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  1. I agree we need to play 1 defensive midfielder at all times. We should shift Mantalos as an 8. He’s not good on the left wing and isn’t our best CAM at the same time. He doesn’t score a lot so moving him deeper in midfield to give an attacking spark might be the solution. Bouchalakis is too slow, Kourbelis isn’t good on the ball and lacks vision. Zeca is just a workhorse and that’s about it. Regarding Galanopoulos, I’d take him over any of those 3 I just mentioned. He’s still young and can improve even more. After seeing Olympiakos play against Marseille, I think Fortounis isn’t as great as we think he is. I do agree that he’s our best CAM but he’s very inconsistent.
  2. I really want to see him play for Greece. It’s long overdue and his injuries haven’t helped. I really think he can be a good addition to the team.
  3. I don’t know if he’s the answer. We’ve had a disastrous 6 years with him being in the 11. He didn’t show up when we needed him. Kourbelis and Bouchalakis aren’t any better. We have a serious problem at CM. I think we will be seeing Zeca as the number 6 going forward.
  4. This is our best 11 in my opinion. If everyone is fit and healthy: Vlachodimos Masoura Mavropano Manola Tsimi Zeca Mantalos Limnios Fortounis Tzolis Fountas/Giakoumakis We need to try Mantalos as an 8. Zeca can stay as a 6. Fortounis in his natural position. Fountas I think out of all of our strikers is our best. But I’m not completely satisfied with our strikers. We need someone better. Subs - Donis (when fit and healthy) Vasiliadis, Galanopoulos, Pavlidis, Masouras, Barkas, Retsos To be dropped completely - Bakasetas, Svarnas, Kourbelis, Mavrias, Tzavellas and Koulouris and Bakakis. We haven’t in a long time played our BEST team possible. Mavropanos I think is better than Sokratis, Hatzidiakos and Retsos. Manolas is self explanatory. He is our best CB hands down. They also could work well together. Giannis Masouras is very underrated and has loads of pace. He can even score with his weak foot. He should be playing at RB. Against any strong or weak side this should be the 11 as much as possible. If you notice each player is the best in there position. I think Vasiliadis could be our best 8 but he hasn’t been given a chance yet.
  5. Tzavellas should be no where near the national team for me. We have better CBs. Kyriakopoulos isn’t as special as Tsimikas, Giannoulis or even Koutris. He still has to prove himself, especially for Greece. Fortounis is our best player.
  6. There are many different types of 6s these days. Some are workhorses and shield the defence like Kourbelis and Zeca. Some are more known to be a deep lying playmaker like Tachtsidis, Bouchalakis and Samaris. An 8 should be able to do it all. Defend, vision, pace, skill, stamina intelligence, creativity, shooting, passing, dribbling and tackling. Bouchalakis and Samaris don’t fit in the 8 position. Most 8s in the modern game have pace and skill. Samaris and Bouchalakis aren’t fast and don’t have enough skill.
  7. Bouchalakis isn’t an 8. He is more of a 6 and so is Samaris. Zeca the same. Vasiliadis is an 8. Mantalos can play as an 8 in my opinion. We should’ve played 1 DM and 2AMs in a 4-3-3 like we did against Cyprus.
  8. Same could be said about Androutsos. He has also been mishandled.
  9. I think I’d start Siopis next to Bouchalakis. I want to see Pelkas as the 10 to start off with to see what he can do. I rate Pavlidis more than Giakoumakis but Giakoumakis has been in great form. So let’s see what he can do for Greece. Wouldn’t mind seeing Hatzidiakos and Michailidis together at CB.
  10. Don’t know. I think Masouras or Tzolis should start on the left wing. He should call Chatzigiovannis up to see what he’s got.
  11. Relax he was just joking... Have a sense of humour. You don’t have to take it personal. There’s no need for name calling. The reason why Mavrias is in the team is because of his agent. His agent must’ve made a good deal with the EPO. I can’t seem to understand how Anastasiadis and Van’t Schip seem to like him. Both have called him up. There’s no way they think he is a good player or good RB. If they do then they simply don’t know much about football. I’ve recently listed 6 players better than him that actually play. We all have our opinions about the coach and team selections but there’s no need to get personal and start calling people names...
  12. I agree 100%. He knows how to run the team when we are with the ball and takes on more responsibility. When Ninis used to be in form he made Greece look more dangerous. Fortounis does the same but when both are in form Ninis to me is a better player. But now that Fortounis has currently made a name for himself he should be automatically our 1st choice CAM.
  13. He deserves the call up but I don’t think he is going to change much. Van’t Schip needs to find the right players for our midfield, otherwise we will see no goals. Our team has a problem with scoring and we’ve brought in Koulouris who was on fire last season and we’ve brought in Pavlidis and Fountas are doing very well in their respective teams. But we still can’t get these guys scoring for Greece. The service has to be better otherwise these guys won’t score and now with Giakoumakis involved it will be more of the same if nothing is changed.
  14. I hope he realises that Zeca and Kourbelis are not the answer. They shouldn’t play together especially against Moldova since we are going to have more of the ball. He should put Mantalos there or Vasiliadis. Haven’t seen much of Vasiliadis but from what I’ve read and and the little that I’ve seen I think Vasiliadis should be given a chance just to see what’s he’s got. After all we have a friendly against Cyprus before our last 2 nations league games...
  15. I’d put Fortounis to start over Bakasetas, there’s no doubt about it. We seem lost in the final 3rd and I believe it’s because Bakasetas isn’t capable of dictating the play. He’s too slow also. Atleast Fortounis is technically superior and can actually score goals for Greece.
  16. Now that Garcia is coach, we will probably see a few more youth players in the team.
  17. I hear a lot of people say that we don’t have options at RB. We actually do we just haven’t tried them. Like Kitsiou, Kotsiras, G.Masouras, Kivrakidis, Natsos and Rota. That’s 6 names that we haven’t tried. Rota hasn’t been given a good enough chance. He seems promising.
  18. Do you know how long Retsos is out for? Hopefully nothing serious.
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