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  1. The handball was very reminiscent of Liverpool v Totenham in the CL final. Don't love the handball call in that situation but that seems to be the trend.
  2. That is a fair criticism. He is really focused on opening the new stadium with no debt. Really should have spent some more money last season. Could have tried for second (no one was catching Paok).
  3. Brutal result for Aris with a red card to boot. Atromitos had a good first leg on the road and Aek looks to advance after today.
  4. Solid result which likely clinches advancement. I expect a similar score in Athens. Mantalos missed a big chance in the first half and Craiboa missed a good chance to get a goal in the closing minutes.
  5. The Varela play on the second goal was comically bad. Really took the air out of the team. Limnios should have done better with his chance. Otherwise a very respectable result.
  6. Still need another stopper/CB type since our best defender gets injured every other day. Geraldes looks good so far.
  7. Worried as well. Need to spend some money, 2+ mil on a difference maker.
  8. Signed David Simao and Zeraldes on loan/with option to buy. Simao seemed to come out of nowhere.
  9. Athanasiadis is now in. I assume Barkas will be sold. Rumors of Roma offering 8 million Euros. Seems fair and could go a long way to filling some gaps. Athanasiadis/Tsintontas are a solid duo in goal. Bakasetas on his way to Turkey for 800,000 Euro. Seems like a fair amount for him. Need to bring in some more bodies.
  10. Was thinking they looked like guys that play in an over 40 rec league. Just brutal so far. Lazy defending, no imagination and can't execute corner kicks.
  11. Looks like Aek is signing Paulinho Mota out of Portugal who was released on a free from Chaves.
  12. Back to the revolving door of managers. Meli has no patience and can't seem to tolerate demands for much needed transfers.
  13. Looks like we will be looking for a coach yet again.
  14. Not looking good with 25 or so to play. Ponce just got a yellow because Crespo ran into his own goalie. Ref is giving out yellows like candy at Halloween.
  15. Been pretty drab so far. Paok is picking up the intensity. and has looked sharper. Aek pretty passive so far.
  16. Avoiding a point deduction for next season is certainly a positive for both team. Have a feeling AEK is going to have a very different roster next season. Team needs an overhaul.
  17. Going to be hard today. Paok has been a juggernaut all season. Hope the boys can rise to the occasion and salvage a somewhat disappointing season.
  18. Anyone here lucky enough to get invited to the final? My invitation must have been lost in the mail. Hoping for a game free of controversy. I predict 2-1 Paok but hope I am wrong.
  19. Couldn't get the money he was looking for elsewhere and seems to get along well with Jimenez.
  20. Did not even make it a full season. Jimenez is back yet again. Not a huge surprise. Team has not played well in the big games. Not all his fault as management did not bring in enough players. Ouzounidis will likely bounce back with a smaller club.
  21. Don't remind me. I blocked that one out of my mind. Decent draw for Olympiakos.
  22. That was a really bad sequence with the Alef questionable foul, the judgment call handball penalty and send off. Thought they might get a draw but ultimately lost 0-2.
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