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  1. Anyone know of anywhere to watch this game online or what Greek channel might show it? The game is on the 22/05 actually
  2. www.soccerway.com/ for me Its got a lot of leagues and stuff and they normally update the Gamma Ethniki results within a couple of hours after the matches end along with a lot of other leagues and competitions
  3. Ok so not what I was hoping to hear. If a stream is available where would I be able to find it?
  4. Anyone got any idea which one is correct??? Its a pretty big deal
  5. None pretty sure :D and they got there 6 points back that they were deducted earlier in the season :D :D Its best for the Greek league btw :gr:
  6. Hi all, Anyone know what channels in Greece show 3rd division games. I want to watch OFI vs Fostiras on the last match day of their Gamma Ethniki group which is on the 15/05 in Greece. If OFI win they will be promoted most likely, probably even a draw will do. OFI and Fostiras are first and second and are fighting it out for promotion with 2 games to currently go. Another thing I want to know is if Fostiras is on 61 or 62 points coz some online sites I see that Fostiras is on 62 points and others I see them on 61 points. Can anyone confirm to me which one is correct. BTW OFI is on 62 points. The thing is that I'm pretty sure goal difference doesn't matter (OFI has a much better goal difference), its head to head that matters (if anyone can confirm this also) and Fostiras won their game at home earlier in the season 1:0 so that would mean if they are on the same points OFI needs to win 1:0 or by more than 1 goal if fostiras score so it makes a big difference as to whether OFI is on equal points or one point ahead as both teams will most likely win their second last games of the season and remain on equal points Did I explain this properly? Anyway can anyone help me with the channel that might be showing the game and exactly how much points OFI and Fostiras are on. Thanks
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