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Win or lose it doesn't take away from the fact that we went into the season without an experienced CB and no proper CF. This team isn't fit enough to have atromito/pas like games all season and if our gaping holes in the front and back aren't taken care of by January, we will be severely drained in the second half of the season. 

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All I have heard is people taking digs at meli and I want to ask "where would AEK be if Meli didn't take over" think about that for a second.


Yes he may need to spend money but when we are winning game NO ONE says Meli needs to spend then, its when we lose everyone starts that sh*t. He isn't the type to come out and spend like crazy.


I agree.


Don't bite the hand that feeds (you) ... and indeed, he isn't the type to come out and spend like crazy. It is exactly that mentality that got him where he is in life. No rash decisions.


We just came back from a two year absence in the Super League, and ever since he took over, he took AEK in the right direction (up), ... of course these kind of results hurt, but give it time.

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Btw I'd like to personally give out a big F U to our friends posting over at AEK365, that site literally picks which posts show up on their comments section and 90% of them are anti-della guillotine posts. 



Della is young and he's making a lot of dumb mistakes as of late but the guy has it in him to bring the squad together and play. Had we not been butchered up until the 75th minute our team was set up well and I actually liked the ball we were playing. Give the guy time and let him grow with us. It isn't his fault tha the has 3 dekaria and no CF, limitations on the wings, and no experienced CB, he's just working with what he has. 

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