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5-0 B)

one of the best result in recent years for Cypriot teams in Europe, biggest win for sure

it will be though to enter the group stage but if Achnas manages that ... :nw:

they have already played 8 European games so no matter what happens next this will be a great and historic season for Achnas

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Congratulations Achnas ! You were by far the better team yesterday. Roeselare showed a poor performance, because of the heat, the stress, ... Who knows ? By scoring very rapidly each half, you really choked our guys. :(

I hope you will get a "big" name in the next round, you deserve it.


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Roeselare got in Uefa thanks to fairplay, not because of their performances, it's not such a big surprise they do not make it into the next round ;)

it's one of the weaker teams in the Jupiler League

Lens is something completely different, I don't see ethnikos making a good result here

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Who does Lens have?

I mean I know French clubs are a bit tricky.

Any info?

At the moment Lens is facing a huge crisis, they lost against Lille - their rival - 4-0 and the results are not as good as expected.
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Yeah well.

Lens have a good goalie Itanje, a former u-21 international. Rumors say that Arsenal are interested in him.

They have signed Vignal, the former (crap) defender from Liverpool and Portsmouth. Hilton is a quite good Brasilian defender.

In midfield, they have a former French international Eric Carriere but he is not as good as he use to be.

They are supposed to have a good striking force with Cousin, Jussie (a Brazilian) and Dindane who was at the World Cup. Their big star Thomert seems to be in trouble with the coach and is not playing anymore.

Their supporters are said to be the best supporters in France in terms of fidelity. The attendance is very high even in low profile games.

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