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I haven't read any numbers for our new signings yet, the only thing reported is that we haven't given anyone over 350,000 euros except Buonannotte who will get 500,000 if he signs.

Petravakis signing for Aris most likely, it's a shame as I really believed in him but I guess having 3 left backs seemed excessive to management. I wish him the best in his career and thank him for his service.

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And it begins. I wouldnt mind but he hasn't even looked fit or sharp when playing.


We need a striker indefinitely, Aravidis and Chrisantus wont cut it on their own with this looney missing half the time.

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Berbatov would turn all the defenders in Greece inside out, he may not possess the legs but is a very skillfull player. I'D welcome him with players like Mandalos, Buonanotte and Vargas supplying him with balls he is the perfect finisher we need.

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I see him signing a new contract only to get a higher transfer budget and then leaving. Its what Papastathopoulos did which got us something like 3.5/8 mil.

Id love to see him stay and be a one club man and future captain but lets be honest, who wants to play in the SUPER Greek League their whole career.....

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