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  1. In terms of Fetfatzidis abilities on the ball he should be a starter. The same goes for any player with similar abilities. His time in Saudi Arabia doesn’t make a difference to his performances. Why was Tziolis called up when he was playing there too? What I’m getting to is as long as you are playing and performing than you should be in the team. He does the simple things that most our players can’t do which is control the ball and pass effectively. He has also been playing well for Aris. He has started all games Aris has played and has done well. He is still effective in my opinion. As
  2. I have to agree with @Alphonseand @Bardouuu. Fetfatzidis can change a game for you. His ball control and dribbling is the best we got. We need to also play in form players. We can’t have Bakasetas and Samaris start again. They can sabotage the team. Fetfatzidis isn’t going to be the answer but will definitely be in my mind a big difference in the way we attack.
  3. It will all depend on who he calls up. If we want to play a winning brand of football we have to play players who can control the ball and be creative. I just think we should’ve brought in a more respectable manager and have a proper clean out and restart. In my opinion if I were coach these would be the players o would have right now... Vlachodimos, Paschalakis, Barkas, Torosidis, Natsos, Retsos, Sokratis, Manolas, Siovas, Tsimikas, Koutris, Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Kolovos, Masouras, Mantalos, Zeca, Gaitanidis, Fetfatzidis, Vrousai, Pavlidis, Koulouris, Donis. I’m willing to s
  4. Fortounis is a great player don’t get me wrong but he definitely is slow and his stamina isn’t good enough. If he improved his fitness levels and try running more and harder than we will see an even better player. Fetfatzidis is a faster player mentally and physically. He can get the ball and create magic. I keep repeating myself but it is what it is. As far Mantalos goes I’d like to see him carry the same form to the national team. I think we will see a 4-3-3. Something is telling me that this is the formation we will be going with. I hope he doesn’t go with a Samaris, Kourbelis a
  5. Should be also looking at Pavlidis and Fetfatzidis players who are in great form.
  6. I’ve always thought highly of him ever since he was at AEK. He was only 17 and was carrying the team on his back in a time where AEK was at its worst.
  7. The two times where Greece showed real character was against Belgium 1-1 and Bosnia 2-2. They played with real intensity and passion. If we can display that attitude in every match where it feels like everything’s on the line then we will see a more ferocious and dominant Greece. They had something to prove in that Belgium game and did just that. If it wasn’t for Tachtsidis red card we would’ve won in my opinion.
  8. I’m not really interested in reading his history, I’m more interested in reading what he plans on doing with the team and which players he prefers. He likes playing attacking football something which the team needs to be doing more of in my opinion so we should see.
  9. Zeca dosent stop running and has helped us to a certain point. He isn’t great on the ball though but Is capable of scoring a goal or giving an assist, something Samaris isn’t capable of doing for Greece. I just think Bouchalakis and Kourbelis are a better duo.
  10. Not sure about Donis but apparently he is trying to change clubs...
  11. That true @AchillesHeel but we have struggled to score against teams lower teams than us. That’s where the midfield comes in and they are supposed to supply meaningful balls forward and create chances themselves. Fortounis has tried and done this himself. There is no real presence in midfield. Defensively they are easy to get passed and I believe Samaris is at fault here. Zeca is relying on his ability to run and tackle. He isn’t threatening with the ball. It’s only been Fortounis most of the time doing the damage. Zeca and Samaris should at least put in defensively. The defenders shouldn’t be
  12. That’s right Nick we have a massive problem at CM. If not the main reason we are losing. It’s unfortunate Mavropanos and Androutsos are not getting much playing time as they would be great options. With those players you mentioned - they have to step up this season and prove themselves. We need them as options, hopefully they are ready to be involved soon as we need more speed, skill and intelligence in the team.
  13. Yeah I don’t know why Samaris hasn’t performed well for Greece, yet gets countless game time over and over again. I thought he along with Kone were our best players in the 2014 World Cup. After that they didn’t do anything for the team and the team plummeted. I hope this new coach has more eyes on players abroad aswell because we can’t just have players from the Greek league.
  14. I have to agree with everything you said. I also believe what you said is fact. Too many players are getting a free pass. Samaris is a good example. He has played terribly and most of the time has been a passenger. I don’t know if it’s mindset or if he is limited. I think it’s both. More so mindset. He should’ve been replaced by now. Bouchalakis has to prove his worth now. I was hoping to get a real decent coach and start the rebuilding the right way. We need to include talented youngsters otherwise we will have problems. We haven’t been successful with the current group. I truly believe
  15. In my opinion the big part of the problem is player selections. Anastasiadis did bizarre things. But we need to find out the right combinations for the team. To me Bouchalakis and Kourbelis did well together in the middle and complimented each other.
  16. I also think it’s wrong to replace coaches after 3 or 4 games. Give them until the end of the qualifying matches to judge them. The goal should be to qualify for tournaments. If that dosent happen you can then replace the coach. Anastasiadis for all the wrong doing he did should have been given a chance until the end. Skibbe failed at the last second. Should have been replaced right there and then. We don’t know what could happen later on. Rehaggel lost his first game against Finaland 5-1 I think. Then few years later won a Euro. Difference between all these coaches is that Rehaggel is o
  17. Will probably be the worst coach we’ve had of all time.
  18. Very true man. I’ve been wanting these players to be involved by now. I think it’s their time now. They are players who can play ball.
  19. Realistically I think talent wise we are a top 20 team, 30 max. Our results haven’t shown our true abilities. Some are not that talented like Bakasetas but we have good enough players to be at tournaments. I truly think we lack a proper attacking 8 in the middle and a real solid deep playmaker. We’ve got pit bulls and hard tacklers in midfield but we need someone smarter and better with the ball in the middle. We also need a better number 10 I think also. When Fortounis is out we need someone better or equal. Pelkas can be better but that only depends on time. Androutsos or Bouchalakis c
  20. We don’t really deserve to be this low. Our players are not that bad. The problem is we are not creative and dont support each other enough. We could be worse in my opinion if we were without Sokratis, Manolas and Fortounis. Mantalos, Pelkas, Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Koutris and some others are either not consistent or not giving enough. Siopis and Masouras did well in my opinion but it is not enough. Siopis energy helps us and Masouras determination helps us. But still that isn’t going to help if you don’t have proper structure and game plan and that’s where the coach comes in. Sam
  21. Great reply. It makes sense what your saying. I think we need players who are in there mid 20s for example Kourbelis, Pelkas etc, to step up and improve as we need them to lead the new generation. We have no else to rely on. Ninis and Fetfatzidis can definitely help but as I said before I don’t see them wearing the jersey again. It’s as simple as that we need Bouchalakis, Kourbelis, Pelkas, Mantalos and so on to step up.
  22. I’m just curious to know what do you think should happen with the team? If you were coach would you start an overhaul of the squad and play youth? Who would you take out and and who would you put in? Who is at fault and who isn’t. I’d like to know your take on everything. Thanks.
  23. True. We need to do better in defence and we have the players for it. I would also like to say that we are not threatening in attack. We are very lame in attack and too predictable. Fortounis tried but he himself isn’t going to be enough and also he isn’t fast enough. He is still decent but needs real support. Fetfatzidis and Ninis at there best can help us in attack. Pelkas, Mantalos, Tachtsidis, Masouras, Kolovos, Lazaros and Mitroglou are decent but are not good enough and have proven it so far. At least Fetfatzidis and Ninis have a creative spark and can change the game from their pu
  24. To be honest I’m tired of seeing Samaris be not effective. What exactly does he bring for us. He is just a tall guy who is slow and dosent offer much - starting to become the new Tziolis.
  25. Can that be done that’s the question? And is it realistic for the coach to have free reign on the team?
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