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Kostas Mitroglou ‒ (now playing for Aris)


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Kostas Mitroglou came on around the 38th minute for Salvio in Benfica's home Primeira Liga match against Boavista whom after 25 minutes were up 0-3 against the league leaders. Four minutes after coming on, Mitroglou began the comeback with a goal around the 42nd minute mark. The match finished 3-3.

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23 hours ago, georgelaz said:

dortmund isn't that much better than benfica...

Actually they are a lot better. They had no trouble calving them open, on another day they win comfortably. Benfica, who other than the weight of their shirt, are a very average team.

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21 hours ago, Tzatziki said:

I can see him getting some interesting transfer offers this summer, bravo re Kosta! He has come a long way in his career feels great to see him doing well in the big show.

The guy is lazy but he lives in the box and has good awareness. He would thrive on a team that statistically do well in sending the ball in the box.

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dortmund couldn't beat paok in europa league and they're 15+ points behind bayern. I stand by statement.

they're a flashy team because they have the pace of reus and aubamayang, which will be useful against the true heavy weights though.


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Dortmund will be good for a long time, because they are great at identifying and developing talent. Because they are not Bayern/Real/Barcelona and the like, they have two paths to success, sign good players at the height of their ability, or bring in unpolished, top grade talent in different stages of their development and grow them into elite footballers. They have more often than not chosen the latter and Sokratis is an example of this. They are very deep in talent, but probably not as much in experience. This is probably their biggest flaw and sometimes costs them points in the table. No matter, they are a dominant team with some world class players.

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