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  1. OK so since we're taking into account population then in an ideal world we should at least be able to pull of a Portugal, which in 2017, was about 125 mill, now it seems to way more maybe in even in 300+. Can't find the exact numbers as it seems that teams sell off their own rights. The Belgium league makes double of what the Greek superleague made in 2017. The Switzerland league rights are 40 million, which is comparable to what Nova was giving Greece in 2017 (which was 50mil apparently, could be complete bullshit though), and I bet since the league is smaller the teams are probably making
  2. Random talking about TV rights, you know that the polish league secured themselves a deal where each season direct inflows to clubs will increase by at least 16 million. This league is really losing it in terms of tv rights. We are talking about a league where stuff like this happens: https://streamable.com/itjzm
  3. You may be right that dropping too many teams might slow down the growth the level of playing field. Perhaps a better idea would be one team relegating then with no say, then another team playing it out with the 2nd team. Either way, I think at least we would need to somehow give them a chance because legitimately they might be a better team, then whatever junk ended up being 9th (especially at the beginning). I suppose that eventually, the 2nd league would also grow some wealth as well, as there would be quite a few teams that will rake a few million from the first league and drop down b
  4. This would definitely be very watchable: Look at the teams playing in this hypothetical 10 team league, we got rid of nearly all the junk teams. Those matches are very watchable and for the first time since forever we might be seeing sold out stadiums on regular bases. Everyone wins, the TV program gets more revenue from ads and the teams get more money from their stadiums. I've kept the relegations spot to 2, and +1 with playoff with third place from Superleague 2, in order to keep things interesting in the lower end. Definitely a nerve-racking league, no team would want to have a
  5. Its very comical because even If some rich billionaire gets Panathinaikos and takes over he can't just pour money into Panathinaikos for same reason Savidis couldn't just in one year pour 100+ million into his team, financial fair play (which Paok already had a brush with the past). Yeah we got that crap to worry about too. So if this league goes into the dumpster it's going to be really hard to bring it back up again, but I suppose at that point it really won't matter if you get kicked out of the Europeans cup for FP.
  6. Has anyone in the league even contemplated the idea of each team playing each other 4 times? Or were they all too interested in trying to figure out how to shove in playoffs and other weird ideas? Another future issue, you somehow got to tell people to dump the laptops, pay for nova and watch the game. Rather than fight the trend, maybe its wiser to embrace it, and offer free streaming to digital devices worldwide, and just cash on the ad revenue, rather than the subscriptions that no one seemingly wants to buy,
  7. Don't think that is a solution either, 16 teams, where only 5 are somewhat competitive and the rest is pure carbage filler content, which the only point of existence is too loose against the top 5. No one wants to watch these matches, they don't bring anything to the table and they ain't an attractive product, which means less money for the league.
  8. Olympiakos would reject this, because that would stop them from ever winning the league again. They would have to battle it out between teams that actually know how to play football. Olympiakos usually won the league in the past because they were the only team not too loose against smaller teams. I think the idea of the playoff is alright, but AEKS idea is tragic. Odds teams playing against each other and even teams playings against each other between rounds is just stupid. It is entirely possible that one group will end up having exceptionally hard matches while the other has a walk in the
  9. Having a competitive league would actually help. If a single team starts winning the league then its just going to go downhill. So Aek winning it last year was great, Paok this year would be even better. Fewer teams in the league would be better (fewer worthless fillar teams), VAR would help a bit with match-fixing and bad calls, and foreign refs brought in for potential suspect matches. Whatever it takes to make this league worth watching.
  10. I would like to point out that there's no such thing as American language, it is still called English. Greek soccer is F***ed up, I think each club was involved in match-fixing at some point in their history. Olympiakos just did it best, but there isn't a single innocent team in Greece. I do think that match-fixing is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the introduction of VAR, with the government and UEFA breathing down everyone throats. I do hope so atleast.
  11. They did update it before, a few days ago it was showing the correct standings, now they changed it, also the rest is also all the other teams are in their correct place with the correct points; even the recent Panathinaikos point deduction has been accounted for. The website is definitely being updated. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
  12. Something is happening in EPO, the standings have changed. Notice how AEK and Paok have 28 games played, and there both on 64 points.
  13. Also it would give some experience to the young players.
  14. This can only really happen if there's an agency set up by the parliament, ignoring what FIFA says. Suppose there's a bigger chance while Syriza is at helm. Does the Greek government has to review online petitions if they reach a certain threshold (aka what Britain and USA do) ?
  15. F*** the World Cup qualifiers, time to set up an anti corruption agency to clean Greek football. Hopefully filled by foreigners who have a good proven track record. Let Fifa kick us out for two or four years. Its not like were going to qualify anyway, at-least we could ensure that future "real" talents will have an real opportunity to develop. Its not just the super league that's messed up, the whole system is kindly F***ed. Kids getting into bigger teams just because they know somebody. Olympiakos bribing refs is just an icing to the cake.
  16. Just play the game without fans far from Leoforos. Don't just awards Olympiakos 3 points; its bullshit; unfair for other teams in the league.
  17. This was depressing performance. Olympiakos can't have referees doing favours in Greek league games (its obvious). A draw is a draw, a loose should be a loose. It just puts players in a really bad mindset; and the players and coach don't have opportunities to learn from their mistakes. What we end up is having a team with good players being lazied out by their own league. Our league is bad but it shouldn't be made worse. That one time Olympiakos should suffer to score a goal they should suffer. If they fail they should draw, and learn from it. When they do a defensive mistake; there shoul
  18. Wow what an absolutely disgraceful win; the ref so obviously in our favor (perhaps even bribed). The s%$#! that Greek football has become. Sometimes its better to loose a game with dignity then win like that.
  19. The only way this league will get stronger is if they cut the number of teams by half and each team plays each other four times. Which results in more derbies; more attendance, more sponsors and more income from viewing rights. I don't think people want to watch Olympiacos vs Platanias, or Paok vs Kalloni. Frankly those matches are useless and arn't nothing but a formality.
  20. http://live.shwidget.com/static/freepopups/320730850385880.html Then I suppose there was no point of scoring when 10 of their players were only playing and some of them where to busy looking at their injured player? Then that pissing celebration; fine I get it's a job and the player scored, but its not to be proud of and definitely shouldn't have been celebrated with a pissing dog celebration. Paok is showing potential; statistics are equal (slightly in favour to favour to Paok though). Honestly; I just want to watch a good game.
  21. Scoring when a opponents player is legitimacy injured and lying is dishonarble and unfair. Especially for a team Like Olympiacos and that pissing dog celebration is immature, embarrassing and distasteful. Just makes me wanna vommit. 2nd goal was well deserved. Interestting match though
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