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  1. Banans thats what crosed my mind Inogo lopex 2.0
  2. Whole team has gone. They have had some good players over last few years. But who is left atm?
  3. Raptopoulos is a legend. He says alot to gain viewer numbers but hes entertaining! Bouzo snaps me But yeah 95.5 all day in car lol
  4. Corruption exist everywhere. Greeks whinge too much.
  5. I really feel the club is in the right hands with savidis and feel that with investment in the youth we will continue to produce good young products. But isit enough?? Come on i want 4 quality signings come on
  6. Whos the guy with the bleached hair? In the youtube video
  7. If we going ro loan at jairo keep him in greece hes played in slovakia no biggie for him to go their again.
  8. 3 attempts 3 fails!! Savvidis second chance come on trello pontoi drop the $$$$
  9. If we are going to have a chance for CL we need a big number 10 and a big centre back. Players commanding around 1.5m -2m If we cannot afford it europa league is the go simple as that. But F*** paok we are
  10. Pelkas is pretty average atm. He needs alot of work but has some promise. National team cannot rely on him.
  11. I agree smart move for terry. Stil crowds, pressure and close to salonica
  12. Antonis needs to go to another GSL team to play games simple. Hes not good enough for us. If he has what its takes and kills the league then he can come back other wise try and recoup the investment made in him.
  13. Lazy or not i think we lift a little key movements and most important for us are centre back and attaking mid.
  14. Hace you guys seen highlights of partixabs 19 yr old captain who is now a free agent.? Zivkovic right wing he loos F***en amazing and transfermarket has his value at 7m euros. Who will sign this guy? Also todays reports talk about paok preparing for life without kace as a sale is inevetable. Also inpaok just wrote mateaus from dnipro has agreed to terms.
  15. Imo aek has started well in the transfer season. AEK need 4 more decent signings but a good upward trend for you guys and making the league much tougher
  16. I want CL and Kypello and im happy. I want to keep building though, keep investing in youth and strucutre and off field marketing. So far our first 3 signings are great i dont want bam signings i want 3 more like this
  17. For me the gains were mandalos and bakasetas. With good seasons at aek and moves abroad both can become aolid players for national team. Stafyllidis needs to put work in and can become a decen tplayer too. Lazaros , tactsidis, papazoglou, giannotas need to worry about making as much money as they can for retirement cause there all notup to it
  18. If hes a jairo replacement te turkish league shits on the slovakian league. Last year we brought in leovac from croatian league. Jairos from slovakian league Sabo from slovakian league. So far Matos ukraine Shakov ukraine Jalma turkish Much better start than last year
  19. Who was saying australia is a good team? They should beat us? Stop listening to fox sports and ausyralian media hype. Australia is junk. Greece needs work off the park and inside epo to become a decent team. We have some good cattle but we dont have spirit and belief simple. Christodopoulos is done. Need to keep working with fringe players and hope players like mavrias, mystakidis, foundas can develop along with guys like vellios, mandalos, bakasetas to bread some new players. We have 5 - 7 solid players but a good side in world cup and euro canpaings needs alot more.
  20. I read an article 3 months ago that for me depicted australia. Its the australian thing to do to drink coffee in the morning. That was the headline and then the article went on how austrakia has the best coffee in the world like the media professes everything australia has is the best in the world. Too funny honestly the saddest thing for me of all this is that we are going to lose tonigt to a team that would get relegated in seria b ffs
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