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AEK's New Jersey


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Holy s%$#!! A real collared shirt, with stripes, the right shade of yellow, AND predominantly black?!? IS THIS A DREAM?! I'm about to cry tears of joy! 


MIDDLE ROW , FIRST JERSEY FROM THE LEFT!!! The first jersey from the left on the top row I also like because it reminds me of the 2002 Alpha jerseys we had, and even sharper. Also i don't like horizontal on AEK but that jersey actually looks nice, but I wouldn't want it. 

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What about this one?



The reason I wasnt too crazy about that jersey comes down to a few reasons. 


1. I don't like the diagonal patch of black over the shoulder. I remember there being images that there would be a dykefalo there, but we just got a replica, so the black patch doesn't serve a purpose.

2. The stripes look like they are painted in with crayon and I'm not too crazy about that.

3. On the field it didn't flatter our players at all, WAYYYYY too tight , skin tight, on some players it looked like they were wearing a spandex leotard or something.


But I will have to say it was one of our better Jerseys with Puma. Didn't dislike it as much as the others. 

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Honestly , just scrolling up this topic I realize, Puma couldn't get anythingg right. Not even the fonts/designs of the numbers! As if the home jersey numbers aren't ugly enough, look at the one that Majstorovic is holding, wtf is that? Or does anyone remember those ridiculous numbers that looked like they were taped on?? I'm seriously relieved we don't have Puma anymore. 


I'm also happy that for once our sponsor looks good too. The Jeep looks great on our Jerseys unlike some of the garbage of the past like Kino (the most god ugly logo ever), LG, Good, or Tzoker..............the Jeep logo goes well with our jersey and brings me back to our good old Foiniks Asfaleies, Ethnikh trapeza, and Alpha days.





:wacko:  :tdown:

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What about this one?



Yeah it really wasn't the worst of jerseys and slight return of the stripes was a welcome surprise but yeah nothing special and this is definitely 100 times better.




Our alternate jersey's will be 






REALLY really like the first one. Can't wait to get my hands on it. The perfect amount of yellow and black equally divided. And I agree with CHE the JEEP sponsor is great, simple and basic just as they should be not drawing too much attention away from the rest of the kit.

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