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SL1-R1-PAOK - Larisa (11-Sep-20, 20:30 EET)

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PAOK.jpg.7de7d2bb75e005d04e45c1019fd2758a.jpgVS Larisa.jpg.a0e7163338b5b8960811174cc2f93ba2.jpg

MATCHUP:            P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - AE Larisa
COMPETITION:     Superleague – Round 1
DATE:                     11-September-2020
TIME:                     20:30 EET  (17:30 GMT, 12:30 CDT, 03:30 AEST next day)
CITY/STADIUM:   Thessaloniki – Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703)
REFEREES:              Petros Tsagarakis (Chania) - Pantelis Spyropoulos (An. Attiki), Antonios Siniorakis (Chania)
TELEVISION:        Novasports 1 (Greece, Cyprus, PAOK TV (worldwide except Greece, Cyprus)

PAOK –Larisa history:


2019-2020:  1:0 (Swiderski) - Attendance: 17,398
2018-2019:  2:1 (Prijovic-p, Akpom) - Attendance: 15,219
2017-2018:  3:0 (Shakhov, Varela, Prijovic) - Attendance: 13,956
2016-2017:  2:0 (Canas, Kitsiou) - Attendance: 12,847
2011-2016:  Larisa played in lower divisions
2010-2011:  1:0 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 9,556
2009-2010:  1:0 (Ivic-p) - Attendance: 16,539
2008-2009:  1:0 (Anastasakos) - Attendance: 27,803   (Playoffs)
2008-2009:  1:0 (Bakayoko) - Attendance: 15,728
2007-2008:  1:0 (Christodoulopoulos) - Attendance: 9,726
2006-2007:  1:3 (own goal) - Attendance: 4,097
2005-2006:  2:2 (Salpiggidis-p, Maladenis) - Attendance: 8,841

Alpha Ethniki (Professional)

1996-2005:  Larisa played in lower divisions
1995-1996:  2:3 (Toursounidis, Kapetanopoulos) - Attendance: 424
1994-1995:  5:0 (Zafiriou, Zagorakis, Zouboulis, Karasavvidis, own goal) - Attendance: 4,435
1993-1994:  2:0 (Dermitzakis, Gioukoudis) - Attendance: 1,274
1992-1993:  1:1 (Lagonidis-p) - Attendance: 2,537
1991-1992:  2:1 (Djurdjevic, Leontiadis) - Attendance: 4,955
1990-1991:  2:1 (Skartados 2) - Attendance: 16,862
1989-1990:  3:0 (Skartados, Small, own goal) - Attendance: 15,878
1988-1989:  2:1 (Skartados, own goal) - Attendance: 27,709
1987-1988:  0:0 - Attendance: 25,659
1986-1987:  0:0 - Attendance: 11,750
1985-1986:  1:1 (Karasavvidis) - Attendance: 11,798
1984-1985:  4:1 (Kostikos 2, Paprica, Alexandridis) - Attendance: 25,372
1983-1984:  2:2 (Psarras, Apostolou) - Attendance: 8,050
1982-1983:  3:2 (Koudas, Alavantas, own goal) - Attendance: 6,353
1981-1982:  3:0 (Kostikos 3) - Attendance: 6,143
1980-1981:  5:1 (Kostikos 2, Siggas, Koudas, Kermanidis) - Attendance: 12,230
1979-1980:  4:0 (Sarafis 2, Guerino, Kermanidis) - Attendance: 7,385

Alpha Ethniki (Amateur/Semi-Professional)

1978-1979:  4:0 (Orfanos 3, Sarafis) - Attendance: ?
1975-1978:  Larisa played in lower divisions
1974-1975:  4:0 (Guerino 2, Anastasiadis, own goal) - Attendance: ?
1973-1974:  3:1 (Apostolidis, Kermanidis, Aslanidis) - Attendance: ?
1964-1973:  Larisa played in lower divisions

GAMES:  31    WINS:  23    TIES:  6    LOSSES:  2

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I really am looking forward to this match. 

Really want to start the season with 3 points, Really want to smack Kougias team and get in a good performance before the all important Benfica match

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  • Blackhawk changed the title to SL1-R1-PAOK - Larisa (11-Sep-20, 20:30 EET)

Petros Tsaggarakis is the ref for this game. Yet another son of an ex-referee to pursue daddy's career. Must be a great cash cow position.

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The game will be televised on Novasport in Greece and Cyprus, and on PAOK TV everywhere else. The price for the game on PAOK TV is 4.99 Euro. You can order the season package for 79.90 Euro.

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The 20-men squad was announced by Ferreira for the game:

Paschalakis, Zivkovic Z., Mihaj, Varela, Ingason, Crespo, Michailidis, Giannoulis, Esiti, Ninua, Schwab, El Kaddouri, Biseswar, Pelkas, Zivkovic A., Jaba, Swiderski, Akpom, Tzolis, Koutsias

Missing are Matos, Lyratzis and Limnios, which basically means that we have no players on the right side except for Jaba. With this in mind, I believe Matos has played his last game for PAOK. 

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I wonder if we'll see Crespo take that position? Terrible full-back but will be defensively solid.

Then again, perhaps AEL is not considered enough of a threat, and Jaba will get the start? To be honest he probably could use the minutes if the coach plans to use him vs Benfica.

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Not sure if this will be the case for the rest of the PAOK home games, but Sport Plus channel available in US, Canada and Australia on various satellite platforms will be showing this game according to their schedule.

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Lots of attacking on our part. I'm guessing Ferreira stuck with this formation so that the team could continue to practice in anticipation of Benfica, but I wouldn't be surprised if we throw on another striker soon and revert to a 4-4-2. AEL doesn't seem to be very interested in attacking.

Michailidis playing the enforcer role pretty solidly; Giannoulis must feel properly avenged at least.

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Good first half. Biseswar playing very good at that right side. Some clever assists. At the end we got sloppy. Michailidis with some stupid fouls. The last one just a few centimeters out of the "16'. 

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7 minutes ago, pash said:

Hold up are we still doing 5 subs? We got players comin' off left and right over here

Yes. Not in the qualifiers though!

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So many faces! I can't keep track!

Oh well I think we look better than at the end of last season, at least. Akpom definitely has declined. The Pelkas-Tzolis combo is very nice!

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