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What about back ups for Johanssen and Simoes? Cordero Anakoglou?

And for the two center backs? Who are they? Lampropoulos?

Barbosa not in the plans I see because of the many wingers and dekaris you have and want to still sign?

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Our handling of the CF position this year has been a joke. In what world was djebbour the "leader" that would guide our offence? Also Luca is important as well as strengthening the left side and rotating Soiledi and Didac, because yes Soiledi has been amazing these past 3 games but when we play the gauro we'll have a tough task against Pardo so itll be important to have Didac warmed up just in case. Also the vazelos right side on defense is trash so itll be important to take advantage of their weekness. Will be very interesting to see how that all unfolds. Truth of the matter is our rivals, especially the gauroi are upgraded since last season so we need to plug in the holes with quality.

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There was an article about D Papadopoulos... I hope not


The only positive thing is he would be very very cheap and always seems to score his goals.

The rest of the names ive seen being linked are very expensive and are going to be way over the highest salary of Buonanotte.

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Getting close to the end here, Fereira looks really good but seems to only be a loan option. If he can get us into Europe or a run at CL im fine with that.

Need a CF no matter what though as Chrisantus doesnt seem to be impressing. Kind of annoyed that we havent gotten amother CB though....if something happens to Kolovetsio were stuck with Lampropouli, and Artho has disappeared again

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