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  1. I am so confused https://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2019/standings/round=2000803/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/five-star-start-for-greece-u21s%3fformat=amp
  2. Am I reading this correctly? Greece won 8 games tied one and lost one , and were tied with Croatia in points for qualifying but they don’t go to the euro?
  3. On a side note if anyone finds a clip of fortounis goal please send it on here lol
  4. I may be attacked for my unpopular opinion but having watched both interviews i think I’m starting to understand. 1st off I am positive sokratis will be there next game. In no way do I interpret what he said as “I’m not playing and we suck” he was using his name as a metaphor for other players/staff members who should be held accountable. And that management should look and hold ANYONE accountable. Sokratis was speaking in a way to avoid calling out people. He may be referring about other players. Personally I was thinking of samaris the entire time. Like sokratis highly rated at club level, he might not have a place with the ethnicity. He has been horrendous, and has directly cost us Several goals. Sokratis said with the way the team is playing CURRENTLY they don’t deserve. He did say there is time and Finland won’t be the final match to determine the outcome. I appreciate his honesty and lack of excuses. 2. I don’t mind the coach. I think he should stay. First and foremost, the fact that his Greek always was a plus for me because he truly cares about the team outside of the confines of his paycheck. I think the example he made with the goalies who have honestly performed decent in my opinion, was in reference that this team is building chemistry with one another, which is something that can’t be measured but it’s invaluable especially for a national team that does not meet on a daily basis the way club teams do. Also the line up that was fielded today looked good to me, Manolas was a shock, But we also don’t know what happens off cameras. Maybe he needed a rest, or he was injured in training. Now I can’t blame the coach like he said for particular STUPID passes that happen during a game that cause dangerous counter attacks. Mistakes do happen but once it’s game time the coach has little influence on what happens on the field. upsides I took from this game was fortounis performance, although I still feel he lacks a bit of vision and he takes too long to make decisions. Also I’m glad koulouris was finally given a shot at 90 min. Although he didn’t receive too much service. I would love to see a line up without samaris in it. Or at least maybe put him in as a sub (and see how that affects our first half performances) also the lack of support from the Greek fans saddens me. Idc how bad your team is playing booing them off at the half isn’t going to help. BELIEVE ME I understand the frustration but as much s%$#! as I talk I will always follow the team.
  5. I wonder what the players thought about the lineup when they first heard it, and how that affected their morale. If I was Fortounis I’d be pretty annoyed to be put in that position all alone to begin with, he lacks the stamina to cover that area for 90 min. While I do like fortounis, and I believe he is a talented player, he 1. Takes too long to make the pass/ decision. And 2. Sometimes it seems like he’s going through te motion, or he has low IQ. That offside pass he made on the counter attack was CLEARLY offside yet he rushed it. Maybe he was tired and didn’t wanna run the ball, but I was watching that play in horror. And I don’t understand why the f%#* nobody in the team wants to take a shot, if you have an open look ANYWHERE near the box take the shot. Our best chances were the volleys from siovas and fortounis. maybe The teams morale is ripping our players confidence apart. The team need the win in Armenia for confidence more than anything. Italy’s attacking third had a great game, and our defending had a horrible game. You could see it in their faces they were mentally checked out. torosidis is a jacka%# when it comes to the fight with the coach. He knows he’s needed, but he’s not above the team. He should want to play and help his teammates. Instead he let his pride get in the way. I’m fine if the coach refuses to play him until he apologizes. No player is above the team and that attitude is cancer to the team chemistry.
  6. Finland 2 - 0 Bosnia 67 min. both goals by pukki. He’s really good with the ball
  7. Any update on his injury? Could really be of use to Greece with Torosidis out would be nice to have him as a RB
  8. second half, was better than the first (nothing to get excited about). We scrapped out a goal in the last play of the game which was honestly a mistake from turkeys defense. Im really disappointed with the performance in this game. Id love to hear what coach has to say about it. Im trying to find something positive to take from this game but I can't.
  9. These players have no chemistry and it shows. Passes in the wrong direction, awkward runs, running into each other. On the first goal it seems that they were waiting to see who was gonna cover the striker. This half is (believe it or not) probably one of the worst performances I’ve seen from the Ethniki. I think coach is trying to give the young players a chance to prove themselves but they are just bringing each other down. Samaris scoop pass to give Turkey their second goal was a joke not only badly executed but also a STUPID idea to begin with. Fortounis is the only player who is capable of bringing the ball up field. How many times are we going to pass the ball back to the keeper. sorry, needed to vent... can’t be the only one. on the bright side I am 100% confident that this won’t be the way we will play versus Italy.
  10. If youre not watching yet then don’t tune in. Nothing to see here.
  11. I read this as well! Here is the link: https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/greece-to-play-turkey-in-international-friendly i really like this move from the coach, shows a lot of commitment and belief in the team. The article states that they are trying to organize games with Germany and Austria before the turkey game all in preparations for the qualifiers. They are taking this very serious and I couldn’t be any more happier with this move.
  12. Mavropanos is starting today against Watford in 45 minutes!
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