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  1. Manolas is starting vs Liverpool for the champions league. Currently half time and Manolas is playing very well. 0-0 so far. It’s a battle of the center backs with koulibaly, Manolas and van dijk
  2. I liked what the coach had to say, and I’m glad that he looks and sounds like a professional, compared to Anastasiadis
  3. I couldn’t bear to read all these replies. After that equalizer I didn’t wanna ready anything on the forum until now. I’m reading a good amount of stupidity so I’ll just stop reading and say this: if if you follow my posts you’ll know I’m the most optimistic fan and give the team the benefit of the doubt every single game, because the team that I loved somehow managed miracles quite often in the past. todays game was laughable. I was satisfied with the starting lineup. I can not blame the coach that our players couldn’t finish a damn play or make a decent pass in the box. I know we have talent so I’m gonna have to say that this young team just needs time. However this is a game we should have won in our sleep. This is a game that shouldn’t even require a coaches guidance. Obviously we’ve had some bad luck in the loss of Fortounis but we can’t depend on one player for the entire squad. as a natural optimist I will point out some positives that I saw. Sokratis showed some serious heart through his frustration at the end of the game basically doing the midfields job for them. Also we are finally giving young players opportunities to develop and build chemistry with the national team. Also we finally confirmed what all of us seemed to know that fetfa is a valuable asset to this team and I hope he will continue to be called up. Also, I’m glad they put us out of our misery early. At least now we know for sure we’re out of the euro and can focus on using these games to improve the team and prepare for the WC. i have shed tears over past loses for this team, like our loss to Costa Rica in the World Cup. I literally called off work to watch the Finland game. I love this team but what I saw today and these past few games is indeed laughable. It’s not a laugh of joy it’s just a laugh of disbelief. It almost feels like someone is playing a joke on us with these performances. Just because they laugh doesn’t mean they’re not hurting. But we need to remain positive and take action towards things we can control which at this point is our participation in the next WC.
  4. Fetfa is moving the ball nicely, I don’t understand why he’s never selected for the national team games. Masouras is having a good game as well
  5. well, besides our defense coach fielded a very young team.. excluding defense and goalie we averaged 24 year olds. If I include the subs such as Pavlidis at 20 years old even less. I think the transition has already started, the team just needs some consistency thats all, we might be ready by the time the WC qualifiers come around.
  6. @Molon Lave Torosidis for sure, he already confirmed it. but Manolas and sokratis will most likely stay until at least the WC
  7. If it makes anyone feel better Northern Ireland is leading a group over Germany and the Netherlands.
  8. I read online that Zeca was excluded because he "seemed tired". I have never seen that guy tired.. EVER lol
  9. realistically speaking. At this point the only way to qualify is to win EVERY SINGLE game including Italy in Rome? and finland has to lose 3 of their games. Lets assume they lose to Italy twice and maybe to Bosnia? lol what is that a 5% chance? Can someone find an article breaking down our chances and options? Its crazy how that Armenia game REALLLY affected the entire campaign. had we won that game we'd actually be pretty comfortable
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/agona-analyis-how-the-greeks-performed-in-tampere%3fformat=amp agonasport offers what i consider a very accurate evaluation of players performance for this match
  11. Im implying not even a decent cross came to his direction. Let alone a decent ground pass in the box.
  12. Atromitos is not a better team than the Greek national team and I’d say he did alright... I think we’re being a bit too hard on him. We put a lot of pressure on our strikers. Always playing alone up top with HORRIBLE service. He didn’t even get a cross to header. I hope coach puts them on crossing training NONSTOP
  13. I actually think sokratis and manolas did their thing. Showed out after the epo agreed to their demands. I don’t want torosidis in the squad but he is the only one that can cross the ball apparently. stafylidis crosses were dreadful. I can’t blame koulouris or pavlidis unfortunately they had no type of delivery. I cant blame the coach, he really had no time at all and it’s a brand new teams with players that haven’t played together. overall we were trash, but that penalty is a shitty way to lose, I would have been glad to take the 0-0 as I was watching the game. finland plays very well and I wouldn’t be surprised if they could tie Italy at home.
  14. We made it!!! Half time with no goals conceded!! Took us 25 min to get into some kind of offensive groove but it’s happenng. The players need to build chem that’s the why the passes are looking so sloppy, they don’t anticipate their teammates movements. Plus this is a very young team up top and I’m sure the nerves had to do a lot with it. We are not playing a pretty game but I think we may be able to salvage a result. I find kolovos extremely lazy this game. Vroussai is lost too, hasn’t had much an impact yet but I’m glad he’s getting time with the team I think he will be a big part of our attack in the future. I want to see a bit more sprints from the boys up top, im not kidding when I say that the midfield brings up the ball at the same speed as sokratis. And this is on fast breaks too. I’m gonna assume it’s nerves and see how the second half goes.
  15. armenia is currently beating Italy 1-0 in the 25th minute lol. Were the only team this qualifiers thats playing like s%$#!
  16. Im not a fan of surprises lol. Barkas over Vlachodimos? I do like that samaris didn't make the cut though. I suppose it doesn't look too bad. I like the 4-3-2-1, Its a refreshing change. Finally game day! hope the boys came to play
  17. you guys think Torosidis will start considering he hasn't been playing much at all lately?
  18. Manolas scores today against Juventus in a 4-3 thriller loss. Napoli’s Star center-back Koulibali caused them the game in extra time with an auto goal
  19. Pavlidis has 4 goals in 3 matches, wouldn't mind see him in the lineup for Greece
  20. If we win the game against Finland we will be in a pretty good place for qualification. No need to be so pessimistic
  21. Donis turned down offers from the Dynamo Moscow FC , and is instead very close to signing with Genoa in seria A. I think it could be a good move
  22. I think the midfield has really been screwing us. yes defense did not help but almost all our conceded goals came from errors in the midfield *cough* samaris *cough*. Theres no denying manolas and sokratis can hold their own on defense, its a matter of reducing the errors in the CDM positions. Its VERY dangerous place to lose possession.
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