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Cisse almost made it a 1-2 for Pao after a corner kick.One player holding him and another coming to help and Cisse still managed to shot the ball twice.

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I think it's obvious that PAO is missing key players, but some on the pitch right now don't look that good. They have 1 week left to shape up.

On the other hand, if this was an away league game, I'd be happy with the result so far. The penalty could have been avoided. Stupid defensive mistakes cost us last season. We should stop shooting ourselves in the foot this season.

Atromitos, I think, is full force, so I can only hope with the addition of key players PAO will be stronger. These are the away matches the team must win.

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yeah europe as well..usually the greek games for the bigger clubs...aek, oly and pao basically always, paok and aris usually as well..at least thats how it was last year...

i have to travel alot so i use that and bebinio.com (which is not online these days) when i cannot watch on satelite..

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nioplias is scared of the pitch and has changed the whole starting team except for petro and tzorvas...

tzorvas, byarsmyr, sarriegi, seitaridis, ioannidis, simao, marinos, cleyton, ninis, dimoutsos and petro...

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