently Makos wants to return to the national team and wants to play in Greece. He been playing for Anthorsis in Cyprus and wants to go play in Greece and Karagounis is making major changes in the National Team. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/National-Greece/o-karagkounhs-etoimazei-th-rhksh.3541052.html
  10. Maniatis is right for Greece's midfield because he can run and run in other words he can be the engine for the team and can tackle well as seen in games from qualifying and world and euro cups. I just wish every player in the midfield had his work rate.
  11. Mavrias i reckon will be the next Salpingidis they play similar and are passion and hardworking, also Karelis. I think we have no other good option up front i would try Mantzios, Aravidis, Dimitris Papadopoulos or even Samaras. We can t trust Mitroglou or Klaus to do the job. Gekas is out of the question. Who else does everyone think could do a consistent job from here on out for the National Team.
  12. I think someone must of mentioned something about Mantzios who used to play for Levadiakos and now plays for Platanias. I thought I show everyone some highlights of his goals. I think he should be given another go on the team since we cannot score with the players we have now.
  13. Akritis just out of curiosity about Kourbelis do you know what his main attributes are like his strengths.
  14. Just read an article about Katsouranis about his future in the Ethniki here it is: http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/National-Greece/katsoyranhs-tha-doume-an-tha-synexisw-sthn-ethnikh.3532436.html
  15. i think Karelis will be a massive upgrade for us in the future he has the energy the skill the determination and most importantly the passion. Sokratis is a must stay in this team so is Kyriakos, Manolas pissed me off a bit, i dont know if i will keep him there all the time. Moras should play more i think. WIth Samaris and Kyriakos in the middle and Ninis i believe we have a well balance midfield with hardworking, aggressive and solid passing and creating. Lazaros and Kone can be on the bench.
  16. As i said before we should start off playing fast in their half and create problems for their defence. They will play defensive what better way to start off the first 10-15 mins 3-0 up. then try play more at a normal speed. Fetfatzidis is a must start and Tachtsidis no one else can keep possesion better than him in the team maybe Samaris. Mitroglou should also start i have a good feeling he could score a few in this game.
  17. Do you reckon Markarian will pick Ninis tommorrow. I would like to see him and Fetfatzidis play.
  18. Can anyone tell me what is so good about Tasoulis ive never heard of him until the beginning of the qualifying campaign does anyone know if he is good or worthy enough to be part of the team
  19. I reckon we should go with either Tzavellas or Stafylidis anyone else?
  20. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/National-Greece/eishghsh-karagkounh-gia-kopsimo-toy-xolempas.3493704.html According to this Holebas is not playing in the match because Karagounis dosent want him.
  21. i agree but i dont know more consistent than Kone i believe Lazaros is a unique player but the Ethniki has not had one player that has the killer instinct for goal than Mitroglou did a year and a half a year ago. we havent got that one player i believe Lazaros is still a good option though
  22. Yeah thats correct and its preety smart from him to do that to see what he has got and what options he has Kolovos has been on fire this season but im not sure about Tasoulis Ranieri and Markarian must see something in him im not sure though
  23. Have they announced the team yet ive read that article and it said players like Vellidis, Stafylidis, Tasoulis, Fountas and Kolovos, have started training so Markarian know what to do with them and get a rhythm going.
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