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You are missing the point Gringos. Ofc Aek became better than last year, no doubt. But in my opinion PAOK, PAO became far stronger, and kept the players tey really were interested in and should have

Very very disappointed with AEK, we missed a great chance to sign a good player that can make the difference. If that is true we were 10K short off we are stupid. Apparently his wages will be 500K whi

Yup, they ripped Jeep off for 2 million euros for that one season I read. Unbelievable amount of income brought in. And they charged 200 euros for season tickets last year in the middle of a crisis. S

Ukra is a midtable player at best and not a youth prospect either, I do not understand why AEK are doing this??

Coz the fans are demanding transfers (obviously coz half the team isnt even worthy of superleague greece).

And the dioikhsh were sitting on the table like:

-Since we re throwing Makis away we gotta sign someone for offence and quick OMG! 

-Guys give me a letter!


-Hmmm, took me some seconds and I think I found what we need. His name is Ukra.

-Sign him up!


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Very obvious now Repear....Meli is not investing big money with Olympiakos controlled EPO!!! THE SINKING HASN'T STARTED YET for Greek soccer, I will enjoy every moment!

No he's not investing money because he's cheap. He's always been cheap and always will be. He never spent a dime on AEK even in the 90s.

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I heard this rumour also but nothing has been confirmed, why get him for just keep Maki instead.


This window has been very quiet for all leagues around the world.


Still 11 days to go so I wont say much, ill just hold hope that we bring a few in.


There is also talk of Sa coming on loan, he was also left on the bench on the weekend, lets see what happens with him.


What I don't get is you have a coach in Poyet who has lived in England and has the ability to attract players and it seems we aren't giving him the support he needs.

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Seems like they are going for Sa which I am all for as it gives us another striker who can score goals. Lets hope they get him.


Hope they don't get Ukra, s%$#! record for me.


Guessing they are going for a winger too but take your pick with all the names dropped.


They also said after the PAOK match they'll be going for a CB.


Do you think they know the window closes in 10 days time lol?

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Orlando sa is the best option out of the players we are linked with, if we get him for that price that is a bargain, really he is worth around 2 million. And for those who have criticised Ukra, he is actually good player, aek fans thought he was a striker and looked at his record and criticised him, he is a winger, still his record is not the best but he is a winger that also plays right midfield a lot of the time, a bit of an old fashioned winger. He was capped by portugal this season so he cant be crap.

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Its an offer that limits the upfront cash by dangling the 40%. A lower risk move if the player doesn't work out but provides upside to Reading if he does. It carries the risk that someone jumps in and makes a higher all cash offer. English papers making it sound like Sa is just about done. Haven't seen anything on Vadillo. Has he fallen out of favor? This past summer he was linked to Tottenham who balked at his 17mm pound buyout clause to Betis. Would seem to be out of the team's price range.

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I mean yeah we are poor, we have spent no money at all this year. The 40% deal makes sense for us, he's 27 years old, even if he lights it up what foreign team is gonna pay big money for a fully developed striker from the Greek Super League. He's a pretty good player for us.

Vadillo has completely fallen out of favor, we are trying to get him for free or on a loan. I don't think Tottenham made an offer for him this past summer, this kid has had two torn ACLs in the last 4 seasons.

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Its always risky buying players in January, so Im not that bummed. I'd rather wait until the summer to get a solid striker than buy some average joe now.


TBH I think Sa would have been a risk, he is known for being confrontational, he already had a bust up at Reading.

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