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  1. Good move for him in a good league. Hope he excels there and gets the exposure to play for a team in the La Liga next season. He’s probably Greece’s best left back at the moment in my opinion. Now that Tsimikas and Giannoulis have performed this season there will be a good battle for the Greece LB spot.
  2. Did you watch the games?? Hatzidiakos is way more composed with and without the ball and better at positioning than Sokratis. His passes out from the back were very effective and even put us into dangerous attacks. Defensively Hatzidiakos can read the game very well and is aggressive when he has to be. Sokratis is not the same player he used to be. He was never comfortable on the ball. He also doesn’t make smart decisions with it, unlike Hatzidiakos for his age plays very maturely and has an idea about the game. At 22 I would play him for the next 10 years when fit. Also with Mavropanos and Retsos slowly coming back we won’t need to have Sokratis. As he is on the decline due to his age. I do agree that Sokratis saved the team with his speech and I thank him for that.
  3. I believe Hatzidiakos is the perfect replacement for Sokratis. Hatzidiakos has proven to be better. Manolas can take Stafylidis place. Manolas adds pace and chasers back and actually puts a saving tackle or wins the ball. He can be very vital to the team. That’s if he has the right attitude. I am proud of the career Sokratis has had for Greece. I don’t think we should completely drop him because I still think he has something to offer. We could use him off the bench.
  4. I’m against bringing back Sokratis and Manolas. I believe we need to start building for the next tournament and beyond. I appreciate and thank Sokratis, Manolas, Torosidis and co for all they’ve done for us. It’s time to move on... The youngsters have proven to be reliable and we should build on that. We should looking to improve the CB, RB and CAM position in my opinion. Stafylidis shouldn’t play at CB against heavyweights. Bakasetas isn’t going to be as effective against heavyweights in my opinion. Mavropanos and Retsos seem to be injury prone and until they perform and play week in and week out then I don’t see them being in contention even though I would like them to be. Siovas is getting old and will be 33 next year. Lampropoulos is only there because Risvanis, Goutas and Oikonomou are playing in the GSL. That’s my opinion. Risvanis would and could be a good addition at CB. If Stafy gets dropped then he can’t play LB. Giannoulis has been in terrific form there. Koutris and Tsimikas have done well there for Greece too.
  5. Not bad line up. We actually have a good amount of speed. Giannoulis, Limnios and Donis are the fastest. Even Galanopoulos and Kourbelis have got some speed. I’d like to see Mantalos in a 4-2-3-1 as the CAM. I don’t think we have ever seen Mantalos as a 10 for Greece. We always see him out wide. I was thinking what’s going to happen with Vasiliadis because he hasn’t been capped yet and Germany can cap him at anytime and be part of their team. I guess it’s up to the individual and I think Vasiliadis is committed to Greece. It’s kind of a let down that we won’t see the team play until March or probably next September as I want to see the team in action all the time. It will be interesting what JVS sets up in March and who he plays. I have a list of players that he could look at: RB/LB: Natsos, Masouras, Lykogiannis, Kyriakopoulos CB: Nikolaou, Risvanis, Retsos CDM/CM/CAM: Androutsos, Charisis, Vasiliadis... RW/LW: Lamrpou, Chatzigiovannis, Gianniotas.. ST: Kampetsis, Manos, Emmanoulidis
  6. We should put our trust in JVS. We haven’t seen this team play the way it has for years and I’m all in with JVS as he has transformed this team.
  7. I was actually thinking that my be the reason for Stafyldis being at CB. To play it out effectively from the back and in turn improve the transition from the middle. Defensively I don’t trust him. He is error prone and if he was to be replaced by Siovas or Lampropoulos then it will be fine. As JVS likes how they play. Both Hatzidiakos and Stafylidis are good passers of the ball. I don’t think Manolas or Sokratis are as good in this department.
  8. We couldn’t beat them with our more experienced players. I’ve always said we should trust youth and look at what’s happening. We are winning. Great way to end this roller coaster of a campaign. The ball doesn’t want to go in for Koulouris in the national team ?
  9. Maybe your right. Greece still needs to be at their best and maybe put away 2 or goals against them. As I said we need to improve our finishing. If we do we could be looking at winning this game 3 or 4-0. Maybe we could see Vasiliadis play.
  10. It still mind boggling that Masouras missed an open goal. Unbelievable... We need to continue playing the way we have and we need to work on our finishing. JVS has said that we need to work on finishing. Finland are a better side than Armenia and are full of confidence. I hope we beat them at home to close this roller coaster of a qualifying campaign.
  11. Yeah it’s hard to believe that Sokratis said that. I don’t think he is a bit of a pest and whinges a lot. He does care for the national team, that I believe. But I think he is negative in the way he explains things. I do appreciate him talking striefht and being to the point and also saying it as it is. There are many that believe Sokratis and Manolas “stopped playing” after the 2014 World Cup. They new they were going to be locks going forward in the starting line up and became less motivated and therefore they became complacent. Samaris and Mitroglou the same. As i said JVS has gotten rid of the complacency and has Instilled competition for places.
  12. JVS got rid of the complacency such as Sokratis, Manolas, Torosidis, Mitroglou and Samaris. And he has included young, hungry players who have a point to prove and everyone is on notice. You must fight for your teammates, the shirt, fans, and your country and this is the way it will be going forward. The players I mentioned above have been automatic starters for the last 5 years and haven’t gotten us anywhere. We played our best football without them the last 2 games and that should speak volumes. We look more organised at the back and play at a higher tempo. Which is refreshing to see. I applaud JVS so far for what he has done and I hope this continues.
  13. I know it’s off topic but Victoria yeeros is not as good as it used to be. There’s another one 5 minutes away it’s called the yeeros shop. That used to be good aswell. The Gyradiko in Bexley has declined aswell. There’s a new one opening in Ramsgate, hope it’s good. You can’t beat a yeeros from Greece. My brother has his own shop and all I got to say and without being biased is that he has the best yeeros in Sydney. Back on topic, apparently Donis, Koutris and Vasiliadis are set to start for this game. I’m very happy about this.
  14. The team is more or less the same. I was waiting to see new untested names. It doesn’t matter now hopefully this is a winning team.
  15. To be fair I think the squad is already done it’s just that they like to announce it very late. Should be out by tomorrow. I hope to see Vasiliadis. Want to see how he goes.
  16. The truth it doesn’t matter who we put at keeper. They are more or else the same. As all have had ups and downs. I like how we have rotated players in this position as it creates competition for a spot. But if I have had to pick a keeper I’d choose Vlachodimos as the number 1. He is more talented and plays champions league. He’s got more of a future than Paschalakis. Paschalakis is overrated in my opinion. Barkas is more reliable than he is and is a solid number 2 option. We can’t forget others like Dioudis who has impressed many times and also that young player that plays in Bulgaria is one to keep your eye on. Dioudis should be 3rd choice going forward.
  17. I think everyone is thinking the same way. We have to continue our good momentum. If we don’t get to the next level than I hope we at least play the same way we did against Bosnia going forward. Lots of positives in that game. Question is who will get the call up? To me Hatzidiakos, Limnios, Galanopoulos and Pavlidis all did well. They should be playing again. Kourbelis has a place now in midfield. I do question if under pressure how he would do but nonetheless he deserves a starting spot.
  18. Sokratis would be the captain because he is the most commanding out of everyone and the most experienced. I was thinking to put Mantalos in the line up and have him as the captain. Leads by example and can play with anyone. Manolas, Mitroglou, Samaris, Masouras and etc, are not really captains. Either is Fetfa and Donis. Fortounis I think was put as captain at Olympiakos because he leads by example and is always scoring and assisting in the league. I don’t think we need both Zeca and Kourbelis in the same line up. Unless we play stronger opposition. Then we should play them. Galanopoulos should be given more game time. Also I’m not totally sold on Bouchalakis being a starter yet but I’m willing to give him more chances. As it stands Kourbelis seems like a definite starter now. Also apparently Vasiliadis and Kiomourtzoglou will get called up. AEK are also trying to sign the latter. I really would like to see what they bring to the team. They are both German born and have developed in Germany. They could surpass our current midfielders and become starters for the NT. We’ll see what happens.
  19. Yes that makes sense. He can still be useful as he is a very aggressive defender and seems to care about Greece. I like him as a player but I think it’s time to move on for the better of the team and it’s future. I’m just trying to think ahead in terms of the younger players and give them a good amount of experience by the time World Cup comes around. Manolas can still be an option as he is 28 and probably has similar experience to Sokratis playing in a higher level like champions league. If Sokratis was to stay on than Siovas would have to be dropped. No point having 2 players over 30 in the team. I personally don’t mind Siovas I think he brings composure and great positioning. Also Hatzidiakos has played well recently and deserves a spot in the team. Also Retsos and Mavropanos are young and have good potential. Hopefully they stay injury free and get into good form as they are the future of the team.
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