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  1. Guys please send any link where I can watch the entire game, recently started a new job and wasn’t able to watch. Also, I’ve been saying all along the skill is there, it’s a chem and mental issue this team has, and that’s why I think we will have an unrecognizable squad by the World Cup qualifiers. also it’s possible that having Manolas and Sokratis on the field makes other players feel a little more comfortable that they will handle business on defense causing them to not play with the same energy. the players don’t have our star CBs to lean on so they kick into overdrive and play their heart out (to make up for thhe loss). So it may not necessarily be an “ego” issue but just the effect of the “safety net” they provide for other players. Too much of a comfort zone may not be good for these players
  2. That’s just how transition periods work, they’re not about results
  3. Yeah i saw something there with donis at the end. (I was the one asking about him earlier in the week). He is better at creating opportunities for himself, while koulouris is more of a poacher, needs to be set up nicely. I mean we can’t be surprised with this result, we held up defensively. Gave up a stupid penalty, and once we were down it was all out attacked which exposed our defense and they were able to get a second. I’m actually not to disappointed because I think we saw potential in several players like Limnios for example. Which is what the purpose of these games is. Paschalakis was ok at best, faced a tough side and wasn’t challenged to often. Second goal should have Been blocked
  4. The team is not responding well to the goals, you can tell they’re not clear headed right now
  5. I still think we have the players, they just need time together to build chem
  6. "Petros Mantalos and Marios Vrousai will provide the attacking threat from midfield, with Efthymis Koulouris and Anastasios Donis leading the line. " I like this, were playing two strikers against Italy, in form koulouris alongside this forums beloved donis. Should be interesting. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/tactics-being-prepared-for-italian-test
  7. I see, I feel like Pavlidis form has earned himself a starting spot over donis. I think fetfa and donis will click well
  8. on another note, Barkas broke his finger in training, so he's out for the next two matches which will surely be given to vlachodimos, which honestly I don't understand why he's not our primary keeper anyway.
  9. serious question, why all the praise for donis? I keep reading people asking for him and rating him highly, I haven't actually watched him play but it doesn't seem like he's killing it in Germany or any of the teams he played with in the last couple of years. The only impressive thing I can identify is his Juventus upbringing. I really would like this question answered.
  10. Its most definitely going to be interesting, I don't care if we lose as long as I see some passion and some good opportunities being created. Im hoping for a glimpse of hope for the future lol
  11. what do we know about Sebastian Vasiliadis? He's 22, a CM Greek German playing for SC Paderborn in the Bundesliga. Anyone else happen to know more about him?
  12. Manolas is too old at 28 but Fetfa at 28 is okay to play with the youth lol. we are underrating the value of experience here. I think coach should keep an experienced defender and an experienced midfielder to help in the flow of the game. without sokratis and manolas we are definitely eating 4+ goals against Italy no doubt about it, not that it matters anyway
  13. Manolas really isn’t that old .. he’s like 28, thats still prime for a CB. I’ll admit over 30 is old but Manolas can definitely be of use. We are blessed with a lot of high rated cbs but they’re all super injury prone ex: kpap, retsos, mavropanos. I’m ok keeping ATLEAST Manolas
  14. Scored this weekend in a 4-2 victory against Silkeborg
  15. Manolas scored this weekend against Bressia a header goal that proved to be the winning goal for Napoli
  16. Scored today in extra time to tie the game against Metz
  17. I hope the coach does well, but if he doesn’t I can already think of a few variations to his name
  18. Made a huge mistake in the second half but the goalie saved him from complete embarrassment, but other than that had a solid game where Napoli defeated defending champs in Naples 2-0
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