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  1. We lost the final. Watched parts of it. It was an intense game athletico deserved the win. Well done to the players and club Paok youth over the last few years has risen levels and is a big euro establishment for youth football imo http://www.paokfc.gr/nea/283575deyteri-sto-tournoua-we-love-football-i-k15/
  2. http://www.paokfc.gr/nea/katektise-to-tournoua-marc-overmars-i-k12/
  3. Under 12's won a tournament in holland called the marc overmars cup. Well done to the boys
  4. Under 21s look good on paper. Lets see what the results will be like. Klaus and Vellidis now have extra incentive to prove their worth in the gsl
  5. At least we dont need to put up with this bullshit 352 anymore. Klaus will definately start, interested to see if he plays tzavellas
  6. I would love to see a 3 pair midfield of Kace - dm Cimirot - cm Pelkas - am Add mysta and rodrigues on the wings we woud tear any GSL team a new one. Our problem is im defence. Great to have gary back i hope he fires and i would love for tudor and the boys to put 6 past panthrax to stick it to epo and the gayros
  7. os, im not a fan of rival clubs sticking together but f**k me enough is enough. PAO got F***ed gate 13 gets banned now im waiting for kontonis on GATE 4 next it will be aek you cannot tell me all 3 clubs cannot run their club's and olympiacos is not at fault. Its time for a revolt
  8. I hope all sydesmoi, all paok fans around the world and the thessaloniki media support ivan in not playing the return leg. And make this a massive issue. I support ivan and the paok fans. Stop blamming paok for this we didnt create this. When we lost first round to gayroi in toumba this season we acknowledged our team was s%$#! and moved on. What happened this morning is as i said and tudor. You are playing with peoples lives and this cannot go on. I didnt wake up at 4.30am in sydneh australia to watch paok so marinakis can take a dump on my face. Enough is enough. Ivan krata dynata and lets break the system.
  9. Paok is the fans. We are paok. Paok is not savvidis, not epo not just an emblem. Paok got F***ed today and we all got F***ed
  10. Mak did the right thing. If this is how you want it i walk and F*** you all. Mak did the right thing today and should be appluaded for trying to stop this s%$#!. I support savvidis paok to not attend semi final second leg
  11. Someoerapes your mother. And you kill the guy. Met me guess its your fault and your a monkey. Asemai re paidia. Stop blamming paok for this . Paok was rapped and its nit funny
  12. Stop blaming the fans. How can you sit their and watch this ans say ah well. Savvidis has a reponsibility to do something. People will be going ti jail tonight cause of marinakis. This has to end. This cannot go on and we blame our own for standing up for us.
  13. Enough is enough Whats the point of coming back??,
  14. This is F***ed. It cannot always be everyone else fault but olympiacos This has to stop
  15. This is were i would love 4 guys from pae paok to walk intro dressing room belt the F***en refs at half time and come out ike nothing happened.
  16. Typical paraga. Anytime fourtonis get the ball foul. That was not a faul and ite sports commentator can get F***ed. Tudor is goig off and so he should. Dirty F***en dirty gayros scum. Pathetic F***en club
  17. We have come out like a train!!! Best paok this season
  18. I just for the life of me carnt see us progessing. I feel paok doesnt have the spark anymore. But ill be up at 4.30am comeon paokara prove me wrong F*** the gayros
  19. Call me craxy i see a 3 nil win. Korovesis back will help, mak due for a few goals, mista on a roll, pelka is goof at home and kitsiou to have a big game. No giannou upfrot will hurt asteras as ioaniddis is not ready to fill his boots
  20. Australia is the centre of the universe its 24 hours flight from anywhere lol
  21. Well said pontos we have been crying out for two good centre backs for ages. I hope in the summer savvidis drops the cash on a centre back who can really lift us.
  22. Everyone blames savvidis. The guy is paying the bills, bringing in people to do the right job no good now f off back to norway for me
  23. Arensen bought in tudor bought in leovac, sabo, kept costa, sold lucas and didnt replace him cause he left it to late, bought in antonis like come on. Only rodrigues has been good.
  24. Now the anger from losing to the gayros has passed me. I have to say i agree with the pae. Arnesen shaped the whole season and really what did he do F*** all. Im personally happy to see the back of him
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