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  1. Lewanflopski is more like it. Bayern was clearly better and deserved to win.
  2. 4-0 now. Livaja on the board. Nice to get some production from Boye and Ponce.
  3. Aek just signed Anel Sabanadzovic for 1 million. He will join this summer and is a 19 year old midfielder. Remember watching his father play when I was in high school. Makes me feel very old.
  4. Vidi is a Scrappy team as Aek learned when they played them. Paok could have made a big step in securing advancement with a win.
  5. Started watching on the bleacher report app just before Olympiakos scored their first goal. You're welcome.
  6. Losing Livaja for 4 cl games was terrible. Not sure he would have helped tonight but would have made a difference v Benfica. Hoping not to lose by 5+ in Munich.
  7. -3 to Aek upheld on appeal. Title is Paok's to lose at this point barring heavy injuries/fan behavior issues.
  8. So much for my prediction. This sets a bad precedent going forward and seems pretty arbitrary. Might as well give Paok the title now and cancel the rest of the season.
  9. I imagine the point deduction will be overturned on appeal. If not, the title defense is effectively over. Seems a bit harsh when compared to other deduction situations.
  10. 1-1 FT. Fair result based on how the game went. Olympiakos had a big chance to win in stoppage time after Bakasetas' late equalizer.
  11. I think Mantalos just cramped. He was exhausted. Should have subbed Galo in imo.
  12. 2-3 FT. Aek made a nice run to tie it up with the man advantage but ran out of gas and conceded a late goal against the run of play. Klonaridis scored two but probably should have had four. The late Benfica goal was a gut punch.
  13. Just saw the highlights. The flares/haze was annoying. Paschalakis was very good. The own goal was a Keystone Cops moment by Olympiakos. Through the goalies legs and then the defender did not even try to turn while kicking. Nice away win.
  14. Tell us how you really feel.
  15. Hoping for a well played and officiated game, free of controversy. Sadly, that may be too much to hope for.
  16. Big game today. Feel we are the underdog and would do well to nab a point. At least Livaja, Lopes and Bakasetas are well rested going in.
  17. Alef looks like a fan that won a contest at halftime to play on the squad in the second half. Do not understand that signing at all.
  18. No doubt and am preparing to lose Simoes as well since Meli is allergic to paying more than 500,000 euros a season in salary. If they were going to go this route they should have sold Livaja and Mantalos when they had nice offers.
  19. Awful second half. Should have tried more long balls to Ponce. Cosic looked afraid to touch the ball and Alef always looks like he is moving through quicksand. The squad may get a point or two after the better teams clinch their spots. Aek desperately needed some signings with the Livaja and Lopes suspensions. Bakasetas missing also did not help.
  20. Lots of wasted possession in the second half. Really need to win all three at home to come out on top of the group.
  21. Ownership/management gave a big middle finger to to fans by not bringing in another player or two at the transfer deadline. Apparently content to pocket the CL money. Disappointing.
  22. Tough draw but it could have been much worse like the Barcelona group or the one with Liverpool as the pool 3 team. Third place definitely a possibility if they can sign another player or two in the next day. Time to put some of that Champion's League money to use.
  23. I'm afraid they rushed this one. A team playing in the Champions League next season should have been able to do better or at least should have vetted more candidates.
  24. What are the terms? I have read 3 years or 2 years plus a 1 year option. Hurts AEK in the short-term, not sure about long-term as I'm not sure he is going to be worth the money at 33 or 34 years of age. My guess is Olympiakos will get one really good year out of him as a starter and he will finish the contract as a solid bench/depth type player.
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