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  1. Krima about the draw as all points are needed for GSL's ranking. As paokarag4 said, a win or a score draw and you'll be through. Good luck!
  2. Any updates on the Lucas transfer? What I can recall, clubs like Leicester, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla were after him.
  3. Voted for Arnesen,which was quite accurate. After all, he got us some good players plus the 30% on Lucas. Some of his transfers failed but that's usually how it works.
  4. 8625 season tickets sold with one month left. That number is either with the 1000 free tickets or totally made up. That 8625 of last year's 9103 season tickets would be renewed is hard to think. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/956214/sta-8625-ta-diarkeias-toy-paok PAOKSYD// Agree, if it weren't for this crisis though... Even with the crisis I think we would see quite an increase if the team could perform over a longer period of time for once.
  5. Don't know if I should laugh or cry...
  6. Rumoured to Nottingham Forest. Would be a good move, hope it goes through. Also good for PAO as they have a clause on nearly 20% http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/222035/etoimazei-protasi-gia-kareli-i-notigxam http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/kleinei-kareli-o-marinakis/3183281
  7. What's the latest? Really tired of this bullshit. In other countries the state would promote such a project and not work against it. It's actually strange that a billionaire like Meli can't get his will through in the corrupt Greece.
  8. Djalma looks to have eaten a few more bougatses than recommended
  9. http://inpaok.com/310421/%CE%AE%CF%81%CE%B8%CE%B5-%CE%B8%CE%B5%CF%83%CF%83%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%BF%CE%BD%CE%AF%CE%BA%CE%B7-%CE%BF-%CE%BC%CF%80%CE%AF%CF%83%CE%B5%CF%83%CE%B2%CE%B1%CF%81-pics/ Biseswar seems to be on the radar http://www.transfermarkt.com/diego-biseswar/profil/spieler/35884
  10. Here's the article http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/941696/sfina-toy-paok-gia-viktor-imparmpo-lene-stin-italia
  11. Haha but seriously, Facebook must be banned or something in Iran. Quite funny as Facebook owns Instagram, which apparently isn't banned.
  12. Probably nothing, but you can't really compare them to a Greek top side. We're going to play in either CL or EL, our fans are well known and a quick search on Youtube would probably not disappoint anyone. Just as the BPL signed asian players some years ago to grow the interest for the Asian market I think we, or any other Greek top side, would benefit market and reputation wise from signing Taremi. Just as we are following our players abroad, which we even have a section for on this forum, the Iranians are probably doing the very same thing. If we only would have had one player in a good league outside Greece, for example Manolas, wouldn't we have followed him in a different way compared to now when we have plenty of players in abroad? Absolutely not saying the effects would be likewise with the British clubs but Taremi's salary is around 500-700k and he would probably be ready to lower his salary if that means he's going to a European club, which means he wouldn't be expensive. If he's pure shite then we shouldn't try to sign him but if he can score some 10 goals, then he's level with the almighty Klaus.
  13. Well, he has 800k followers on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/9mehdi.taremi9/
  14. Just discovered this feature today Toumba Stadium virtual tour Toumba Stadium opens its gates to welcome PAOK fans from all over the world. The pioneer interactive service of the club gives you the opportunity for a private tour around the historic ground of the "Double-Headed Eagle". Enter in the locker rooms. See where the players prepare before their games. Walk through the tunnel that leads to the pitch. Touch the "THIS IS TOUMBA" sign. Get out on the pitch. See Toumba through the eyes of the players. Enter the press conference room where the coach attends to the media. Sit on the journalists seats, get into Gate 4, check out the view from the stands, so that next time you buy your ticket you can choose the best seat in the house. Live your own VIP experience in the conference room of the club and the suites. Buy PAOK products at the official store. All that without moving an inch, just turn on your PC and browse. Choose which part of the stadium you want to visit and, by clicking on the tools provided by Toumba 3-D Virtual Tour, see every detail of PAOK?s home ground. http://www.paokfc.gr/en/360-tour-en/
  15. Although I don't now how much money it would generate, 100 million Iranians following one of their biggest stars would generate quite an interest for the club that contracts him. Considering the Iranians only have like ten players playing outside Iran, I guess Taremi playing in PAOK would lead to a lot of interest both in Iran and in the Iranian diaspora, which is quite big.
  16. Would gladly have the Iranian guy at PAOK. Just the rumour caused plenty of Iranians to spam PAOK's social media, think of the effects from a transfer. Market wise, a transfer is definitely a good move.
  17. Why not buy his teammate Nicolae Stanciu at the same time? http://www.transfermarkt.com/nicolae-stanciu/profil/spieler/148372 Has performed well in the Euros.
  18. "The contract with Dimitar Berbatov will not be prolonged" - Michel Thank you! edit: The same goes for Miguel Vitor
  19. Press conference with Ivic and Michel about the plans for next year, the transfers, how the scouting works etc https://www.facebook.com/PAOKFOOTBALL/videos/10154216280464687/
  20. The most important this summer is to improve the squad so that we will have a core for the next two or three seasons that we can build on. The goal for the next season should be winning the cup and finishing 2nd. After that, we can strengthen the core with a few top quality individuals and compete for the title.
  21. According to bosnian news Cimirot might leave this summer as there are plenty of Bundesliga teams that want him. Would be very dumb to let him go after a year.
  22. I can image you took a nice selfie to celebrate the moment :D
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