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On 11/26/2018 at 10:28 AM, AchillesHeel said:

I only hope that Alafouzos keeps his paws off the team and lets Donis keep the players already here....even without any signings in January the boys can finish top 5....if there are any reinforcements brought in I hope they are chosen carefully so as not to disturb the current balance and chemistry. 

That's the only thing that worries me..........his unpredictable personality and his very poor judgment.

On the other hand, if the team proceeds as it is now, they'll do well, but it'll take several years to be competitive for the title and perhaps in Europe. PAO has to grow and develop their own talents since they can't afford to buy ready talent.  I know money doesn't determine everything in how a club performs, but in this stage and age, it matters a lot. I don't know of any team with a tiny budget that made it big in recent history. Even Leicester had a $40 mil budget in 2015, and their title that year was a fluke.

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Great game at Aris. Down 1-0 early, due to an indisputably wrong decision by the ref.  PAO would have lost this game last year (and not only last year). Final 1-1.

Wow. Really impressive. Aris is a quality team. We've lost only 1 game to the leader of the league PAOK at their home turf. IF they continue like this, PAO would easily finish in the top 5 and get rid the UEFA penalty this season. Amazing.  I didn't really know what to expect last summer but if you told me we'd be struggling to avoid relegation after the -6 penalty, I'd have said possibly...


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Yeah, good show. Too bad this team isn't in 4th place.... they've won enough points if it weren't for the penalties... ?

Insua said today that he wants to stay.

The problem with this team is that there's no depth, and there's so much you can do with using talent from the academies. You need established, mature, and proven players to compete higher. The bigger contracts though haven't contributed. Only Kourbelis justifies his 500k (?). Anyway, they'll get rid of many of those contract at the end of the season. But, look, even though money isn't everything, it's still a big factor.  Someone else needs to take over from Alafouzos; he'll keep the budget low next season too.   It's sad that we're trying to be in the top 5 to earn a euro spot....  Unless there's a change in ownership next year will be more of the same... no way to compete for the title ?



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