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AEK's New Jersey


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I didn't chose the bag they actually sent it themselves which I wont complain about as it can become my new gym or coaching bag....


I have never really worn a Puma jersey so I wont bag the jerseys they make I just don't like their styles.


Adidas lately has been my favourite and quite a few teams here these days use Adidas.


As you said personal preference though

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For the first time in probably ever I dont want us to change kits, really liked this years one, I think it will be very tough to beat.

It was simple and brought us back to the stripes of the past! Really hope they stick with hhem and dont go back to all yellow.

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I can understand the idea behind the black logo but it really is almost impossible to notice on the black jersey.

Overall I like them, Pink is a nice change of the usual white and burgundy. Something different. 






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I'm still not 100% sure about how I feel about the black one. Sometimes I look at it and I find it somewhat tacky and other times I look at it and it starts to grow on me. I think I like the Jersey but don't like the entire kit on the team. Shorts seem kind of long and a different black than the one on the jersey. Still torn on whether I'm going to buy though. Those number alone are a great touch! 


Sydney, or anyone else, if you get your hand son the jersey can you send us some pics of what its like in person?


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