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  1. Yeah but we gonna lose more money if selling Akpom will be reason why we don't qualify past Ajax. We need to keep him for now, not enough time to find a substitute. I do reckon we'd offer him a better a contract. I consider 10 million meh, we live in a time where average players go for more on the international market.
  2. He doesn't need to score a goal or to have amazing through balls but to me from what I saw from the vids.. he's able to hold the ball.. in the midfield and defense, and our midfield was being chocked even with Oliviera around against low league teams. Those low league teams couldn't punish us especially with Pashalaki guarding us.. but imagine playing against someone stronger in the champions league. Sure we could have a contest who scores more goals but that is not the way to go. So I do think he's better suited to our needs. Of course I do still think that getting another more offensiv
  3. I think Esiti; is a better player then Olivera and all the other midfielders we've been looking at, hes the glue we needed between the attack and the defence. Someone who doesn't mindlessly kick the ball away or runs ahead like a mindless chicken. Definitely a positive addition. Cant wait to see our future moves.
  4. Fabio Coentrao got rejected by Porto because of the protest of Porto's fans. Good for him, karma is a bitch.
  5. Basically Ajax reserve team (no main players).
  6. Contreo is full of crap. He's not serious, I doubt this has anything to do with his family, he's just using teams around him as levers, to get the best possible deal. Paok may be his end game or not. I think he might have a toxic mentality. Or maybe he doesn't want to leave his current city and he's porpusly dellaying everything. So I dunno if he's gonna be a possitve addition. Madrid didn't want to keep him, Sporting got rid of him so yeah... There night be something wrong.
  7. Is Coentrao such a good signing, look at his transfermarket, the guy seeming went downhill... Time will tell
  8. Maybe if the player himself wants to leave? And hes being a total dick to everyone around in Braga? Dunno... The football world is weird. And most articles are just click bait anyway; more clicks, more revenue, which means more bullshit.
  9. Hey if you buy 100 young midfielders one of them is going to turn out to be a messi... right? ? I do hope they get one or two experienced midfielders, our midfield is where are team chokes especially in the 2nd half. Osama, https://www.transfermarkt.com/osama-rashid/leistungsdaten/spieler/95429/plus/1?saison=2018 7 goals and 7 assists in the whole season, captain. Wouldn't be a bad buy. Seems like he can keep the ball in the midfield, and organise the play. Hes got a through ball too.
  10. Don't see a 23 old really being able to help for this champions league. This is a long term play. We would probably have to buy someone else and older for the midfield.
  11. Like I said we need midfielders, no matter how good your defence is, its useless if we cant hold the ball (dominate the midfield) and organise an attack. Its no good if the opponent keeps getting the ball No matter how s%$#! your opponent is sooner or later they will find a way to score, even if it is a fluke. The best defence is attack. We can't depend on our wingers to carry the game forever, its too predictable and they obviously get tired in the 2nd half, theirs no Verinha going up and acting like a midfielder to save us. Warda is bust, due to his mentality, unless t
  12. Hes only 19 years old, paok can still make cash off him even if he doesn't play for paok.
  13. A team owner can only invest 30 million per year out of his own pocket. Not sure if he invested anything during winter or not.
  14. Our midfield is non existent for most of the duration of the game.
  15. Pashalakis alone can net 15 million. Hes a great goalkeeper, not an average one. He wont be easily replaced.
  16. Our midfield is a little bit weak, it shows especially against bigger opponents and even against smaller opponents, we had trouble getting the ball from defence to the attackers without using our wings. Often paok was defending and just kicking the ball away, no one was there in the midfield who was able to hold the ball or organise an attack. However that transfer well may not be too useful for this seasons champions league (maybe a few years down the road he will develop into something), his 23 and he will definitely doesn't have any real experience at that level.
  17. Well theirs still room for transfers, so if he or the management believes something is necessary then he will probably get it. I wouldn't think he would accept a position at Paok if they didn't allow him additional transfers. He's style of play might not be that compatible with the players at disposal.
  18. Lucescu left because he didn't get to keep a player he wanted and he didn' get to buy the player he wanted. He apparantly got offered a really good deal, so he wouldn't leave for money but decided to leave because he was but-hurt about something. Paoks transfers in the last few years where pretty much on-point so what the management was doing I believe was right. I never ever thought that lucescu was a irreplaceable coach. I didn't like how sometimes paok would get stuck in the midfield, where there was nothing driving the attack. Was it lucescu fault? Maybe? Perhaps it was the formation?
  19. That's why I think it would be better to drop the league to even fewer teams, 14 causes too many problems, it means a 28 match league, and it means that they need to crap out 2 more games due to the contracts, and most attempts to introduce playoff the title race cause too many extra matches, if both teams where to play both home and away, you could have the top 5 competing in the playoffs, but then that would take the chance of number 6 and 7 to potentiality entering Europa league. So perhaps the solution is to drop the teams even and have everyone play each other 4 times. With 12 teams,
  20. If there's going to be a playoff system, everyone should take place, including number one, so 1-7. This ain't a bad idea, that would just ensure that the best team actually wins the league and not the team that had the best record against teams like OFI, but still wouldn't quite eliminate the problem of this weak teams being there. But no s%$#! like one team plays only home games, and the other way, like what the F*** is this s%$#!? And 5 rounds? That's ridiculous? Just let the 14 leagues play itself out, and at the end have an extra few games. Generally speak
  21. Paok needs to invest in some better midfielders for champions league; need some more "glue", faster, skilled players with more vision. I dunno if Oliviera fits that bill, we need players that can constantly create chances from the midfield.
  22. Oh..... if only you knew... Greek teams will need to start spending more soon too. Overwise greek top talents will be getting poached by other teams.
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