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Panthrakikos-PAO 20/12/2015 19:30 GST RD 15

Jimmy Prasinos

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Terrible game played by pao, we deserved to lose. Very toothless offense and panthrakikos were dangerous on the counter attack.

Petric and abeid should have been subbed in much earlier, the coach screwed up here. Koutroubis did not deserve a red card. The second yellow in particular was laughable. The refs in this league are a joke.

Still, we probably would have lost the match.

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ninis doesn't score goals,doesnt give assists ,and physically cannot work hard ,run,tackle ,fight and lacks speed.

footballer called ninis doesn't exist,he is a lost cause.

look at his stats and tell me I am wrong.

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First, with this kind of play, we don't deserve anything better. No matter who was in the lineup for a team like PAO should be able to dispatch Panthra who hadn't won a home game this season and has the worst offense (bad defense too).


As for Ninis, he's not a leader. I remember back when he was called the Greek Mesi! ;)  Anyway, I think Ninis does better when there are a couple other leaders on a team. And, if I remember correctly, he does better on a ..better team not a  bad team or when the team isn't performing well.  By himself, he doesn't make the difference.


As far as this result goes, nothing is lost now. All was lost last summer, and if there was something left that was lost before the non-derby.  Now it's the playoffs and the cup.

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Ninis tore Roma because he wasn't expected to! When he's expected to do something he falters. He's not a leader. He could very well be a good asset for PAO if the team begins to play better and has a couple other leaders.


Not all players have to be leaders or have the ability to turn a game, but in the right scheme Ninis can be helpful for a team like PAO.

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@ reaper, I don't recall, but weren't Gilberto Silva and Sebastian Leto playing that game?





72'  Gilberto Silva (in) - Ninis (out) (Panathinaikos)

87'  Leto (in) - Salpingidis (out) (Panathinaikos)

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