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we play in kazan tomorrow...the game is earlier bc it is in russia and apparently its freezing there..

i have a feeling we will get a good result...i had a feeling when the competition started that our away record would be better than our home...lets hope my feeling is right...a win tomorrow could really lift us up especially after beating olympiakos...

apparently nioplia is thinking about playing a 5-4-1 with three stoppers...

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boring game so far...we cant pass the ball in the midfield...we cant get forward well...the second half should be a bit more exciting, hopefully or subs make the difference again and we wake up...

rubin are also a very well organized squad...

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Nioplias needs to get lost. This was utterly pathetic....

Karagkounis CANNOT play this game, and cannot play 80 minutes. Lazaros was a STAR against OSFP....And we let him play 10 mins? Govou on the bench?

This was a MUST WIN GAME to stay in the Champions League, and Nioplias played it like a total pansy. He really is a horrible coach. If you think theres any point in waiting till the last 20 mins of a must win game to go for it you truly are an idiot ---- unless your playing a powerhouse team that can seriously punish you.

Kazan was so beatable. They were not very special, they played conservative without Karadeniz in the lineup.....The crowd was MILD, the pitch was good......we had every reason in the world to try and put some men forward------ at LEAST put our BEST midfielders on.

Gilberto, Karagkounis have had it. Lazaros and Govou on the bench..just a total joke. Such a strong team this year, and we are playing for last place in an easy group.

We nearly hit -7 against OSFP...Were heading for 4th in the CL (sorry Barcelona is a loss and FCK away if we couldn't do Kazan, don't expect FCK who will be much colder, much tougher atmosphere, organized team on the brink of their own qualification to be any easier, they will likely beat us.

Nioplias is just a huge, huge loser. We need a serious coach.

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i agree...im dissapointed...nioplias didnt look like he wanted to win this game...i dont have a problem with starting the game off like he did, but when we see we can control them in our defense, we need to re-organize, change tactics and chase the game from the beginning of the second half...not with 10 minutes to go....

with a better system i think we could have very well won the match..nioplias showed today that he has no balls....his lack of experience is so evident...

why you wait until the 80th min to put in our most in form midfielder in beyond me...why you stick with karagouni who can barely run is beyond me too...when boumsong gets injured why put in marinos instead of an attacking player and change our system so we have some consistancy in attack...

nioplias made simple mistakes today and it cost us 2 points...

its time to try and find anther option to gilberto in the midfield...he is losing it quick this year...he was class, but he is struggling to play with the quality that he used to...its time to shake up the midfield...

:tdown: dissapointing day

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I didn't think I'd say it within 1 year after Noblias was hired, but he isn't the coach to bring the team to the next level. He was a good choice for the time he was picked, but we can all see his tactics and use of players isn't good managing.

Pateras should have accepted his resignation. Unfortunately now it may take another disaster for Noblias to be replaced.... I hope it's against a CL team and not in the domestic league, because this team won't be able to climb out of a hole deeper than 4-5 points. We came close to disaster last Sunday....

PAO does NOT deserve to advance in the CL. This team can't win in Kopenhagen they way they're playing.

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We're poor. It's simple and the longer we delude ourselves the more damage will be done. To think that people are begging that Lazaro comes into the team, well that just shows how low our level has fallen. We need to sell Ninis and use the money to buy a couple of good attacking players, a dekari and a right winger. Then Patera and co. should search into their pockets to but some defenders. We should also give Plessis to Levadiako on a free transfer

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Did anyone watch Kopenhagen play Barcelona it was a fast and quick game and the environment was like Leoforo very hostile . If PAO plays like this we will be comming home with " REVITHIA" . The coaching change needs to be done now .

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