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  1. I like how Tsipiras and his cronies are the sources of all evil, yet all these systems existed before them. Same s%$#! happened with Nea Democratia , and Pasok and their cronies. So don't be happy that the government is changing, you're just going back to the people who caused this mess originally.
  2. What is he waiting for? For Tsispras to gift Panathinaikos 19 million? If the guy really cared for Panathinaikos he would have paid it off himself, but no he even made the fans re-paint paint the stands. If he really knew what was better he would have sold it off too, I don't believe that both the Asian and both Giannakopoulos and were not serious about acquiring the team, I believe that Alazoufos is just too arrogant and proud to sell it off, delaying everything until the other person loses interest. Or he simply doesn't want to sell Panathinaikos as he might have long term profit oriented
  3. Olympiakos further reducing the budget for transfers: https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/578884/xamilonei-metagrafiko-mpatzet-toy-olympiakoy Not what I would imagine they should do, especially since Olympiakos scouts have been doing a poor job lately. Seems like its strategy based on the fact that they think their squad is good enough and just needs a few adjustments, without even considering that the competition might spend big. Or that they just gave up, or that Marinakis would rather take care of his new premier league team.
  4. Not according to the rules, we ain't allowed to do that. I think the loopholes are sponsorships and aksizi kefaleou.
  5. Well, you can't just buy players anymore because your owner has money, UEFA will knock at your door and say you're out the next two years even if you qualify. It's definitely not as simple as that.
  6. Or he could pull off a Warda, and waste his talent. Savidis wants to build a team and If the coach says he's vital he will stay unless the clause is hit.
  7. It's a great idea, it will bring more revenue to these smaller teams, and actually, help improve the level of football throughout Europe.
  8. I heard that UEFA is creating a 3rd tier league, for teams like Aris, so they don't feel left out.
  9. 12 million ain't what it used to be...
  10. Even the teams with a small 3 million budget get a good and rather lucky streak sometimes... that doesn't mean that what ARIS achieved is a joke, it's a pretty good result. Good transfers with a limited budget, great coaching. There's always luck involved in football. Paok also achieved a good result, it's heading towards an undefeated championship and cup third times in three years, something that Olympiakos didn't achieve, and this year it would have been Paok's 2nd championship if Savidis just took the one bloody point and didn't storm into the pitch. Paok has a bright future ahead, and hop
  11. To be fair that is exactly what I think that leak was, a scrapped design. The delays I think are entirelly cause of Paok and its design team/s.
  12. Wasnt the research team selected this year or late last year? They changed the law so this stadium could pass already. However, this has a long way to go, I don't even think there is a design to send to the ΣτΕ for approval. I don't think the government here is at fault, Tsipras has been very cooperative.
  13. You cant just let someone with money build whatever you. Let's welcome all the investors wanting to build a skyscraper infront of the Akropolis. The fact is that there's going to be a new stadum, as long as its under 42m (aparantly). Right now I imagine they are conducting research on the ground, foundations, light studies and how to make the area function with 40,000+ stadium and whatever other investments will need to be done. This ain't just going to be a stadium, it's most likely going to be some infrastructure works. All of this takes months. Having investors build whatever t
  14. We are so bad we should be playing in the 2nd league.
  15. Do you remember when Paok had shiit scouts and bad management constantly doing bad transfers bringing players that didn't suit the team or were downright bad? That seems like a lifetime ago.
  16. Next year we might have VAR so no more goals from offsite and s%$#! except when Olympiakos plays as they will be playing without VAR due to technical issues.
  17. I reckon that Syriza might want to push this through before the elections and if possible get the contracts done and settled. They need the votes. I reckon the new government won't want to be blamed for blocking this, they'll need the votes in 4 years time. Greek politics is a mess, not as big of a mess as the current British government but still a big mess.
  18. @pash I've sent you a PM about that.
  19. That was when a subcontractor of Paok basically downloaded my model of SketchUp and did a recolouring of it, a few changes and presented it on TV a few years ago. Nothing to do with this project. Paok wasn't at fault, this issue has been settled with the relevant party. I'm not involved with this project in any way, The leaked design would definitely not be the direction I would take Toumba in.
  20. Some companies also use security papers for printing, it looks fine until you try to scan it and then the whole page is watermarked.
  21. The model is real, there's an actual physical model of a stadium that doesn't match up to any other model or known stadium. Models like these are expensive to produce and it's not something one or two people can do, it most likely required a 3D printer too, and at that scale, it definitely puts its past amateur level. So its definitely real but there is a chance that the design was meant for another team and some guy just snapped a photo and thought it would be funny to cause a stir. Also, the stadium might come out looking completely different, this may be just one of the many designs they
  22. It was leaked from a mysterious user with a single drive-by post on skyscrapercity.com (probably the biggest architecture related forums online). The user disappeared afterwards. Wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. I actually orginally reposted that image from skyscrapercity.com and tweeted populous and paok, asking them it is real, hoping that they will give more information. I then also tweeted it to various greek sports sites hoping that they'll somehow get to the bottom to it, and then that guy came along and tweeted it taking it from my twitter handle, then paokvo
  23. Why is Paok's 3rd jersey blue instead of Gold?
  24. Paok actually may help to raise the level of soccer to some extent, due to their investments in their academies and youngsters, do you think that every single player will be good enough for the main team? Probably not, but they may be good enough for Larissa, and they might even be better then what so called Larrisa has now. It's what EPO should be doing now, heavily investing in the future.
  25. Yeah and you think that people ain't trying to turn around this sinking ship? They are, the government is doing what they can, of course, they ain't gonna relegate teams like Olympiakos for match-fixing, or any other big team, because it is a brand name, and if you relegate them what is left? Even less strong teams in the 1st league, but F*** the penalties should be way more severe if you don't relegate, like confiscating all the money from champions league and distributing it amongst smaller teams. And that could be actually an interesting system, all fines and everything to be redistributed
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