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  1. In my opinion say what you want about Siovas but he saved us a couple of times. The score could have been more. Oikonomou looked like he couldn't win a header all game. Holebas passing is not good enough. Stafylidis is a better passer of the ball. I think Skibbe also wants Stafylidis somewhere on the team. Vellios looked good with his touches. Karelis and Fortounis are carrying this team in attack. Papazoglou has no place in the team. Petsos I believe is a good player. Overall the team looks promising. I also believe if we had one of Manolas, Sokratis or Papadopoulos starting we would
  2. I know how you feel chriskiato. I wanted Ninis and Fetfatzidis to be in the starting 11 for a long time and it finally happened but for only 5 mins and that was in the WC qualifiers under Santos.
  3. I agree that Karelis is short. Not that short but. He is strong and fast enough with the ball at his feet and looks the most hungriest player in attack. Him being on the wing I think would make him isolated and not get the ball as much. Him being striker is a better idea, but then again is he good enough in the air to score goals. It's also a good idea to try him CAM. Diamantakos I am a fan of, he plays with passion. Vellios has been a gun lately. I also wouldn't mind seeing both playing up top. In this match id like to see Fortounis, Petsos and Tachtsidis midfield. Especially Fortounis
  4. I thought we played a good match. Sokratis was good, Fortounis was good. Manolas should have done better in the corner. Tzavellas played well also. Stafylidis showed he can be a big part to this team he shows great energy down the left and is good with the ball at his feet. Samaris was very average for me. Tachtsidis should take his place next game. We must play Petsos again. He was very good in his positioning, he is faster and more agile than Tachtsidis but Tachtsidis is technically better. Torosidis was average. Oikonomou looked good also. What a player Karelis is! he a
  5. That's true. Maniatis is better than Tziolis in all aspects of the game. But I still don't know if Tachtsidis is going help in the long term. Against minnow and average teams he is a very good player. But how will he be against the stronger teams and big match situations.
  6. What a shame. This is becoming very annoying. He is a type of player that would save you the game. I believe he played better than Manolas all campaign. He is definitely needed in the Ethniki. Is there any news on Sokratis?
  7. Everyone knows that Manolas, Papadopoulos and Sokratis have the CB position covered for the next 5-10 years. Siovas should not be there. Good thing that Vyntra did not get called up. I also noticed that Lazaros and Kone did not get called up.
  8. I don't why Skibbe has called up 6cbs and 3Lbs. Also we have to many strikers. Kitsiou should have been called up.
  9. It has always been tricky figuring out who should be in the starting 11 in my opinion the defensive midfield position is very thin and I believe only Samaris and Tachtsidis should be in there. I also believe that they are both level in ability. It's just one of them is faster than the other. They are both level In passing but I believe Tachtsidis plays more riskier passes, which is good. They are both tall, good in the air, strong and both a goal each. Maniatis is another option but is not as good as a distributor as the other 2. Petsos needs to be given a go. Bouchalakis and Kourbelis hav
  10. I hope Kitsiou and Stafylidis improve their defence they need to be more physical and aggressive in their tackles. They are good at attacking. I also like the PAOK youth talent such as Kitsiou, Mystakidis, Pelkas, Charisis, Korovesis, I also heard good things about the new CB they bought. Im a Olympiakos fan and i believe PAOKs youth players they bring up are better than AEK, PAO and OLY. I also think Vellios should be playing ahead of Giannou in the pecking order. Even Iraklis youth players like Tsilianidis and Asteras Tripolis have Kourbelis. Ive heard good stuff about Panionios players such
  11. i just want to point out something as i want to point it out here. In the 2014 world cup we all know the players that played well Samaris, Kone and Lazaros. We thought that these players after Karagounis, Katsouranis and Salpingidis were going to do the job and show leadership and take over from the old players. Im finding it very hard still that we didn't qualify for Euro 2016. i actually believed we would reach the semi's in Euro 16 with the way we played in the World Cup in 2014. I also thought we would demolish our group. Especially because we have a younger squad with faster players.
  12. i hear a lot of things about Kourbelis on this forum what is he so good at i keep on hearing that he should have been chosen over Tziolis and stuff like that. What makes him a good player.
  13. Karelis has talent he has that something that most young greek players dont have. He has improved dramatically but form is a problem and consistency.
  14. id like to know as to why Tasoulis was called up by Ranieri. What did he see in him in the first place. I do believe though we now should be playing younger players more often but this player has not done much. I also want to discuss each player in this Euro Qualifying campaign and other players in general from what i know. Also were we are heading in the future. 1st i start with Karnezis. I believe he was not bad but could have done better in this campagin. He is the only decent keeper we have that is playing in a top league. But there were times where i wanted him to not be in the squad
  15. Club form and NT form are two different things. NT selection is chosen by club form and at the moment he is our best striker playing in a top league. There are very few friendly matches and you need to win qualifying matches, that's when you need an inform striker you. He is no where near the form he was in 2013 but is slowly getting back to that form. Vellios should be the back up for Mitroglou and not Klaus.
  16. Like who. Who is talented like Mitroglou. He might a lazy player but he is the most effective player we have at the moment. Klaus I don't think we should play. The only player that comes to mind is Karelis. But Mitroglou is our best, meaning as in strikers for Greece.
  17. Diamantakos scored his 2nd goal. I think this player will do well for the Ethniki. I agree with playing Mavrias also, but he is not playing regularly for the 1st team in Sunderland. Vellios for sure needs to be given a shot.
  18. Vellios is big he is very good with his head. He is a bit more faster than Mitroglou and has more expirience in a top league such as the Premier League. he is in good form and in my opinion is better that Giannou in a technical aspect. Klaus and MItroglou are our better players and are both 27, but Klaus is in bad form and MItroglou is in good form. So, players like Diamantakos and Bakasetas have time, Karelis is another option but now Mitroglou should be starting and our main striker should be him. Vellios should play when MItroglou is not scoring for the NT. Also Vellios has more potential i
  19. Our defence is good to play a more attack minded style only for the inclusion of Pelkas and Mantalos. Fetfatzidis and Ninis are good enough to replace. Kone should be playing centrally all the time. He is more effective there. Fortounis must play also. Tsilianidis is an up and coming winger we could use just got work on s few things. Pelkas should be our winger and Holebas. Mitroglou should start, Vellios should be the back up. This is how our attack should be.
  20. In the Greece vs Turkey match I saw Fortounis flat up top with Mitroglou, but I also saw him deeper like a second striker. All in all I believe it was 3-6-1.
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