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  1. Not sure what you mean by flog? He is very dramatic on the sidelines if that is what you mean. Congrats on winning the cup.
  2. I understand the disappointment. You have a hell of a team and were undone by some bad actions of your owner. There was no way your squad was not going to get a deduction after the storming of the field became an international story. If that game ends 0-0 (I don't want to debate the offside/onside situation) we are looking at a super close race and epic finish with pressur on both teams. I think the two squads are very close talentwise, maybe slight edge to Paok given the injuries to Mantalos and Johannson. Those were significant injuries for AEK given the Europa Cup and Greek Cup games. I was actually hoping for them to bow out of the Greek Cup earlier so they could have a more balanced fixture and focus on the protathlima.
  3. Feels great. Been a long time since 1994. I vividly remember storming the field in 93' and taking to the streets to celebrate. Wish I had been there this past Sunday.
  4. Agreed. Final is a disaster waiting to happen. Not sure they will even be able to agree on a neutral site to play the game.
  5. That would have been faster. The disallowed goal was uploaded to Youtube about 30 minutes ago. They could have just checked it out on their phones.
  6. Agreed, team was more active in the first half but the tie works very well with 5 games left.
  7. Some chatter on Aek365 that the ref may have changed his mind again about whether to award a goal. I don't see any way the end result doesn't get tied up in court.
  8. No, the goal was disallowed after the ref and side judge consulted for a while while the AEK players plead their case and the PAOK players celebrated.
  9. They got the win, Paok lost, and Olympiakos tied. Good day for Aek.
  10. Solid win against Rijeka, today. Aek were the better team and could have had another with some better finishing. Simoes muffed a wide open header pretty badly.
  11. Team snagged a needed road win today v Atromitos. Mandalos with the goal in the second half. 3 pts up of the 6th place team after today. Hopefully they can move up to 4th or even 3rd with a strong finish.
  12. Onto the last four of the Kypello with a nice 3-0 home win v. Platanias. Team is playing well as of late.
  13. Nice win. Hopefully they can build some momentum and stop dropping points to bad teams on the road.
  14. Thanks for the updates. Nice to see that they are finally playing with some confidence, albeit against bottomfeeders. Need to sneak into the playoffs and make a nice run there.
  15. I think it is hard to give effort when there is a new manager seemingly every other month. Would be really nice to have some consistency at the spot for a while. Too many different voices/tactics/systems to produce good results in my opinion.
  16. Nice to see them finish strong for a change.
  17. Just watched the highlights. The margin could have been greater as there were some missed chances. Really nice start for the squad.
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