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  1. I agree Giannou should be given a shot also Vellios. We should be trying different strikers. Mitroglou is slow most of the time and Klaus dissent get involved and when he does it's either he loses the ball or just plays a simple pass. You need a striker that's eager for the ball and that's running. Everyone should be running. Players like Diamatakos and Karelis are examples of running strikers even Aravidis. Players like Mitroglou like to sit and wait for a chance.
  2. I also want to add is how did Ranieri call up players like Mavrias, Mantalos and Dinas when you had players like Kaltsas in form scoring for Veria and earned where he is today. Started from the bottom to the top. I think Kaltsas is a talented player but shouldve went to team like Asteras Tripolis and played in Europe he would have been scouted from other teams abroad. Mavrias at that time wasnt playing for Sunderland. Mantalos is very talented i would have called him up aswell Dinas is good but Kaltsas was better. I see that when you call up players like Mavrias to give them confidence and get
  3. Our striking options are not the best. Mitroglou is our only hope of success. I think Vellios is one hope for the future aswell as Giannou. Also players like Bakasetas, Diamantakos and Vergos really have to step it up. Klaus and Aravidis are both the same age id rather have Vellios or Giannou instead of Klaus. Aravidis i dont know yet id keep him on the bench. Pecking order for who starts as striker should be: 1.Mitroglou 2.Karelis 3.Vellios/(Giannou he is top goal scorer along with Fortounis) 4.Aravidis 5.Klaus
  4. My lineup would be players who we should start most games. The core players are Karnezis, Manolas, Sokratis, Torosidis, Samaris, Mitroglou. Everyone else has to earn their position in the team. Players like Fortounis and Tachtsidis should start also. It will be hard to choose over Ninis and Pelkas. Im a fan of Ninis i think he should be in this team cause he is at the right age and has some sort of expirience in the Ethniki. He has over 30 caps. He has more caps than Lazaros and Kone and also more goals. Our biggest problem is our LB position. So far we have Holebas. I think in 2-3 years
  5. Yes that's true but did you see the other names I mentioned aswell. The only time Gekas was more vital than Samaras was 2009-2010. Every other time, Samaras was more useful than Gekas. That is what I mean. The other players I mentioned were more consistent but Samaras also was a key player but could've, should've done even better. Your looking at it as Samaras saved the team with the way he played, is it the way you play or is it the assists you give and the goals you score that make yourself and the team successful?
  6. You didn't convince me I'm saying that Gekas was more vital in 2009-2010 scoring goals. Samaras is more useful in other areas such as making runs, beating players in the air, showing good touches. I know your a Samaras fan, but don't tell me you weren't annoyed at his inconsistencies and bad decision making.
  7. I agree about Samaras with Gekas im actually not a fan of him it was only in 2009 and 2010 when he was producing his best for the ethniki after that ive always said he is useless his slow, lazy and very inconsistent. Samaras was more vital than Gekas overall but i still think that Samaras could have done even better with his decisions, im more of a fan of players like Salpingidis who worked his ass off and showed passion and was more consistent than Gekas for the Ethniki. If anything im more of a fan of Samaras than Gekas. I just always got annoyed in the decisions Samaras made and i know he
  8. I believe players like Karagounis, Salpingidis, Charisteas, Gekas, Zagorakis and Basinas were more vital. Im not saying Samaras wasnt vital in the team. He was vital to the team but out of everyone in the team he frustrated me the most and at times surprised me at what he can do. The only one in my eyes who i can say did not stuff up or made less mistakes was Karagounis. I think this topic about Samaras is useless he has no club. Its just pointless talking about the past unless you think he has a place now in the team.
  9. I even think Salpingidis was more of a threat for the Ethniki.
  10. He has shown up in big matches such as Russia, Germany and Ivory Coast. But he has not shown up constitently he was very frustrating to watch like bad decision making poor touches and so on. He is not a top goal scorer either. He had shown more consistency with Celtic than with Greece. If he had scored 20 goals like Charisteas and Gekas than we can say he succeded.
  11. In my opinion i think Samaras is finished i also agree that Samaras never lived up to the expectations as a youngster but still did alright in his career with Celtic but not with the National team. Also Ninis is the same but the difference is Ninis is younger by 5 years and is playing in a team. Fetfatzidis is another name who i think if he played more games for Olympiakos he would have left earlier and this talk of him finishing his career in a league where you dont care about your career anymore would not happen. He would be playing in a top a league such as La Liga Serie A Bundesliga and Li
  12. Karnezis, Sokratis, K.Papadopoulos, Manolas, Samaris, Holebas and Torosidis should be the players that start every match coming up. Thats our defence. The rest need to be changes often. For eg. have Ninis or Fortounis to start in that creative AM role. Maybe Pelkas aswell. Striker next game would have to be either Klaus or Aravidis, Mitroglou has to sit on the bench. He can come on if the new striker is not producing anything. Have 1 of Kone or Lazaros to start on that LW. RW should be Fetfatzidis. Tachtsidis can be on the bench as well as Karelis. Kapino and Vellidis as keepers and Maniatis t
  13. This is from Sir Alex Ferguson about Teamwork.
  14. Vyntra was shocking today his crosses were bad and we missed Torosidis badly in my opinion the other selections were not that bad i also believe Karnezis was at fault for the goal aswell as Vyntra. Our attack is very fustrating there is no end product. I really cant believe what has been happening to our Ethniki. Best players today were Holebas and Fortounis. I dont understand what is so hard to score seriously this cant be happening nothing else in my opinion can be done to fix this MItroglou can only do so much, Sokratis was doing his job, Aravidis should have not started really, Samaris can
  15. I just realized Bouchalakis and Pelkas are not called up they have been impressive.
  16. The following is the team: http://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/me-platella-aravidh-oi-klhseis-toy-tsana.3635115.html Says Torosidis picked up too many yellow cards and will miss the match against Finland. I guess Kitsiou will be playing.
  17. I put Ninis there because he can have a more free role such as cutting in and creating and doing more of the attacking work. We can get our strong 3 Cbs to do the defensive job aswell as Holebas to track back. Also you have 2 defensive minded midefielders that can also help. I dont expect both of Samaris and Tachtsidis to help out most of the time defensively there should be 1 at least helping the defense most of the time. This 3-4-3 formation is a good way to include your best players and also the best balance of attack and defence. I would have Samaris and Tachtsids more deeper or at least o
  18. Thats incredible even with the situation going on in Greece.
  19. In my opinion Ninis and Forotunis must get called up. I dont know if Kone can do it in that creative role i wish he can well just see. Also Kyriakos must start he is a bulldog very aggressive and good tackling. Manolas also should start. Karnezis Manolas Kyriakos Sokratis Ninis Samaris Tachtsidis Holebas Fortounis Karelis Mitroglou I know Ninis is not that good defensively but weve got Holebas there to cover defensively and offensively. Also Tachtsidis should start. Torosidis
  20. Does anyone know when this player will go this player is talented its a shame he has not got playing time that he should of, he in my opinion needs to back to the Greek Superleague and get game time he is the future of Greece.
  21. Does anyone know whats going to happen with Kolovos and Gianniotas?
  22. In my opinion we should go with this Karnezis Manolas K.Papadopoulos Sokratis Ninis Tachtsidis Samaris Holebas/Torosidis Fetfatzidis Karelis Mitroglou Stafylidis, Gianniotas, Bouchalakis, Manaitis, Salpingidis, Moras, Kone, Lazaros, Kapino, Vellidis, Aravidis.
  23. How can Lazaros go back he said he would never go back to PAOK does would every PAOK fan welcome him back.
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