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  1. Well... https://glavred.info/sport/10103384-oleg-blohin-vozglavit-paok-istochnik.html?fbclid=IwAR0ntuVOyx83mS8p49M01fn2SQPvHqTWpkG3oh7LofzKTDGSe18D3CfaZ_Q You never know if one outlandish rumor could actually be true: Is Paok looking to sack Abel Ferreira?
  2. Wasn't Marinakis banned from having any involvement whatsoever with Greek football?
  3. Seems like AEK is not to pleased about Mariniakis acquiring NOVA, and all signs point to them opening their own online AEK TV, quite a few other teams are considering this as well. In case of VOLO its not surprising, I mean their contract is ridiculous and a few matches against some big teams would bring them more money. It would be something, to watch Marinakis aquire nova with its 300 mill in debt only to realise that no team wants to be under him, just a worthless platform. Sure Marinakis will scream foal. If this becomes widespread accross Europe (Aka teams having their own privat
  4. Well that's it, looks like Branco is staying https://m.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/paok-krataei-ton-mpranko-o-savvidhs.5593625.html
  5. Yeah the people who crowd in a house/bar most always did that. We might get one or two extra people doing that, but thats it. So we can't really expect them to pay up. The good news is that the bars cant relly on crappy illegal streams because they just get stuck all the time. So they will be paying for sure.
  6. That number could be higher globally, but what you dont' take into account are the amount of fans that go watch Paoks match in a bar no matter what, what you don't take account are friends, who always watch games at their friends, what you don't take into account are Paok families who most likely will share a TV. Its not everybody duty to pay for this, certainly not a 10 year old kids or a 80 year old grandpa. Its not their duty to go change their watching habbits or pay for something just for the hell of it. So how many unique streams can you possibly get at most? 100,000 youtube averaged
  7. That's pretty good numbers already, either-way we probably gonna get more money out of that then the new ert deal. Like I said this needs a season ticket to fully set off. As soon as thats done, I'm imagine subs will rocket. I bet a lot of people are holding out due to either laziness or thinking their going to get some sort of deal (as in it would be slightly cheaper to buy a season ticket then to pay for every single game). People ain't exactly made of gold. Also are the tv app/andrioid/ios app even ready yet? The issue of multiple people using one account can be easily solved, just li
  8. Its juat lazyness to be fair and also games vs no-bodypteams aint that attractive, so thats why a package of lets say 80 euros would be better. Theres no issue i just image that more fans would rather have to pay everything upfront then pay per game.
  9. Olympiacos is deffineltety not the same, there seemingly better and they just acquired a few extra signings which we don't know how they will impact the team. Paok on the other hand is shaky, our defence has seemingly fallen asleep in the past few games, which seems to randomly fall asleep, and conceives a easy goal on the counter. Paok has been going on a shoot out vs its opponents, and its not the way to go. Think we still need one or two players. There was a reason why Paok was planning signings before the Ajax games, but decided to wait till after. I hope this doesn't mean we get no new
  10. I bet a large amount of fans want a subscription. I haven't brought a single game due to there being no yearly package
  11. We're not winning this league with our set of players.
  12. Actually they can't https://paokvoice.com/253193/slovan-kata-paok?fbclid=IwAR1RFJW-V-XdkYhoG6t2WSjkJxaH5QoPxth_scWtNBsFcjRMF_gyhZgZrek https://www.skslovan.com/clanok7163-Odveta_len_prostrednictvom_internetoveho_prenosu.htm Game is only available on PAOK TV
  13. If Var was used don't worry, your players would had also been sent off. Afterwards you mentioned that our sad excuse is because our team is not more famous.... well your team is more profitable, it brings in more viewership. It brings more money to UEFA. If you can't see why on earth UEFA wouldn't want to rig this match, then I dunno what to say to you. I can't believe you wasted time to create an account to moan about how non-Greek players playing for a Greek club didn't shake your dutch teams hands.
  14. Its the future anyway, every team will probably stream through the internet in the future. So Paok is definitely giving it self a head start figuring these problems now rather then the future. Paok probably has over a million fans globally, if all tune into Paoks online TV then that is a huge amount of money. Paok could atleast earn 4.99 million Euro for a shitty Panionios game, without ad revenue. Its more then ERT or anyone would ever pay in Greece. Now imagine a scenario where Paok plays against global team like Bayern, Barcelona, Liverpool where the only way to watch the game is throu
  15. Well if the stream explodes we could be looking at additional revenue from adverts during half time and sponsors, plus paok will be in control of all their games, meaning that they could negotiate directly with any foreign countries tv stations interested in picking up their games, which means more direct revenue to paok, without some other 2nd party eating it up. So potentially there could be more money in for paok, however that's a lot of what ifs and there will be a lot of trail and error to get it up to that level. But this definitely needs a season ticket.
  16. If Var was used in this game most of Ajax goals would had not happened but coincidentally the use of Var was not yet approved for this stage, which made manipulating this match dead easy.
  17. Frankly Ajax players didn't deserve to have their hands shaken. They clearly noticed the ref bias and decided to abuse it. You can't blame the Greek players for jumping on the referee either he deserved it. I don't expect Ajax to go far at all this year the way they are playing.
  18. G14 should totally break away and create the own league, it would fail spectacularly when they realise that only a few people actually want to watch other countries same exact teams battle it out.
  19. Under the new proposed changed, from what I gathered it makes national leagues rather useless. Its gonna have a trickle effect their own league, where their league doesn't get any money because, tis always the same teams going in because of their rankings and not league position. So even the big teams with half a brain should see how bad this could be a few years down the line.
  20. Yeah latvia wouldnt even get in under my own format, their league level would be too low to get in directly. 55 leagues, not all will be able to qualify directly. Probably something like the top 15-20, the remaining would be thought over in the playoffs. Your point with the viewership revenue is correct, especially with a small nation team like latvia. Well if the powerhouses clubs want to break away then let them; the way we are heading I wouldn't be suprised if non-powerhouse clubs decided to break away. Maybe it would be better to let the powerhouse break away, have their own little c
  21. I do honestly think that each country should be limited two two spots in champions league, done. That's how you make champions league fair. Its a league of champions. 1st teams go in automatically 2nd teams play off. This way a few leagues don't hog all the revenue from champions league. Or another option is that no country qualifies automatically and they all have to play through playoffs and each country gets two representatives. So essentially that could equal two games each before the champions league, with some extremely low league teams having to play a few extra games.
  22. Its bullshit, there making it harder and harder for smaller teams to become big. I hope it bites them hard in their ass, and that viewership actually falls further. Champions league was so much more interesting when small teams where able to get to semi-finals and finals, probably the viewership would had been more if the more if it happened more often (aka supporting the black horse). ts an unattractive product? Not a lot of people care about watching another countries team, so making sure these big teams are cemented is not going to help. Another reason they mentioned is that its suppose
  23. Another link: https://www.vipleague.lc/1-paok-vs-ajax-live-streaming
  24. Maybe the coach decided to give him one last chance? No one knows.
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