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SL1-R2: PAOK - Atromitos (18-Sep-20, 19:00 EEST)

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PAOK.jpg.5935a69cf7c60e33da3508d4809060f3.jpg   VS    Atromitos.png.c41543201f9a4840fca1eea5b238e8da.png

MATCHUP:                P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - Atromitos Athens
COMPETITION:        Superleague 1 – Round 2
DATE:                        18-September-2020
TIME:                        19:00 EEST  (16:00 GMT, 11:00 CDT, 04:00 AEST next day)
CITY / STADIUM:     Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)
REFEREES:                   Dimitrios Karantonis (Imathia) - Ioannis Karagiozopoulos (Imathia), Georgios Hatzinakos (Drama)
TELEVISION:            Novasports (Greece, Cyprus), PAOK TV (worldwide except Greece, Cyprus), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia)

PAOK – Atromitos History


2019-2020:  5:1 (Ingason 2, Vieirinha, Misic, Swiderski-p) - Attendance: 17,809
2018-2019:  3:0 (Oliveira, Biseswar-p, Swiderski) - Attendance: 19,941
2017-2018:  2:0 (Vieirinha -p, Campos) - Attendance: no fans
2016-2017:  3:4 (Rodrigues, Koulouris, Mystakidis) - Attendance:  5,581
2015-2016:  1:1 (Mak) - Attendance:  7,905

2014-2015:  0:1 - Attendance:  4,618 (PLAYOFFS)
2014-2015:  2:1 (Kace, Rat) - Attendance:  11,494
2013-2014:  3:0 (Natcho-p, Stoch, Vukic) - Attendance: no fans (PLAYOFFS)
2013-2014:  2:0 (Salpiggidis, Natcho) - Attendance:  11,355
2012-2013:  1:2 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance:  9,538 (PLAYOFFS)
2012-2013:  0:0  - Attendance:  9,684
2011-2012:  3:1 (Lino, Vieirinha, Athanasiadis)  - Attendance:  9,880
2011-2012:  0:1 - Attendance:  9,440 (PLAYOFFS)
2010-2011:  0:1 - Attendance:  13,157
2009-2010:  1:0 (Papazoglou) - Attendance:  17,119
2007-2008:  1:0 (Georgiadis-p) - Attendance: 7,721 
2006-2007:  0:3 - Attendance: 7,823

ALPHA ETHNIKI (Professional)

2005-2006:  2:2 (Mieciel, Salpiggidis) - Attendance: no fans 
Between 1981 - 2005 Atromitos was playing in lower divisions before merging with Chalkydona.
1980-1981:  2:0 (Kermanidis 2) - Attendance: 7,997  (Harilaou Stadium)

ALPHA ETHNIKI (Amateur/Semi-Professional)

1976-1977:  2:1 (Iosifidis, Apostolidis) - Attendance: ?
1975-1976:  1:2 (Koudas) - Attendance: 17,000
1974-1975:  5:1 (Apostolidis, Kermanidis, Sarafis, Terzanidis, Lazos) - Attendance: ?
1972-1973:  2:1 (Sarafis 2) - Attendance: 15,000
1960-1961:  2:0 (Leandros, Vasiliadis) - Attendance: ?

GAMES:  24    WINS:  14    TIES:  3    LOSSES:  7

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Here are the players that were selected:

Πασχαλάκης, Ζίβκοβιτς, Μιχάι, Βαρέλα, Ίνγκασον, Κρέσπο, Μιχαηλίδης, Γιαννούλης, Περέιρα, Εσίτι, Νινούα, Σβαμπ, Ελ Καντουρί, Μπίσεσβαρ, Πέλκας, Α.Ζίβκοβιτς, Βρακάς, Σφιντέρσκι, Τζόλης, Κούτσιας

Wouldn't be surprised if we see Koutsias come on in garbage time. I'd like to see what he looks like in a real game. Surprised Vrakas is in the squad; would have thought he'd be cut by now.

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Besides PAOK TV, anybody in the USA, Canada and Australia can watch the game on Sport Plus channel as well. 

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A couple of changes for tonight's game. 


Bench: Pasxa, Ingason, El Kaddouri, Perreira, Vrakas, Crespo, Koutsias, Pelkas, Ninua

Interested to see how Andrija Zivkovic making his first start. I also like that Abel is giving Ingason, El Kaddouri and Pelkas a bit of a rest we have a big few weeks coming up 4 games in 14 or so days. I'd expect if we are a couple of goals up Perreira will be given some mins in order to give Giannoulis a bit of a rest, but let's see how the game plays out. 

Edited by paokarag4
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Lot of weird mistakes by Esiti to start, some improvement over the last few minutes. Actually took a shot!

He seems to be getting banged up now though

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He hasn't been afraid to shoot and take on a few players that's for sure! I think he might be struggling with a concussion tbh let's see if he can play through it. I've been impressed with Schwab's passing ability he really can pick a pass

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I think you're right...but don't they have concussion protocols? He should be tested instead of being asked to "play through it." Very dangerous!

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He's looking lively, but unfortunately the triplet Tzolis-Zivkovic-Swiderski haven't been playing well together. True, it's the first time they do so, but we need to get more dangerous up front. Games after European wins are always tricky and I hope we'll manage to score a goal.

MVP so far Mihaj for me. Much better than Ingason. Defends great and passes nicely, too.

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1 minute ago, pash said:

Haha commentator very excited about comparing whether or not Koutsias is our youngest-ever player

I like the commentators of Metropolis style. It is just like they who talk now are codering a funeral. 

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