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  1. Costa is injured and expected to return in the middle of February.
  2. A huge comeback resulted in an away win against Besiktas today. The game ended 73-75 in overtime after a buzzer beater from Hatcher, whom scored 32 points this evening.
  3. It's reported that Berbatov went straight to the locker room after being subbed out
  4. I miss the squad we had around '10 and '11 with players like Vieirinha, Garcia and a Salpi on top..
  5. The newest rumour concerning PAOK is about the Brazilian cb Henrique, currently playing in Napoli. Since Napoli have three other CBs of pure class he hasn't played a minute this season. I don't know so much about him but for what it's worth he was considered a big talent 5-6 years ago when playing for Barcelona.
  6. Would be smart to extend Kace's contract so that we get some 4-5 millions if we sell him. There has already been some rumours about italian clubs wanting him and if he performs well in the euro next year we don't want him to go to cheap...
  7. The defense is working out well. The attack though seems a little bit static but I'm just glad we haven't conceded any goal
  8. Didn't knew that his old club didn't want him and I actually don't know so much about him in general. I just think that he can get a restart and that we can use the fact that he's looking for a club that can put him in the starting line. If we contract him he would probably have the highest salary in the club but if he can be a "Roberto" for us then I think it's worth it. You might be right though, but one thing is certain and that is that we need a new goalie
  9. We're also rumoured to be after the Slovenian striker Andraz Sporar. Sporar has scored 15 goals and assisted to five in 15 matches in the Slovenian League. Don't really know how we could fit another striker in the squad but from the stats above it looks like a good transfer.
  10. Haven't read anything about that but if we get Ochoa I think it would be the best solution. It's better to have Glykos as back-up than Olsen. Olsen has a higher salary, he wants to be in the starting line and we can maybe get some of the money we spent on him back.
  11. Euxaristw re alania! Will be interesting to see what Tudor's going to do with the CBs. Good that we're not facing any "good" teams in the league until the transfer window opens.
  12. According to Greek newspaper Gazzetta.gr we are competing with Milan and Anderlecht for the signing of Mexican keeper Ochoa. He has only played six matches for his club Malaga since the wc so if he's looking for a club that can give him a spot in the starting line and at the same time get a good amount of money we could maybe get him. If we sign him it would be a transfer of almost the same level as Berbatov. Just look at this youtube clip:
  13. Konstantinidis started for the Greek u-21 in the 5-0 win over Liechtenstein today. He assisted to the second goal and got substituted in the 55th minute with Charisis.
  14. I really hope you guys get the approval soon to start building. I've seen the footages and can't say anything other than that it looks fantastic. Hope that it can trigger Savvidis to finance a new/highly renovated Naos for us ;)
  15. We?re quite good in the offense but we really need some new defenders and a goalkeeper. I just hope that Savvidis and the board don?t go for "quick-fixes" like 35 year old players that were good ages ago... btw; Me and some others dudes run a page with articles about PAOK in Swedish so if any Scandinavian is interested just click the link :) http://www.svenskafans.com/europa/paok/ (Just came across this site/forum today; if it's prohibited to paste links into the forum I'll just delete the post)
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