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Olympiakos - AEK


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Siga re O21 with Dellas leave. He brought on Buonanotte for Simoes in order to go out for the equalizer, who would you have taken off? 


We needed Johansson as the anchor


Platellas and Barbosa were playing well and winning us fouls. 


Terrible statement to make.


the score flatters them, we played just as good as them maybe better in the first half, we were unlucky to be behind, should have been called a foul, from there on who knows how the game would have played out.


Our main problem is still we dont have an good striker....

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You take off Barbosa for Buononotte because Barbosa was on a yellow, you do not take out your best player in Simoes who was playing fantastic and keeping the team together. You saw what happened when he came off. Dellas shat the bed in yet another big game, he shat himself against PAOK, today, and against Olympiakos at home last year. He got lucky against Veria and Atromitos that he was bailed out. How many more chances?

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Im not even going to talk about the technical aspects of this game as it would take away from the fact that our team got SLAUGHTERED by the ref for 75 minutes.


When you have 5 tet a tet opportunities whistled offside, A penalty not called, Every foul going in the opposite direction, a goal off of multiple fouls, our players getting hacked like no tomorrow........then you can bring Ronaldo and Messi and it wouldnt make a difference.....until Greek soccer is saved from this cancer called olympiako and from the corrupt system that supports them, NOTHING will change. After the first fake goal the team opened up, he took out simoes and the risk didn't pay off. Bottom line is you can't play under these conditions. 



This whole week they've been flexing their muscles showing us how much shady s%$#! they can get away with and today they did it. They continued their work from last year. 

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AEK have been playing above their level....


They have been lucky to sneak points out in the 90 against Atromito and Veria



Gavro was by far a better and more clinical team...  your team is young and you will go through a roller coaster of a season....  it just takes patience.. and build off whatever foundation you made this year


The goal this year should be making playoffs and doing as best as you can


In 2 years you should be able to contest for the title


This year the gavro will run away with it by Christmas....   PAO CAN beat the gavro but they aren't consitent enough and will drop points to lower teams...  they will def drop points against PAOK and AEK

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