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  1. Gekas scored twice today vs. Borussia Dortmund (2-0 win for Bochum) that's 12 goals this season already :tup: he'll be their hero if they stay up in the end ...and 2002 champions Dortmund are in real danger, only 1 point from relegation zone, what a shame... :(
  2. 5-0 B) one of the best result in recent years for Cypriot teams in Europe, biggest win for sure it will be though to enter the group stage but if Achnas manages that ... :nw: they have already played 8 European games so no matter what happens next this will be a great and historic season for Achnas
  3. this is a very competitive, wide-open group (at least on paper) - this should be good and motivating for Olympiakos at the moment Shakhtar are with CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Kiev one of the best teams from former USSR - many well-known players and experienced coach M. Lucescu - they struggled a bit when they played PAOK last year (1-0 at home) but still they are very dangerous (especially in away games) Valencia are on the rise again, at Mestalla they seem unbeatable but don't look too good in away games (completly outplayed in Salzburg 2 weeks ago) Roma are extremely dependant on Totti - i
  4. it's now or never for AEK :box: Anderlecht are beatable, don't look so strong as before but still should be taken very seriously a lot of Milan players are 40-something but they still play great football so I don't expect (m)any points here I think games vs. Lille will be crucial for the second place - they have many good players like Keita, Odemwingie, Tony Silva and Tavlaridis and a great coach - Claude Puel they are a pretty defensive side, in European games even ultra-defensive, very organized and quick on counter-attacks so with some good team work, a bit of creativity (especi
  5. this is the draw Group C Greece Turkey Norway Bosnia-Herzegovina Hungary Moldova Malta
  6. GROUP C: Matchday 1: 20/10/05 Shakhtar - PAOK Matchday 2: 03/11/05 PAOK bye Matchday 3: 24/11/05 PAOK - Stuttgart Matchday 4: 01/12/05 Rapid Bucharest - PAOK Matchday 5: 14/12/05 PAOK - Rennes
  7. down to 9 players and still advancing :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  8. FULL TIME Anorthosis - Palermo 0:4 It was Anorthosis' 8th European game this season and their 5th loss. They've could done better, especially today, but still I think they had a good European run - wins over Dinamo Minsk & Trabzonspor, narrow home/away losses to Rangers and a great game in Italy. Today it looks like they just ran out of steam against a top opponent.
  9. Makinwa makes it 4-0 (69') :tdown:
  10. there is still time for a consolation goal
  11. they are falling apart... now it's already 3-0 (Santana 54') there was still some hope at the HT but only 10 minutes into second half and it's game over
  12. it's 2-0 for Palermo (Makinwa 47') anorthosis now needs 4 goals - about 40 minutes left
  13. Metalug line-up: Virt, Gjuzelov, Florea, Checher, Aliuta, Zakarliuka, Zotov, Ristic, Tkachenko, Shyschenko, Kosyrin
  14. starting line-ups: Anorthosis Famagusta.......Palermo Georgallides.......................Santoni Louka.................................Terlizzi Katsavakis..........................Zaccardo Poursaitidis.........................Grosso Xenidis................................Bava Maragos..............................Barone Haber..................................Corini Tsitaishvilli...........................Santana Haxhi...................................Gonzalez Nikolaou..............................Makinwa Frousos...............................Caracci
  15. 20 minutes gone Palermo is leading by 1-0 (Caracciolo 5')
  16. Real has just lost at Espanyol 1-0. They played with these players: Casillas, Salgado, Sergio Ramos, Helguera, Roberto Carlos, Pablo Garca (Guti 57’), Beckham, Baptista; Raul, Robinho & Ronaldo. It looks like they are falling apart - Sergio Ramos & Baptista were sent off in the last moments. Luxemburgo could be sacked very soon, maybe even before Olympiakos match. Three losses in a row, I don't think Perez will give him another chance.
  17. FULL TIME Zenit - A.E.K. 0:0 This is much better than last year, there should be no problems in Athens.
  18. Rosenborg is always dangerous but this year they aren't really impressive - in Norway's 2005 season they are only 9th & eight games before the end they trail leaders IK Start by 17 pts. Also they defeated Protasov's Steaua by only 1 goal (4-3 on agg.) to advance in the group stage. Solied surely knows Rosenborg very well & he could easily find a way of getting six-points against them. If you get those 6 pts then it will be 50:50 with Lyon for the second place - they have Carew but have lost Essien & the coach Le Guen - they eliminated Oly in 2000/01 when you only needed a point
  19. this is the strongest group since that of Juve-Deportivo-HSV few seasons ago (we were second & advanced to next stage that time!) It looks like it will be tight - everyone will win some points - maybe 8 or 9 points will be enough for 2nd place - for this we should beat Werder & Udinese at home, get a point in Germany or/and Italy and hope for something from Barcelona game in Athens. To advance Panathinaikos will have to give their best constantly (a possible win over Barcelona will mean s**t if we blow it against the other two) & of course, above all, we'll need also some luck
  20. LIVE DRAW Panathinaikos will be in Group 3 with ... FC Barcelona ........... Werder Bermen ........... Udinese this is the worst possible outcome :tdown:
  21. Tudor is still availableaccording to Croatian media Villarreal, Bolton & Pao want him they say that the Bolton deal is not likely to happen, because the other two wish to buy him & the English would only take him on a 1yr loan Pao and Villarreal both play in CL, Villarreal is playing in a more glamourus league but there are already some Croatian players at Panathinaikos and Malesani probably knows him well (as the Parma / Verona / Modena coach he played many times against Tudor's Juventus) Panathinaikos & Villarreal have both same chances as he's now 99% sure of leaving Turin T
  22. Kazakhstan has just lost at home to Georgia 1:2 - they were leading 1-0 at the half-time but the Demetradze scored twice for Georgia in the 2nd half. it's now 8 losses in 8 games for Kazakhstan (0 pts, GD 3:23) which puts them in the same league with San Marino & Luxembourg :1eye: There should really be no problems for Greece in Almaty 2-0 Greece :)
  23. Haruna Babangida - 23 year old Nigerian - right attacking midfielder/forward - signed by Barcelona in 1998 but has only played for Barcelona B (their second team) in lower leagues - was loaned to second div. Cadiz in 2003/04 - in 2004/05 played for Metalurg Donetsk, played 8 league games, scored 2 times Babangida is now on trial with Olympiakos - he is quick and has also some skill, so he could be a good back-up player - probably will be signed.
  24. FULL TIME: Dinamo Bucarest - OMONIA 3:1 (C.M. Munteanu pen 15', I. Zicu 25', 44' - Onazis 4') It could have been worse - Georgiou was sent off early in the 2nd half so Omonia had to play more than 30 mins with 10 men. They've got the away goal so there are still some chances in the second leg.
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