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  1. 100 % http://inpaok.com/293698/%cf%84%ce%bf-%ce%bf%cf%86%cf%83%ce%ac%ce%b9%ce%bd%cf%84-%cf%86%ce%ac%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%b1%cf%83%ce%bc%ce%b1-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%bf%ce%bd-%ce%bc%ce%b1%ce%ba-vid/
  2. They deserve to down to F***en 9 men. They shouldof been given 3 red cards. They should of been down from 15th minute not 5 minutes after us F***en joke Olympiacos will cop 4 from anderlect F***en joke of a club Criminal of a president and homosexual fans Another one on one for a cross in 74th and skondras called offside how are you going to score like this? 77th minute cross from.mak into box headed behind by botia and no corner. Goal kick. This has gone on all match. Absolute joke
  3. What a F***en joke No red card of milojoevic on tzavellas No red card on botia punch in the face of berbatov Mak was through for a sure goal and offside Now 65th a red to tzavella Go and get F***ed you pathetic poofter wankers. Your s%$#! club is an embarrassment and the next gavr i see in sydney i will crack in the head You F***en weak excuses for a football club disagrave cheap cunts
  4. One thing i was hoping under savvidis is due to it being the first time in decades we actually had money we wouldnt lose players for cheap. So to see kace under a fire sale circumstances in the summer due to him not resigning would suck bad. I dont think hes on peanuts he is not some world class player he is still very young and was put in the shop window by paok. So for me he owes it to the club and if he wants big money he shoud sign play his heart out and make a monster move to germany or england and if hes not good enough for that then 250k -300k per season is more than enough. I think their is a case here of kace exploiting the situation. Katse sta avga sou kace and resign without the psefto magia for me.
  5. I think its smart letting kace rot. I dont believe we should sacrifice the good of the club for a win against any team. Kace needs to rot until he resigns with us. Yes sounds harsh but he needs to give back to the club that gave him everything he has. Time to pay back with resigning a new contract. In regards to malezas i have no idea why throw in a youngster new signing with no big game experiance into a derby like this is beyond me.
  6. Paok has teamed up with some jewish marketing firm to sell paok home game tv rights for the rest of the season and next season. Greece, cyprus, albania and bulgaria not included in deal
  7. For me LOLA tv lags like a mother F***er, i have that issue with the my phone, when i try and watch on my phone it says i need a premium service. Does any else have issues with lola lagging?
  8. I agree with pontos. Sacking arensen means the 3 year plan is done. Sacking tudor means the club believes he is not actually capabile of running the plan effectively.
  9. Olsend will make paok money. Glykos is like furniture. Spending money on vellidis is a waste and a silly move. We.will never see it again. Only gain was for pas. Unless he can pick himself up rise to the occassion and serve us well for a couple of seasons. Time will tell but so far junk cost us 3 games
  10. Guys vellidis has played three games and hes reponsible for 3 goals. Wtf
  11. Pray for a demolition of dellas atromitos. We could hit some serious form in the right time with a big win here.
  12. Thanks guys. Tbh bananas i use metropolis for that between jordan, raptopoulo and the callers i get my relief from laughing at m*****es as we all share this current pain!. Well its still not over lets hope for a last minute bam and some more euro headlines for our paokara
  13. Pleasure to be here, been reading for a few months, and now that its crunch time need to talk PAOK so thought id register.
  14. I agree with blackhawk but one thing i have in mind is we are one click away from beating AEK and PAO easily.... Against AEK if a few things went differently we would of taken the game easily, some points being tudor's mistakes other being young players need confindence and experiance. AEK and PAO are both pretty average compared to the past and i do believe if the team can click shore up the defence we can easily beat them, Olympiacos is miles ahead but in a final in 90 minutes anything can happen, especially in Greece. The month of Feb is the biggest month of the season for us these fixtures can easily make the season turn out to be ok and push on to the playoffs or the team can go completely downhill lose points, sack tudor and start again. Very exciting month a lot of big games coming up. AEK does not have wingers, very average defence and tbh aravidis, djibbour are useless for a big 4 club. Panathinakos has a lot of players who can do something, but apart from essien all young, or there and there abouts but nothing crazy.... They seem to be building something with their new italian coach but it would be nice for us to tear that apart.
  15. would love to get Panathinakos in the semi , and Olympiacos in the final! My feeling from the past games is we will come out strong and smack panionios in the toumba! They will have lost the main CB hatzi and when that happens to a team oforse moral drops as in bigger team comes in and picks up your players like a bird pick worms! Will Berba's 3 match ban be over for him to play in this game?
  16. I would love to see statistics from the club about what merchandise is purchased from abroad and how many items. Would be cool to know how many jerseys for example are bought online from sweden, australia, usa etc. I guess if the numbers are so low like under 100 jerseys they wouldnt want to publish it but would be cool to know.
  17. No idea what to say on Berba...... I think the only way you ever find the truth on these matters is if you live the team, training, etc. What i will say is when you bring a player like Berba to a league like Greece and you want to keep the momentum going you need to style your play around him, if you dont want to do this, then you should never of signed him and worked on normal signings. What i do believe needs to be done is another big singing to take the heat off Berba and show the world we really are a big club like we think we are and like we want to be and not one hit wonders!!!
  18. Hi Guys, PAOK fan from birth, from Sydney , Australia. Such a frustrating season to date, experiment has so far failed on the pitch and the crowds and enthusiam from the fans shows this for me. The only real difference in approach this season has seen Paok purchase players that if dont work have credentials to be onsold and no big losses will occur for Paok and Savvidis unlike what we saw in the last couple of seasons before this one, where PAOK was dropping big contracts on players who didn't perform and money went down the drain. This current crop is all 24 years of age and under and most players would easily be able to be flogged off to Turkish, Belgium leagues and even Russia. From my point of view im in two minds about Tudor....... Mind A - hes junk, team is playing like rubbish, hes had now 7 months to play some decent football with an ok squad and weve only seen football in patches and only two real games we showed quality. Like come on needing to waste time in the 90th to beat Panionios, yes they are playign well but why arent we? Our squad worth 5 times are much, our behind team staff they could only dream off, so really no excuse..... Mind B - im sick of chnaging coaches every feb and bringing quick fix solutions that end up making things worse, then waiting till end of june for a new coach and then waiting till August for players and a new system.......
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