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  1. The dream is dying fast. I gave in and made my boy an OLYMPIAKOS fan just to stop the ongoing talk about fixes and what ifs. This way he will only see victories and the sadness will not appear as much. This idea of fans owning a club dont work look at any league around the world. Big companies will always win in this game.
  2. I can't believe this, great job boys. Way to go Mitroglou!!!
  3. Cisse and Leto were players chosen under a regime that had money . Ferreira recieved these two Lazaros&Sissoco only because PAO can only afford these guys at this moment. The team is in shambles and no coach unless they are from leagues beneath ours would come to a league that still fixes games but due to economic times no one will be tried in court for fixing games so the farse of a league will continue as is.
  4. Triffili you are so right ,what a shame ,but PAO management has always treated great players like that. They need to learn respect, but that means PAO management needs a metamorphosis. The latter will never happen as long as you have factions leading this proud club.
  5. Leto has never made the difference except in exhibition games and against bottom feeder teams. when it counts he disappears and is never around to even show any examples of excellence other than great whinning when he gets tackles from some good defenders. the proof is in the pudding look at his goals and you will see that the teams are very week. If he was even good you would have seen teams from other leagues poaching for him.
  6. Tzorvas is the new Eleftheropoulos. he is is finished and will end up in Greece with some is bottom feeder team. He is awful, he should find a new profession.
  7. Forget about Ninnis. Let the yiftaki earn the spot by performing in Parma and then bring him back to the Ethniki . I personaly think that he will be back in Greece within a year ,just like Spanoulis did in the Nba. He will be on the bench and then come back and float around the Greek Super league like many other hopefuls. Hopefully, he can prove me wrong. :gr:
  8. Thank you Asteras, I am proud of you Giant Killers considering this is your first Time at any European competion. Hopefully next week you can pull off an upset. :gr:
  9. Glad to see him go!!! He will not be missed. I had been impressed with him up to 2010 World Cup ,since that tournament he has been running like an idiot who does not know how to play his position. He looks like a child playing a mans sport. Did everyone see the EUROs this year there is amoment against the Poles where his hands are in the air and he is running around looking like a jack ass. He should have been voted on uefa's worst team selection, even Holebas looked better and he was chosen as one of the worst players. He will ride the bench just like that dumb ass TZORVAS-what s%$#! goalie
  10. Well done Ellada!! considering your limitations you all did a fine job. As for individual players : Ninis should be off the team till his fitness inproves. Sifakis needs to play on high caliber team either in Greece or outside of Greece in order for him to see high caliber shots. The goalie from Apoel should be the back up or given a chance to challenge for starting position. If Karagounis plays like he did at these EURO's then he still has 2 good years left in him. Samaras showed inprovement in the last two games. We need midfielders as the quality has weekend the last few years. The youngste
  11. I would play this line up: This is the team I'd play: -----------------------------------------Sifakis----------------------------------------- Torosidis-----------------Sokratis--------------K.Papadopoulos-----------Tzavellas ------------------Maniatis---------------Karagounis(Ninis only if Big K Fails)----------Katsouranis------------------------ Gekas/Fetfatzidis(25 min)---------------------------Salpingidis------------------------------Fortunis/Mitroglou(last 15 min)
  12. :ph34r: Wait till Ninnis goes to Parma . He will be destroyed every game till the point he will cry to come back to Greece. I love PAO and Greece but he is extremely failing when he hits the big show in every fashion. Please keep him on the bench. Start Salpi up front , Samaras should also stay on bench. Fortounis should start with Fetfat or Mitroglou coming in the last fifteen min of any game. Zito H Ellada :gr:
  13. The guys at TSN and all English brodcast always have us beaten before the game begins. Respect will never come from cold hearted people like those broadcasters at those networks. We get more respect from Turkish reporters than from anyone of those "Mangacakes" . It doesn't mater what sports Greece plays in ,it will always be negative. When it comes to politics ,they blame us , when it comes to Finances they blame us. We give them light to the world and they still find a way to turn it to someting else. Anyways I don't want to get into this any further, I hope the boys in blue can put their min
  14. Greek super league should have banned Volou before Uefa and sent another rep in Volou shoes . Any Greek team would have beaten the opponents that Volou played, But that is Greek style. Make a Muck over everything. :box:
  15. ASK for ERT HD, Maybe then your picture quality will look good like your other channels. Greek channels broadcasted in North america are the worst quality compared to other foreign channels. Just a Thought!!
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