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I know i have been gone for a while but i have not seen any talk about our new president yet in here.What do you guys think or see from him?I know a few basic things about him.He is the 1st person that purchased a suite in the new Karaiskaki stadium,he has tried in the past to get involved with our basketball team but Kokkalis preferred the Aggelopoulos brothers and he is also the only person that had any real interest this summer to actually do the move and fullfilll his childhood dream of being the captain of our club.He is a man a few words and also i like him already because he is willing to break his own "rules" of not spending crazy amount of money on a single transfer since the team has so many needs to fill out our roster and actually spend the 25mil euros to get Riera for us and with the talks now of 1-2 more players posible coming after that.It is still to early to judge him but i know our gate-7 guys already feel a lot warmer towards him now after the last move....time will tell but so far he is doing fine by me.

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I think he has done an amazing job! I agree with you Crazy, for 2 months since he has taken over he has rolled up his sleeves and made changes to where he thinks it was needed.

-From the people around him (i.e. the board, president (maintaning Kokkalis), vice presidents etc.) also hired Kovacevic with his knowledge and connections with different teams/countries etc.

-Obviously giving Linen the axe and the lightning change of bringing back Valverde.

-Got rid of (at least 1 year) the like of Matt & Diogo and replacing them with Pantelic, Nemeth & Fouster (forward?)

In a few words, he is keen on taking control of his team and making it a winner at any (almost) cost.

He is... words with action.

At least, that what he has shown so far. :tup:

Marinakis so far has really proven that he is not just a "president".He is a big Olympiakos fan and he shows that he has a vision and a plan also and he does not have the style of throw money for foreigners and forget about the greek youngsters.

I know not many will agree with me but Marinakis for a 2 month old president he has done extremelly well in all the fronts that he needed to deal with.

Vaggelli proxora.

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thats bc vardinogianni is on your payroll...

once again, no surprise to me

Vardinogiannis on whose payroll??Marinakis just took over Olympiakos 59 days ago..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :tup: :tup: :nw: :nw:
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I don't understand this. Why not have an independent as President?

Because they want 1 of the owners to be in charge but to be honest the president spot means really nothing.All of them mostly care about their own pocket and team...
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Normally i like to give people-teams-sports a lot of time before i can make a judgement about them and comment on what i like or dont like.Today i want to comment on 3 things about Olympiakos president that really have impressed me a lot.1)During the friendly game against Roma,a few fans that were behind the italian bench started making some trouble and they were trying to "intemedate" the opposing team and players.Marinakis instead of playing blind and let them get away with it,made some statements after the game,really pissed off,that he wont tolerate any kind of that behavior as long as he is the president and that he would "kick" people out that are trying to hurt our own club.From the get-go he warnes the "ultras" that he is not Kokkalis.He wants Karaiskaki full and open to our fans and that is why he will show them no mercy in case of any future bs.I like that.I want to see him actually keeping that promise but as a new guy in charge he seems to not give a damn about be friendly with some of our supporters who dont know how to behave.2)Today during the presentation of the last 4 players to join our club,Pantelic,Moises,Fuster and Nemeth,Moralis came to the room a few seconds before Marinakis and instead of being his normal lazy half sleep self,he was running left and right to find the mobile microphone so Marinakis could talk to the press.By Moralis movement i understand that Marinakis expect everybody to WORK hard for our club and again,he is a man you dont f..k with.He spends his money,he is a fanatic olympiakos supporter but he wants everything to be up to par.3) and for me the funniest of all was the few seconds that Marinakis spoke to the press.No goofy around and extra smiles.He shoke hands with all 4 players,then wished them all the best,had the photographers take some pictures with the players holding their jerseys and he in the middle not smiling and then said the best line:"ok people of press,lets be done with the pictures now.To make many statements is a waste of time.Now it is time for them(players)to work hard and prove what they can do on the pitch."Not any bla-bla and welcome superstarts and whatever else,straight to the point,we like you,we pay you, now start working and playing and repay us with your performance and our titles chase.

I dont know why but i feel Marinakis as one of us,normal-semi sick gavrous with some brain tho and class and i really feel that he has gone above my expectations so far in many levels in his first 2 months in the spot.I see many good things happening because of this man.He has make me a supporter of his and i like the way he leads the club.

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I did not know about point #1......I hope it continues if that is the case.

As far as not playing the players up to the media..... THANK THE LORD...... I'm tired of owners and players promising things so the fans can like them.

I actually like a lot of the things Marinakis has done......I just want to see a bigger Greek influence on the team.

I know Vallas and he was made guarantees from Kokallis that were never panned out. From the sounds of it, Marinakis makes no guarantees. He holds people accountable.

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He should be fined for his outburst against the referee. These actions need to stop. Now mane referees will be scared of making such calls in fear of what might happen. I have a feeling the even Kolina (sp) would be criticized in Greece.


I did not like the call, but whatever, it was made.

File a complaint in private and try to improve the refereeing.

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Maybe we should start using the 5 ref thing that UEFA is using for the CL games this year but also we need to create and allow the greek version of the Kolinas to take the head reaf jobs instead of the corrupt and manipulated system that exists today.We need to stop promoting the ones with friends and relatives in high places and use only the capable and corect people.The bad thing is that the big clubs are the ones that are complaining the most while the small are left in the wind....

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The only president that is actually spending money on his team... selling Greek talents for a lot of money and keeping Greek honor high in Europe.
This guy should get a statue. But no.. success brings haters because they are jealous. Thats why succees brings you.


If Greek league is fixed, then why does Europe prove the difference?

PAO... PAOK.... are s%$#! in Greek league and even worse in Europe..
Olympiakos... Best in Greek league.... best results in Europe.. like Bayern Munchen.

I dont see Bayern being accused of match fixing.. they are the best and the rest accept it. But wankers from Amerika and Australia cant accept it.

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