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  1. We're also losing out on the fee that Uefa pays to the clubs for the players. If we would have kept Olsen to after the Euro we would have gotten 100k.
  2. O21// Just read the article pasted on the forum, my fault. Is it possible for AEK to sign a contract with Bakasetas on the first of june, and then if they sort things out with Panionios buy him in the middle of the summer? Have never heard of something similar before but if both the player and the club are interested in breaking the contract (starting 2017) and then sign a new one (starting this summer) if they buy him now shouldn't that be possible?
  3. It's not so strange that they are pissed at Bakasetas for signing a bosman contract with AEK. They where hoping to get some cash for him but instead he will go for free in january. Congrats on the signing but I think it would have been better for AEK to pay 500-800k and get the player before the play-offs and the start of the next season.
  4. 20 goals for Mak this season. Just give him the 1 million/year he wants so that we can get rid of the 4 million clause. A good Euro this summer and we can sell him for 6-7 instead.
  5. As there are no tickets left and it seems to some hype about this match I do believe some local newspaper will be given permission to stream. http://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/GEth_S/sold-out-sto-genti-koyle-7-500-opadoi-sto-ghpedo.4068392.html
  6. Great news for you today Dutch Eagle; PAOK will have the pre season camp in the Netherlands again.
  7. I can't see Klaus staying if he's not going to be our first choice. The chinese paid 2,5 million for Giannou so hopefully they can make an offer around 4-5 million for Klaus. Dutch Eagle// He scored 5 of those 13 goals in one match in the cup.
  8. Congratulations! Hope that Melissanidis will spend some $$$$ this summer and put pressure on Savvidis and Alafouzos. What will your win mean for the play-offs? Have you taken the best "qualifying spot" for the Europa League? I.e is the CL-spot in the play-offs the only thing that's worth fighting for?
  9. Got a nice Team of the Season card today on Fifa 16


    Can't help but laugh, but it's actually just really really sad. Wasn't Iraklis owned by some Greek-american guy?
  11. Panionios will play AEK the 20th, just three days after the cup final. Let's hope that Panionios can take at least one point from a tired AEK and that Panionios won't be able to reload their batteries for the match against us, the 23th.
  12. We should be happy if we can get a draw out of this
  13. Sas prosferw HD (atleast compared to the other streams) http://livetv.sx/en/eventinfo/414926_panathinaikos_paok/#webplayer_ifr|427780|414926|427780|26|1|en
  14. http://aklautoi.blogspot.se/p/live-stream-4.html
  15. O Konstantinidis na gyrisei apo ton traymatismo tou kai tha deite pios einai o kalyteros amintikos dexios ;)
  16. 5 goals and 6 assists in a total of 1430 minutes this season.
  17. Bosnian left back Bojan Letic playing in Zilina (Slovakia) rumoured to us for 1,9 million. InPAOK are saying his salary would be 700k/year, which I don't believe as that's what we are offering Mak.
  18. Metrosport are streaming Aris - Doxa today.
  19. The best for the ellinismo would be to merge all clubs into one, two or three clubs. Instead of having 20 teams with low attendances and without proper academies it would be better to have one club with high average attendance and a major academy. Of course, that would require people to swallow their pride and sucrifice their positions in the various smaller clubs. But in the long term, that would be the best.
  20. Have never heard this kind of music from a Greek artist before, cool.
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