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Belgium vs Greece (25 March 2017- King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels)

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This is a very promising result. We can be disappointed given the likelihood we had to win before Tachtsidis was sent off, but if you were to tell me we would be 1-1 against Belgium this morning, I wo

some of the belguims should join there Olympic diving team

The ref just took 1st place away from us. Piece of s%$#!. The boys played there asses of and played rock solid defense and very organized in the back.. we deserved a lot better.

On 3/27/2017 at 11:23 AM, georgelaz said:

weakest link was probably fortounis he was pretty invisible and isn't having the best season compared to last year.

Which means he better leave Greece and find a new club somewhere competitive to revive his career.

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On 26/3/2017 at 8:37 PM, pash said:

Seems weird that you'd start - or even play - Oikonomou there when Stafylidis is a left back and would be the logical choice there. If Skibbe called up - and played - any wingers at all, that's where he would have been in this match.

Like, who to start at the midfield besides Maniatis, with all these guys being suspended ? If Zeca starts it's going to be a marvellous disaster,not only because he doesn't fit in nt's system and he's a poor footballer at all, but also against Belgium in 10 minutes of action he made a lot of mistakes and eventually the Belgians equalized after he lost the ball in the midfield. I'd love to see Siopis but he lacks size. Tziolis is tremendously slow too. Doubt Retsos is going to be given the chance, because he seemed quite familiar with this position when he was utilized there by Bento in Olympiacos. 


I know deeply inside me it's gonna be Zeca though. 

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will most likely be zeca. he's not as bad as you say he's basically what Maniatis was in like 2012

who do we have available?

seems like our midfield would be = fortounis, zeca, mantalos, kpaps, gianniota

out = samaris, tzavellas, tachtsi?

we don't actually have a lot to worry about missing players because while our midfield isn't that good, all our replacements are equally as good. eg) for tzavella we just put in staf as LB and then gianniota can assume stafs wing duty.

only midfielder I'd be annoyd not to start is fortouni and fetfa (who never starts)

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