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  1. He’s using the next 4 months to try and build a solid team like you said. If we keep on winning then Manolas and the rest won’t come back. We have like 10 or so matches coming up for the rest of the year. We’re going to use these matches to see who is capable of playing for the team. With Van’t Schip rebuilding the team he must also get results otherwise he will lose his job. So I expect to see more of the same like the last 4 matches we’ve played, which is aggressive in defence and with a strong intent to attack.
  2. Koulouris being called up is puzzling. He hasn’t played. But I’m thinking that we don’t have other strikers to back up Pavlidis. Fountas is the other option. I think Greece have made us fans a bit insecure with how the the team will perform because of what’s happened in the past. We should be beating these teams though and we should top the table.
  3. Well said. No one deserves a spot you have to earn it. Fetfatzidis as talented as he is shouldn’t be demanding or expecting to play if he isn’t following the rules. I’m saying this as a fan of his.
  4. Well were they to blame against the Faroes and Lichtenstein? We can all blame this and that but at the end of the day players like Tachtsidis, Samaris, Sokratis, Manolas, Mitroglou, Kone, Lazaros and others couldn’t even put away the Faroes. You can blame bad coaching or poor attacking but against teams like them you shouldn’t really have a hard time. Or even concede. Now with Van’t Schip we are playing better football. Which tells me that the coaching were the problem for all this happening. He has come and sort of laid down the law so to speak. He made tough decisions and started a
  5. We got to keep in mind that we lost badly to Italy 3-0 at home with players like Sokratis, Manolas and Samaris. The 2nd time around we gave them a real headache with a new team. We honestly could’ve drew that game. That 1st half they couldn’t do anything. Usually against teams like Armenia and Finland we would lose or draw with Sokratis and Manolas. Even worse we lost and drew against the Faroes and Lichtenstein with them in the side. We lost to Faroes twice. We now play good football and everyone has a part to play. From the goalkeeper all the way down to the striker. Also
  6. I think most of us don’t want to see Stafylidis starting at all. He hasn’t played for a while and he isn’t the greatest defender. He does bring leadership and other good things but defensively I do think he isn’t solid enough. Just curious, who else would you have brought in to replace Manolas and Sokratis? Mavropanos is slightly injured and Retsos hasn’t played for 6 months or so. Both I would’ve taken if playing and healthy. Also K.Papadopoulos has left the earth it seems. I know you want the best for the team but we have to look at the bigger picture. This team needs rebuilding a
  7. Thanks for sharing guys. It was a nice free kick.
  8. Good post Bananas. Can any PAOK fan please explain how good Michailidis is? Like his strengths and weaknesses... Haven’t seen him play, I’ve only heard good things.
  9. J1078 is right. Give him a chance. I like the call ups he made. Most have been playing apart from 2 players which are Stafylidis because he wants him captain and Koulouris because we haven’t got many strikers. I would’ve liked to have seen Fetfatzidis because he can create something out of nothing but it’s fine. The goal is to go to Qatar. Van’t Schip is trying to rebuild something that is broken. He seems to care for the national team and wants the best for Greece. Let him do his thing because we haven’t gotten anywhere for the last 5 years
  10. I don’t know why Greece release the call ups late. Maybe it’s a strategy so the opposing team don’t have a good amount time to figure out who to look out for. Who knows... I would like the call ups to be made public soon. I do believe that Van’t Schip has his list ready.
  11. We can’t take any team lightly. We have to do our job regardless of who we face. It’s embarrassing how low we are in the rankings. It’s no excuse losing and drawing against the likes of Faroes and Lichtenstein... I want to see the same kind of effort and passion as we saw in the last four games we played. We must top the group. We can’t accept anything less.
  12. Well we have our 1st game coming up, which is September the 3rd. Mavropanos seems the most impressive. He also has been playing. Siovas seems like the other candidate for CB. Both these guys seem like they will start. I’m not a big fan of Poungouras who has been mentioned in the past. I’d rather see Mavropanos play. Van’t Schip might go with Stafylidis at CB but he hasn’t played lately so who know what will happen. He has named him captain. Which is interesting because Van’t Schip has mentioned he will only select player who are playing and who are in form. So does that mean Stafylidis is not
  13. I believe Tsimikas will be our number 1 LB going forward. He just signed for Liverpool and he had a great season for Olympiakos. On top of that Van’t Schip has said good things about him. Unless he isn’t thinking of changing the winning lineup. He would have to find replacements though for Hatzidiakos and Galanopoulos as they are both recovering still. My replacements would be Mavropanos and Vasiliadis.
  14. I agree with most of the things you say. I don’t think Manolas and Sokratis will be back anytime soon. So they are out. I’ve read in the past that Van’t Schip wants a left footed CB. That’s why we’ve seen Siovas and Stafylidis play there. Stafylidis doesn’t cut it as a CB so he shouldn’t play there. Siovas will most likely get the spot. He was also thinking of playing Kyriakopoulos in the friendlies as a LCB. I think he would be better than Stafylidis there. Time will tell. For RB, I would try different options like Marinakis, Masouras and Lyratzis (who plays for Volos and seems lik
  15. Haven’t read or seen any news about it.. Hopefully they decide with something soon and hopefully it’s something other than the OAKA.
  16. He’s the only Greek CAM in form. Fortounis is finding his feet again, while Pelkas hasn’t featured for PAOK for the last 3 weeks. Mantalos needs to play central if you want to get the most out of him.
  17. Is Fetfatzidis staying? The best thing Aris can do at the moment is keep him for next season. He has played very well this season and has helped Aris be where they are. Also Bagalianis seems to be one to watch.
  18. Hopefully it’s not too serious. Was gaining great momentum and can be a serious player for Greece...
  19. He is on fire like to see where he plays for the national team. It seems as though he is succeeding at ST. He can easily play CAM and Wing. A good player who has turned his career around and is only 24-25 years old.
  20. For the 1st paragraph, if your talking about Hatzidiakos then for me he has proven he’s got what it takes. The goals we copped were mostly from Stafylidis errors in my opinion. The goals Italy scored was from Bouchalakis hand ball and a shot from range which should’ve been closed down from our midfielders. Giannoulis has convinced me that he is good. Before I didn’t think he was good but after seeing him play I can say he has got a big future ahead of him. We are lucky to have a good amount of depth at LB. RB is the problem. Ive always likes Fountas has got energy and is capable
  21. No doubt Manolas and Sokratis are at the highest level of all Greek players. But sometimes just because they are good doesn’t mean they are good for the team. Both had problems with Anastasiadis and EPO. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes but with these guys we haven’t got anywhere since Karagounis and Katsouranis retired. We started playing better football without them. They are not bigger than the team. Hatzidiakos has convinced me that he can take Sokratis spot and do an even better job. The problem lies with Stafylidis at CB and Bakakis at RB. Both of these guys aren’t g
  22. I think we should give JVS a chance. We did well against Italy the second time around with a different team. We had our chances to score and didn’t take them. We lost to Italy at home 3-0 with Sokratis and Manolas. We’re better off having players who are humble and willing to fight for the jersey. I agree Stafylidis shouldn’t be at CB and Manolas is needed. But I like said before if Manolas is not willing to give his best than it’s better to have him off the team.
  23. Good points by everyone. All I want to say is that Hatzidiakos has proven to be a very good CB. We looked much better playing out from the back. It’s mostly because of him. He is good technically which helps with our build up play. Sokratis should be done with the national team. I see Mavropanos, Retsos and Hatzidiakos all competing for that spot now. For me Manolas is a must in the team. His speed and all round play is needed. If he doesn’t want to play then don’t worry about him, if he does then he has to abide by what the coach wants. Out of the 2 Manolas is needed most.
  24. I think they are done. Every time he’s asked about them he talks about having passion and they have to want to play for the team. I get this feeling that Manolas and Sokratis don’t want to be in the team anymore. Mitroglou is propably the same. Haven’t heard anything in the news about how they want to come back and give 100%. I think others like Zeca, Samaris and Fortounis nights have a chance of returning. If Fortounis comes back he has to give 100%. This team gives 100% effort and they don’t stop running. Fortounis has to do the same, otherwise he shouldn’t play. We look like we are go
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