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  1. I agree. Siovas didn’t really say anything bad. He just pointed out the obvious. If we are going to be playing LBs at CB then I’m all for Siovas to come back. Mavropanos has been scoring lately and it seems he should be a CM. The level from Manolas and Sokratis to our other CBs is really low. We might aswell try and convince them to come back because I don’t really see a CB or 2 that is playing at the highest level. Apart from Mavropanos who might get a position change. You never know. The reason why we’ve been conceding is because our CBs are not truly CBs. Think about it. Hatzidiakos started off as a midfielder in his early days. Tzavellas was a LB. These are the guys we are playing there. They’ve done well but they aren’t going to get us over the line. We might aswell bring Manolas and Sokratis back to guide a Mavropanos or Hatzidiakos…
  2. I agree with everything your saying. In my opinion he should leave. Again I appreciate him bringing in the youth but his stubbornness of playing Bakasetas all the time has hurt us. He is a guy who has almost every time killed our attacks, it’s not good enough. Those points we dropped against Georgia and especially Kosovo tells me we are not qualifying. He hasn’t learned from the nations league and he has been a big disappointment as coach. We need someone who understands Greek football and the Greek players. Someone who knows what works and what doesn’t. Regarding Alexandropoulos, I always praise him, he’s the total package. I’m an Olympiakos fan and I see a lot of talent in him.
  3. I was actually a fan of Samaris but over the years he has been disappointing, especially for the Ethniki. I don’t know if there is a major gap between him and Bouchalakis. Like have we improved with Bouchalakis over him? Hard to tell in some cases yes but most cases no I think. CM I is still a problem area in my opinion. I look at someone like Alexandropoulos who’s got it all and who I think is better than both but not given a chance even in friendlies.
  4. If I was to pick a team and choose the best players for each position, this is what I would do: Vlachodimos Masouras Manolas Mavropanos Tsimikas Alexandropoulos Galanopoulos Masouras Fetfatzidis Tzolis Douvikas Subs/Reserves: Retsos, Ninis, Bouchalakis, Hatzidiakos, Athanasiadis, Tzolakis, Androutsos, Fortounis, Pelkas, Giannoulis, Limnios, Pavlidis, Fountas Someone very underrated is Giannis Masouras. Had a great season in Poland. Don’t know why he never got picked. Douvikas I think is our best striker. In total we have 3 keepers, 3RBs(Retsos and Androutsos can fill in there), 4 CBs, 2LBs, 3DMs, 1CM (Ninis), 3CAMs, 3 wingers and 3 strikers. A great balance. In my starting 11 JVS would start 4 of those players.
  5. I agree 100%. If we want the best for the team then we need to play the best players possible. I’m sick of past coaches playing limited players. Santos did it with Vyntra and Katsouranis. Skibbe did it with Tziolis and Tzavellas and now JVS is doing it with Bakasetas and Stafylidis. I don’t think Skibbe is better. They are propably level. But I appreciate JVS in trusting some of our youth. I have mixed feelings. I don’t know if he should stay or go. If he goes then we’ll propably get someone similar to him. If he stays then who knows what will happen. Will he learn from his mistakes? He didn’t learn from the nations league.
  6. We can’t blame Mavropanos. Yes he made a mistake, he’s still young. He has been very impressive the last 2 seasons. He just needs someone more talented and experienced next to him. Manolas or Siovas would’ve been perfect.
  7. Spot on Alphonse. In the beginning when he took over we looked good and even in the first half of today’s game we looked great. But like many have said he hasn’t learned from his mistakes and his in game management is poor. He has to evaluate our players better also. For me the fascination with Stafylidis and Bakasetas has to stop. He has chosen these guys as his captains and I don’t know why. Things have to change and I don’t know if he is capable of changing. He seems very stubborn with his decisions where he should try and work things out with our best players and integrate them into the team.
  8. I’m just saying currently, a few players shouldn’t be there from the beginning like Bakasetas and Tzavellas and a few shouldn’t be starting like Bouchalakis and Giannoulis. The players I mentioned have had better from than others and most if not all are more talented footballers. Don’t get me wrong he has put in some good young players in but when you have a few obvious players that shouldn’t be there it handicaps the team from being at its best.
  9. Fortounis in his natural position, Manolas, Sokratis, Siovas, Fetfa, Ninis, Gianniotas, Fountas, Goutas, Kitsiou, Giannis Masouras and Kotsiras. Also Tzolis should be playing more instead of 5-10 minutes. Where’s Vasiliadis?? Tried so hard to get him. Alexandropoulos is our best CM in my opinion and doesn’t play. These are the players that should’ve been given first priority instead of Bakasetas, Tzavellas, Stafylidis, Poungouras, Bakakis and so on.
  10. What really needs to happen is for the coach to go. He hasn’t learned anything and continues to give this team no plan or strategy on how to break down teams. This LBs at CB have to stop and so does Bakasetas and a few others have to leave the team. The only way this could happen is if the coach leaves. This is what happens when you don’t play your best players.
  11. I agree with you. I am happy for the win but we need improvement still. Our movement needs work. So many times I saw our players just standing there and not busting there ass to move into space and collect the ball… If he wants to play these type of formations he needs to deploy the right players for it. After 35 games Bakasetas is finally showing that he can be somewhat decent in possession. Is he our best for the role he plays? I still think he isn’t but he’s stepped up and showing some improvement. I believe we were so lucky that we got the penalty. We looked confused in possession still but we got the 3 points and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Thankfully Pelkas scored. I agree Tzolis and Douvikas should start next game.
  12. I would rather see Alexandropoulos start. He is the future and the now for me. He can do it all. His age shouldn’t matter. I would also put Siopis next to him.
  13. Great to see. Even if he doesn’t play he is a great back up and this call up will give him loads of confidence.
  14. For club he is. If you look at his statistics over the past couple of seasons he is our best. At international level most of our midfielders can’t cope and our strikers are left with little to no service.
  15. Why does not playing matter to this coach? He has called up Mavrias and Limnios in the past who weren’t playing for a while and still called them and actually played them. He’s also played Tsimikas, but he should be called regardless if he plays or not as he’s our best LB. Giakoumakis off the bench wouldn’t be so bad. Especially if we need to score late in the game. Fountas who is probably our best striker/finisher got left out. On top of that he has skill and speed to add to it.
  16. Fountas or Giakoumakis should’ve been called. Both are our best in front of goal and the numbers they have done in the past speak for themselves. Doesn’t make sense to call Stafylidis as we have way better LBs now and he isn’t a CB. There shouldn’t have to be 4-5 LBs in this team. Athanasiadis deserves to be here. He has been doing very well for a long time and was man of the match against Real Madrid. He’s been impressive. Kolovos also seems to be inform aswell. I’m hoping we see the old Limnios because he can be dangerous for us when he’s playing well and Masouras is in the best form he’s ever been.
  17. Great player. Always liked him since his days with Asteras. I even think he’s our best all round striker.
  18. I remember seeing him play in a game for AEK in Europe and all I could think of was how much better he would be than Bakasetas for Greece.
  19. We need to focus on winning that’s it. We have to get 4 wins. A draw would make our lives even harder as we will have to depend on what happens with Spain and Sweden. We have to beat everyone now. We shot ourselves in the foot big time against Kosovo and Georgia. We need to attack every team like we did against Sweden.
  20. That’s exactly what I said on another forum. There’s a big disconnection between the friendlies and main games and I don’t know why. I feel like JVS panics in the main games and throws out his philosophy or the players don’t believe in themselves to do it in the qualifiers. In the game against Kosovo we didn’t value the ball and we were letting them have possession, which doesn’t make any sense against a team like that.
  21. Feel exactly the same way. How can you go from wanting to attack to sitting back and defending against Kosovo and Georgia. The guy hasn’t learned anything. Still continues to pick players like Bakasetas and Bouchalakis for our midfield. I personally believe JVS and Bakasetas have cost us qualification. JVS is more to blame. I don’t think our players are that bad. JVS just didn’t set up the team correctly. We needed wingers badly this game. The aim should’ve been to attack and go at this team as much as possible.
  22. It’s sad. Don’t know why we can’t do the simple things right like passing and moving into space. No one in the midfield to lead the team going forward like Fortounis did at times. No intent to attack. Shocking performance.
  23. Since the day JVS took over those players you mentioned should’ve been the spine of the team. What’s wrong with picking and rotating CBs like Nikolaou, Retsos, Mavropanos and Hatzidiakos? But no he has to pick 33 year old Tzavellas and a LB like Stafylidis and Giannoulis at CB. Tzolis and Alexandropoulos should be starting every time now. Douvikas, Pavlidis and Fountas should be our strikers. Fortounis and Fetfatzidis are still our most creative players we’ve got. Add Galanopoulos, Bouchalakis, Androutsos, Vlachodimos, Tsimikas and Masouras and you have a team. What’s wrong with that?
  24. He should’ve taken off Bakasetas. Can’t believe the treatment this guy gets.
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