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  1. The ref must have been paid per yellow card. I think he gave out 8 total.
  2. Beat OFI today, 0-2. Had a few other chances per the highlights as did OFI. Next game on 6/20 against Aris.
  3. I love AEK but would give them little chance of finishing second even with PAOK's current one point lead. Team is too flawed and not deep enough for a strong playoff run.
  4. 100% agree. No reason to play at this point. Finish up the Greek Cup if needed and be done. The soccer will be poor and the players will not be fit.
  5. Why appeal at this point? The 7 point deduction keeps PAOK in second place going into the ridiculously long playoffs, while the 12 point deduction keeps Xanthi above the 2 other relegation candidates.
  6. Nice job reviving this thread. Solid win but I wish they had tried harder for a second goal after the fast start. Made the last 30 minutes quite nerve wracking. Was worried they were going to cough up the gane like they did in the first game against Pao.
  7. Feel fortunate that Aek managed to get a point after that first half. Paok probably should have been up 2 or 3 at the half. Bad starting gameplan by Kostenoglou.
  8. Performance in the final third has been sorely lacking. Terrible crosses, late passes, no creativity.
  9. Kostenoglou officially announced for rest of the season. Not sure how I feel about that.
  10. Managed to avoid falling behind 5 points by pulling in a late win at Tripoli. Simoes with the game winner and apparently played well. Livaja also playing well. Nice win without Mantalos and after giving up a goal in the first 3 minutes.
  11. Oliveira should have done better with that chance. The team generated basically zero chances in the second half. Some of the substitutions were a bit odd. Did not like bringing Galanopoulos out for Krstičić. Krsticic has shown very little thus far.
  12. Uggh. Fell short. Seems per the descriptions on aek365 that the team wore down and did not create many 2nd half chances. Definitely could have had 3 or 4 in the first half per the highlights.
  13. Ivic announced for 4 years. Not sure how I feel about Poyet. He is a good manager but is prone to tantrums/alienating ownership.
  14. Cardoso is apparently out already. The revolving door continues.
  15. Cardoso is out already along with Lyberopoulos. Can't wait to see how Meli messes this up even more.
  16. You may be right about 5th place, Alphonse. Nioghtmare start to the season. Losing at home to Xanthi. Zeraldes lost his temper and got an early red.
  17. That was a flukish goal. I think Paok beats them comfortably at home next week.
  18. He has become cheap since winning the unexpected title. I understand putting money into the stadium but he would be wise to spens some money this year to give the team some momentum. I really dont see Cardozo lasting the season. Would not be shocked to see Jimenez later in the season. He is tanned rested and ready.
  19. Not sure what the solution is. We brought in a new manager with a bunch of players to fit his style (build from the back), which is not working. Some of the players brought in dont fit with the existing players and we are lowballing teams for good center backs. I see another third place Superleague finish in our future.
  20. First two goals were pretty much identical. This team has needed center back help for years and has not made the correct moves. Losing like this at home pretty much seals the deal.
  21. Very unspired second half. Reminiscent of the Vidi home game last season. Not sure if they just didn't care after going up 3-0 on aggregate or if there are deeper problems. Verdi flubbed two big chances late.
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