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  1. Finland is not THAT good of a team. Greece has better players on paper. We CAN and SHOULD win this game not just because of the position we are in but in general, but because I don't see Finland as such a threat. I realize Greece has been entirely s%$#! over the last few years but still think its a mental and organizational issue not a skill or ability issue. this team needs to get organized before the next match, if they accomplish that, the three points should be ours. Also, I think Fetfa might be considered due to Fortounis absense, I would love to see him fail on the pitch rather than not given a shot on the bench. We have also had some young goal scorers emerging in Greek football and that is very exciting and something to look forward to. I can't go another major tournament without greece in it
  2. pavlidis seems to be a real threat in the air. Here are the goals: https://www.flashscore.com/match/Yewivd8M/#video
  3. Just had a BEAUTIFUL headed opportunity To get on the score sheet but it hit bottom left corner
  4. Koulouris is playing his second game with Toulouse and just got an assist for the 1-0 with a nice cut back and ground cross. He’s playing very well, the guy really hustles and puts a lot of pressure on the defense, very unlike mitroglou. It’s currently 61 min and Toulouse is up 1-0. Toulouse has him as a sole striker with two VERY fast wingers
  5. thats what I've been saying!!!!! It doesn't take a genius!
  6. https://m.sport24.gr/paraskinio/24o-evaggelio/fovero-toyr-apo-fan-sip-gia-thn-ethnikh.5578005.html interesting article the coach seems to be doing his homework, also looking at Vroussai closely.
  7. Konstantinos Mavropanos, who has struggled with injuries since joining Arsenal in January 2018, will miss the next two months with the same groin problem.
  8. Koulouris scores an equalizer on the 88th minute of a 1-1 draw against Brest (First game of the regular season). Not a beauty but a goal nonetheless. He did miss some headers throughout the game but nothing horrible, I’d say he had a pretty good game.
  9. I started watching the friendly vs Barcelona in the second half (they played in my hometown) but the little I saw from manolas before he got benched at like the 60th min was not good, he gave up the ball twice in front of goal, looked very sloppy, while he was in the game the score was 1-1 but the game ended 2-1 Barcelona with the win
  10. That’s hardly a dream, I call that reality ;)
  11. GREAT NEWS GUYS! Today I woke up from a dream that we beat Finland 4-0! Obviously disappointed to wake up and realize it was only a dream but I will take it as a sign! Haha
  12. I am a firm believer that to root for the Greek team you’ve gotta be a bit of an optimist. I don’t see a lot of that in this forum. We gotta speak it to reality lol. Let’s give the man a shot. It is what it is after all.
  13. I think the problem truly stems from the EPO not the coaches or players. I will not bash schip without having watched a single game. Give the man the benefit of the doubt. I don’t need a coach to make radical changes in my opinion, I just want a coach who will make the obvious changes lol.
  14. that would be amazing, the dude has a hell of a resume.
  15. So chances are 2/3 an Italian coach lmao I’m jk
  16. I’m usually an optimist, but with the loss of fortounis this campaign has officially gone to s%$#!. I do think we have players skilled enough to be there but fortounis was critical to the team. Honestly the ONLY person we can’t really do with out, even if manolas or sokratis were injured we have plenty depth but an attacking force taken out of our shad? It’s going to be a tough few games to watch
  17. Practically confirmed Manolas heading to Napoli for €16m and Diawara. He will play alongside highly respected CB Koulibaly. Found an article quoting canavaro praising the two: https://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F139905%2Fcannavaro-manolas-koulibaly#article/footballitalia-139905 he seems very confident that with manolas the team can take the champions league trophy. Napoli have also recently acquired James Rodriguez (Colombia). And Karnezis is another player in Napoli although I’m pretty sure he is their third string keeper
  18. He’s being linked to pretty much every big club in Europe, Napoli, Juventus, and Manchester United seem to be the most likely suitors. Personally, I would like to see him at United. The Napoli owner talked a bit of crap about him being a player with character issues and that he throws tantrums which I can imagine, but was probably used as a tactic to drive away some other teams. im excited about his move, probably the biggest in Greece history and maybe one of the biggest of this summer.
  19. Odysseas is linked to some huge European clubs such as Manchester United, new castle, Roma, Arsenal and Chelsea. I’m pretty sure Arsenal’s cech is retiring this summer. could be just talk but it’s nice to see some of our players being discussed as candidates for top clubs
  20. Toulouse agree deal with PAOK for Efthymios Koulouris! Maybe he should get his own topic?
  21. Nikopolidis retiring from the youth team makes me wonder why he was never considered for the national team job. He’s had some good performances with the U-21, last euro qualifiers they went 8-0-1 I believe or something like that and working in the youth system knows a lot of the younger players AND part of the 2004 team. Do you guys think he would be a good man for the job assuming he was interested of course...I’m not particularly familiar with his coaching tactics I’m just looking at his results.
  22. We will make it to the euros. I believe we can do it. We have a skilled enough team. We just need to work on the mentality and the coaching staff. Our players are skilled and experienced. These results we are getting lately are shockers to the world. NO ONE thinks greece is this bad. Something needs to be done about the support of the national team as well. There’s no such thing as home field advantage if you’re playing in an empty stadium. There should be better marketing towards filling the stadium. Greek fans are very loyal to their SL teams no matter how bad they perform. Why can’t it be this way for the national team. A friend told me today that the tickets aren’t even too expensive, something like 10 euros
  23. And the groups are identical?
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